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"What Would Martin Luther King Jr. Say and Do?"

"On some positions, cowardice asks the question, 'is it safe?'
Expediency asks the question, 'is it politic?'
Vanity asks the question, 'is it popular?'
But conscious asks the question 'is it right?'

And there comes a time when a true follower of Jesus Christ
must take a stand that's neither safe, nor politic, nor popular
but he must take that stand because it is right."

 - Martin Luther King Jr. 

"What Would Martin Luther King Jr. Say and Do?" 

by Boyd E. Graves

Dr. King is dead, and there is nothing that he can say or do about the U.S. manufacture of AIDS. Very strange, none of us prioritize this federal program that is seeking to kill you and all who come from you. Instead we purposefully direct out attention elsewhere because the U.S. AIDS may not be at your doorstep today.

Our silence and inaction will be all the coffin nails they need.

I am gravely disappointed in the intelligence circles in the Black community. Here we have presented concrete science evidence of a secret, federal virus development program and nary a single one of you has picked it up and ran with it.

What a twisted world in which we live. Here we have Black people "paying no attention" to a federal program that will exterminate us all. Dr. King wouldn't have to say anything. It is clear we have sold our heart and souls to the devil. By not responding to the science proof, we allow for our biological enemies to continue to mix the stew that will forbear a world without Black people.

I think this issue would be center stage on Dr. King's platform. We know who he stood for. Here we have a U.S. federal program that is killing 200 of our brothers and sisters every hour and all we can do is wear "SHARPTON for PRESIDENT" buttons.

I will continue to fight in the Courts, Congress and the United Nations for full disclosure of this 'population control' microbe we call HIV. I am positive Dr. King would say, "We must stand up--Our Constitution does not give our government the right to kill us. By your silence and inaction you agree that we should be killed. If a Black man can not stand up to save his own life, he is certainly not going to stand up to save someone else's. Look at how trifling we have become. If we have our sports, music, movies and religion, you can't tell us shit! I am afraid the White man has centralized our intelligence so that we are unaffected by anything that is not knocking at the door."

The only thing is, HIV is stealth, it is designed that way. The CIA's microbioinnoculator is also stealth. It can give you AIDS at a distance of 100 yards, through your clothes, without your knowledge.

Dr. King would be pounding the House Negroes (the Congressional Black Caucus). How dare they represent us and remain silent about a secret, federal program that is killing 200 of us an hour.

Dr. King, a world without Black people is at hand.

Yet we clearly see that Black people are not concerned. They got theres' and everybody else can scrap for them selves.

Our silence and inaction assists those who are striving for a world without Black people.

C'mon hip hop, take the head phones off and work to ensure a future for yourself and all who may come from you. I am sure Dr. King would agree.

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