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By Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.

April 17, 2003   

It is official. The United States is compelled to respond to the federal AIDS ORIGIN lawsuit of American Boyd Graves by June 9, 2003. Thirty four years ago on June 9, 1969, the world first heard the term “AIDS”, as the U.S. Pentagon’s top biological scientist, Dr. Donald MacArthur, sought Congressional funding to make a “synthetic biological agent” that would “deplete the immune system” so as to allow for the “onset of infectious disease”. We are certain Attorney General Ashcroft and his fleet of U.S. Attorneys, will delay their filing until the very last breathe of time. Now that the people are completely aware and completely convinced of the secret, federal virus development program, it is incumbent for the United States to continue to mass murder as many people as it can between now and June 9th. According to the Center for Diseases Control (“CDC”), the HIV/AIDS enzyme murders some 200 people worldwide every hour. Yet we find gripping utter silence from the U.S. media. 

We don’t seem to understand how the unabridged press of the greatest democracy in the history of the world, could or would allow the continuation of the greatest medical fraud and façade since the propagation of snake oil shannigans? How can major U.S. newspapers overlook citations from the Proceedings of the United States of America (PROC NAS VOL 83, pp. 4007 – 4011, June, 1986)? How can the major media in the United States unconcern itself with the conclusive science evidence of nazi sheep visna as the causative agent of HIV/AIDS. How can the major U. S. media set aside the extensively detailed science (depicting the development of HIV/AIDS) contained in the fifteen progress reports of the secret, U.S. Special Virus program. Specifically, the progress reports provide a narrative description of the development of an “ESP-1 VIRUS”. The ESP-1 virus was developed by taking a virus particle from a 5-year old Black baby boy with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. After concentration and purification at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX, the virus was shipped to vaccine developer, Pfizer. Pursuant to a review of the secret program’s “research logic” flowchart, Phase V of the secret program confirms the ESP-1 virus was going to be placed into “clinical trials”. The HIV/AIDS pandemic is the direct result of the “vaccine complement” component of the U.S. Special Virus program (1948 – 1978).  

As WORLD WAR II ended, WORLD WAR AIDS: The Third World War began. IF this were not true, the United States would readily provide the names (and name changes) of the nazi German scientist it brought into the United States under “PROJECT PAPERCLIP”. Apparently it is only odd to me, that we have never had any sort of accountability for the importation and relocation of any of the nazi and Japanese holocaust scientists. When you look even deeper into this abyss called medicine and this abyss called science, you find something very, very shocking. According to pages 14 – 15 of progress report #15 (1978), the 1910 Rous Sarcoma virus is the product of recombinant genetics! SO as much as they would have us believe that HIV/AIDS is related to something they first tested in the 1930’s on the sheep in Iceland, the science evidence again says something otherwise. According to the science evidence, HIV/AIDS evolved from a 1902 horse virus (Equine Infectious Anemia virus==”EIAV”) and a 1904 goat virus (Caprine Arthritic Encephalitis virus—“CAEV”).   

The United States’ century long hunt for a contagious cancer that selectively kills has spun a twin, the “SARS” mycoplasma. You can rest assured the SARS virus incapacitates the lungs of its hosts, by “budding” from one cell to another. We know this because the science says that mycoplasmas regulate the repeat sequences of HIV/AIDS. We are certain they do for SARS as well. We end up with AIDS and SARS both man made, not an unabridged press to be found. I will come to Washington next month for the 2003 Jonathan Mann International AIDS Research award presentation. Shortly thereafter I will await, as will the world, the ‘answer’ form the U.S. Attorney General on June 9. The science evidence will continue to re-educate the world, and maybe, just maybe, eliminate HIV/AIDS and provide a planet with one (or two) less synthetic biological weapons of mass destruction, in the rubric of man made plagues.

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