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When did VISNA "cross species" into HIV/AIDS A challenge to the Experts

by Boyd Graves 

Dr. McCall: In what year did human s first become infected with visna disease? Surely you are not saying the 40's work on kuru is the same thing. Equally you are not saying that HIV/AIDS began in the 40's and the natural doubling factor of the pandemic has led to the catastophic deaths.

We believe the sole purpose of the U.S. Special Virus program was to realize nazi sheep visna disease into human disease. We call this disease HIV/AIDS.

You will find that none of your colleagues will address the visna sequences in HIV/AIDS and how they got there, even in the face of the progress reports of the secret federal virus devlopment program.

I think you clearly see the United States is running out of ANY possible links to monkeys as the animal culprit foro the transfer of HIV/AIDS to humans.

We believe that continued discussions about monkey AIDS is only a part of the quagmire that continues to 'muddy the water'.

None of your colleagues will address the cross species transfer of nazi sheep VISNA disease into the ghuman genome and HIV.

Please also note that in June 2002, in the GAO "intelligence report" on the Origin of the AIDS Virus (Report # GAO-02-809R), the GAO concluded that HIV/AIDS and VISNA, 'had evolved together over thousands of years'. On this point alone, the United States is patently false.

If we couple DR. Firpo Carr's work on African genocide in the 19th Centruy, we find that HIV/AIDS is the result of a century long hunt for a contagious cancer that selectively kills.

Finally, on page 105 of the 1971 progress report, the United States concedes that it is going to make a simian immunodeficiency virus by placing the human RDDP into newborn monkeys.

It is clear that scientist who seek to trackan African origin of HIV/AIDS, are merely tracking the secret monkey innoculations and release program of the United States which began in 1962. See, page 276, progress report #8 (1971).

In conclusion, we agree that visna disease is man made and ther is no science record of a "natural" cross species transmission into the human genome. In essence, they have waited until the right time to induce visna into the human genome.



They can still not explain away the 1971 "research logic" flowchart of the secret, federal virus development program

The GAO purposefully overlooked the Special Virus program and the comments of the growing number of AIDS ORGIN experts

Curtis McCall <> wrote: May 24, 2004   TO  Zygote Media   From     Dr. Curtis J. McCall, Jr.   Dear Zygote Media   I am writing to you to attempt to answere Vincent Gammill question regarding Visna disease cross species transmittion into the human genome from Shee or Cows origine. The Sheep Cyncial and the Bovine Visna Virus as E-Coli form is the orginal pathogens to form the HIV Virus as a cross tissue cell culture with that of human blood and the DNA within the blood as a growth medium. Here human Cancer is always carried in the in the monocytes of the blood as the monoccoid form before it is pleuromoprhed into the BX and BY Virus Phase that is necessary to for the Cancer. This same pleurompophism as the ability of a pathogen for  the E-Coli bacillus has to follow the same mechanism even though the pathogen is of animal origine as the E-coli form from animal hoast. Thus its adaptation to human blood as s gentic cross between to animal pathogens in the case of HIV disease makes the pathogen more potent as a Visna form from sheep. When an animal pathogen is transmitted to other animal species it is known as the Gerstmann-Straussler-Syndrome as seen in BSE, and  when human beings are infected with the Pathogen from sheep Visna and infected by it with Cannibals eating their own king and becoming infected it is known as the Gerutzfeldt-Jackob-Syndrome. The character and the nature of the disease may change due to the mutuations that the pathogen is going through in the animal or the human hoast. This is the Myoplasma that was isolated in 1943 in humans in New Guinea. Boyed E. Graves, BS, JD in his HIstory of the Development of AIDS shows that in 1949 Dr. Bjorn Singurdsson isolateesthe VISNA Viurs. Visna as a man made virus shares some unique D with the HIV. See Proceedings of the United States, NSA Vol 92, pp. 3282-7 (April 11, 1995. Here one must also recall that the WHO requested the development of a T-Cell depressor virus in its 1972 bulletine. Progress report # 8 AIDS Flow Chart of July 1971 and the funding of the development and production of the HIV Virus at the National Cancer Institute Labs by Congress was begun in 1969. Thus it would have been between a time frame of 1972-June 1977 that the HIV Virus was perfected as the production of fifteene thousand gallons of the HIV Virus to be used as a compliment in Small Pox Vaccine to be used in the WHO Small Pox Vaccination program of 98 Million blacks in Africa. After Africa they then went to South America and infected the Hispanic Population. Then the targeting of the Gay population in Manhattan using HIV Laced Gamma Globuline in Hepetitis B Vaccine.  The earliest case of natural occuring AIDS in Africa known as Slims disease is from a man in Kinshssa, Zyer in 1957-1958 blood sample time frame. The mode of transmission of AIDS as a sexually transmitted disease, gentic transfere from mother to child, or crossing over the blood barrier into the blood of the fetus from the mother to the unborn child. AIDS is also transferred by bloody saliva from a HIV infected person. Blood to blood contact as transfusions of HIV blood, or sharing needles in durg addiction, or coming into contact with such items as feces from a infected person as anal intercourse, or oral intercourse ect as unsafe unprotected sex.   With the above in mind in that HIV disease attacks the human immune system and destroys the T-Cells is is a man made Leukemia as it simply comes out of Leukemic and biological weapons research National Cancer Institute as Top Secret Project MKNAOMI in the Genocide of 80% of the human race as coming out of a 1972 White House meeting with the Western Democrcies. Thus all of the politics, agreements was in place as well as the funding was in place for the development and delivery of AIDS Disease as a Medically Requested, Devloped and Delivered Disease at the National Cancer Institute. Thus one can see where all the Cancer research dollars private and public have gone, with the US Government at the same time sitting on the Cure for Cancer as disclosed in Federal Classified Document DEV 1042 entitled "History of the Successful Development of A Treatment For Cancer and Other Virus, Bacteria and Fungi" Rife Research Laboatory Data Dec 1, 1953 Armed Forces Medical Library Washington, DC. This is also a key document as the proof that cancer is a disease that is caused by the BX and BY Virus of Cancer which natrual form is the E-Coli bacillus in the human colon. Thus then in this light then a little E-Coli from Sheep Cyncial that causes Sheep Brain Rot or Bovine Visna that causes Harry Cell Leukemia in Cattle form the HIV Virus as the parent organisms with a mutability factor of 6561 trillion variations as cross tissue cell cultured to human blood.   I trust that the above may have answsered the question regarding AIDS Disease as well as the existance of a cure for Cancer and how this knowedge was key in the development of HIV Disese as well as the knoweldge being the drugeless cure for AIDS disease as the simple distruction of the HIV Virus using a Hz Frequency of the Electromagnetic Spectum known as Mortal Ossilatory Rates as Scalar Electromagnetics. Scalar Electromagnetics also has a characteristic of Quantum Time Reversal and curing all forms of Cancer. This research was proven by Antoin Peroi of France, Becker, and Pautrizel 1960-1970's.   

With all best wishes I am   

Sincerely yours   


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