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Where is the Outrage?

from Eliezer 

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I want to know something from you scientists that created these viruses.  With all of the virus sequences being displayed, all the bickering back and forth about one sequence or another or one citation or another WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?  

Where is the clamor for truth that the scientific community pretends to desire.  If what Boyd is proposing is even partly true what does that mean to us as a people that allow our government to do such a thing?  What does it say about those of you who participated in this obscene experiment and created this knowingly? 

Is this country a republic or not?  If so, where is the demand for truth from the people that matter, the so called scientific community.  You have insulated yourselves in your ivory towers so long that you have lost sight of your humanity.  I listen to this dialogue between Boyd and all of the people on this list and what do we hear from those that are accused NOTHING.  I am ashamed of our scientific community.  You have no backbone.  You work as prostitutes for your daily bread.  Does truth not matter to you?  You sit in your ivory towers at universities or your government research facilities turning out the most diabolical organisms that can destroy all of mankind or just chose one specific race.  How can you sleep at night, how do you live with yourselves? 

I hear you argue that "it wasn't me, it was someone else, my work is good"  Those that have written books on HIV now have a vested interest on selling their books and have forgotten about truth. Is protecting your turf so important?  What is happening here, is everyone asleep?  Where is the support for Boyd and for the information he has brought to the forefront?  Shall we continue this silly discussion on what sequence is from what virus?  I personally resent the fact that the people on this list are not screaming from the top of their lungs, ENOUGH, WE MUST HAVE THE TRUTH!  

Can we choose to work together and find the truth.  It takes money to go after the government.  Would you all be willing to donate and help create a fund?  We together can pool small amounts of money from each and put it where it will do the most good.  We must lobby for the truth.  We must demand some answers.

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