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VISNA Sheep Virus and HIV

Michael: I will track down the science paper that addresses the visna strain ks1514.

Please note there is a visna strain ks1514. Please note that visna appeared out of thin air in Iceland ONLY after nazi Germany in collaboration with the United States sent the 20 sheep to Iceland. There was no visna outbreak in Germany or in the natural stocks of the Karakul sheep in Uzbekistan.

The sheep were spread one to a farm with one exception and then they waited. After six years, the two sheep carrying the visna had deccimated their entire herds in the two non-connected farms where they were placed. A review of the sheep death map looks eeriely similar to Africa and Manhattan, in the sense they were not connected and death was widespread in those areas.

Note also that when the U.S. Special Virus program ended in 1978, the United States waited six years before they announced they 'knew' what the mystery illness was.

Michael do us all a favor and post the 'other' PROC NAS paper Volume 83, pp. 4007 - 4011, June 1986. All of your worst nightmares will be confirmed. Additionally, the 1985 Sonigo paper (Cell Magazine, August, 369- 382) is the best there is.

You appear to be hung up on a mis-citation while the forest burns. Where is your outrage the United States had a secret virus program? Where is your acknowledgement of the U.S. Pentagon's sworn testimony that they were making a microbe for which no natural immunity could have been acquired, one that would deplete the immune system so as to allow for the onset of infectious disease?

Since you have the progress reports, what is your opinion of page 14 - 15 of progress report #15? The United States concludes the 1910 Rous Sarcoma virus was a product of recombinant genetics. Believe it or not, this is consistent with the peculiar biological tweaking emanating from the U.S. 1902 "STATION FOR EXPERIMENTAL EVOLUTION.  According to Professor Lee's first citation in chapter one of his book, this paper reveals the United States had an African American bioweapon as early as 1902.

Is it your premise that HIV is man made or what? It is difficult to tell when your entire focus has been to needle my credibility because you think I don't know what I am talking about.

If visna is man made and HIV is part visna and you have no science papers of visna in humans in nature, then what?

Regarding page 39 of progress report #8, we know that visna has been appearing in animals since the 1930's (RIGHT?). We also know that Bob Lee has treked this course and found that visna had not appeared in human disease, but for a few U.S. experiments to place it in brain cells during a period where those activities could be connected to the U.S. Special Virus program. The synopsis of page 39 is the U.S. confirms in writing that visna had not yet been seen in human disease. If you have a science citation to the contrary post it. The visna I have in my blood, I trace to this disheartening federal program.

What naturally evolving train of evolution are you suggesting as to why people with a monkey virus also have a sheep virus?

Why doesn't it sink in the top AIDS expert in the world, Dr. Peter Piot, concludes that HIV/AIDS is from the laboratory? Why doesn't his conclusion matter to you that HIV/AIDS and bovine visna virus are 'nearly' identical?

When will you begin to understand the patented science of the AIDS cure, U.S. patent #5676977 and share that across Germany?

Going back to the PROC NAS paper where I apparently have mis-cited, you have yet to make mention of the central thesis of the paper. Why would the United States being using control of visna as a means of controlling HIV? 'Isn't this a much larger issue rather than the fact I got my citations crossed?

Boyd Ed Graves

PROC NAS VOL 83, pp. 4007 - 4011, June 1986

Sonigo, P. Cell, August 1985, pp. 369- 382 (Los Alamos could not spit this paper out!)


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