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Feb. 10, 2005
From: "Peter Walker" <>

Update on the Michael Forrest (owner of Jaguar Enterprises) Story - Case Analysis

Case analysis - Michael Forrest

The legal documents relating to Michael's case are currently being studied by a top legal advisor. The following is his assessment of the situation:

"I've had a chance to go over the file sent to me about Michael Forrest from his attorney Brian Mullins, and I've reached some tentative conclusions about the case.

(1) It is the case I expected it would be.
(2) It is the case you can expect to be used against ANY, and all, electronic providers.
(3) The case is based upon a simple premise - that the electronic device is a "medical device" that has not been approved by the FDA.
All of the rest of the charges relate to that.
(4) The industry should back this case, win this case, and make the FDA go away over the issue.

Mullins has a budget for this case which would include expert witness costs. What this means is that the case COULD BE WON using the government's money.

This group, I understand, is raising money for the cause, and has raised about 4,050 dollars so far. If a regular criminal attorney were to handle this case, he'd want a 150,000 dollar deposit against billings of about 500,000 dollars to defend. That's what "justice" costs in the US. Someone of national stature, like a Robert Shapiro, would bill well over a million for the case - but he'd win.

The best strategy is to go with Mullins, and back him up with what he needs. At the moment he hasn't a clue what to do.
Here's what I suggest:

(1) This group needs to raise 25,000 dollars US to operate. A primary strategy team needs to assemble, and goals and objectives need to be laid out, using the Forrest case to achieve them. I am VERY disappointed in what happened over the earlier cases (Folsom, etc.), and the industry's inability to come up with, and operate, a general strategy. This is easy to do, for someone like me - but I get paid to do this. It is my business.

(2) This case, I believe, is winnable, for several reasons, and would set a "precedent" in place to protect the industry. If you lose it, it will also set a precedent, and a whole lot more of you can count on an attack.

(3) I (my company) charge $125 per hour to organize these kinds of campaigns and we get a $5,000 deposit for the first 40 hours, to specifically set up the strategy, and the strategy teams. By the time we get done with a campaign I've usually billed 20 to 25 thousand.

(4) We use a simple process to set up, and manage campaigns. Simple, that
is, on paper - as in a flow chart. It goes like this:
(a) Identify problems,
(b) Identify possible solutions,
(c) Make plans,
(d) Execute plans,
(e) Review situation, and then start right back with number one - until the problem is solved.

What we force the client to do is answer one very important question - and if they can't answer it within a few days, or don't think it important - we do not take their case, for we have no time for dolts. The question is "What are your three and five year GOALS?"

Once they answer that question, I force them to set specific OBJECTIVES in place that must be accomplished. Then we use the flow chart to complete that process. It takes about 40 hours - hence the 5k deposit to accomplish this process. We charge expenses (like airline fares) separately.

(5) In other words - who is our client? If we get retained, our client will be required to answer those questions listed above, including "identify problems, etc." I am intense, and ruthless, in my press for solution. I use political pressure, experts, media, etc., to win. I always ask the question "Who is behind this attack?" And, I insist on making them part of the issue.

What the industry needs to decide is in the answer to my question "What are your three and five year GOALS?" If you can't answer that question. Then neither I, nor anyone, can help you - or Michael Forrest.

The bottom line here is simple. With the Michael Forrest case, you are at the point where "the tire meets the road." You are at decision point. No white knight is going to ride in and save you. You either organize, and win here, or fold up your tent.

Now is the time."

The name of our legal advisor is known to us and has a good success record ("has never lost"), we were told that for tactical reasons we are not to release his name into the public domain just yet.

For the sake of simplicity, I will refer to the devices in question as Electronic Resonance Devices (ERD) which I am using as a generic term for Rife, Beck, Clark, electromagnetic, bioresonance, etc. devices.

The situation is very serious particularly for all manufacturers of ERDs. It is therefore VERY IMPORTANT that all companies and activists involved in ERDs now work together to commonly solve this problem. This is not just about Michael Forrest and his devices; it is about the FDA's attempt to attack the entire ERD industry. They started by attacking what they saw to be the weakest link - Michael Forrest - and if this attack is successful, they will continue to attack the entire industry. It will be much cheaper and less painful to this industry to stop this now and not allow a precedent for future attacks. That is why this has to be stopped NOW! To do this, we will need significantly more funding and technical support from the industry. I am sure most of the manufactures of ERD and other similar devices will be reading these lines now and wondering what they can do.

The answer is to not fight this individually, but as a team of companies! This is not about competition amongst you; it is about being able to sell such devices in future at all in the USA! A number of people and organizations have contacted me saying they would like to help, yet remain anonymous. That is one of the points of working together; it is to approach this with ONE voice independent of just one company or person. I can imagine something like starting a "American ERD Association" (AEA) setup to help the common needs of its members. There is already an organization similar to what I am describing (different name) that is trying to help already. If all the manufactures can now come together on this, we have a chance of stopping this attack on all of us by helping Michael now.

If you feel you can help on this, please contact me directly (not via the mailing lists) so I can direct you to the right people that are getting this organized. Those that just want to contribute anonymously can do so via the legal fund. I will NOT be releasing the list of contributors to anyone. I do however list each contribution on the Rife Forum with just two letters as confirmation. You can specify what those two letters should be when you make your donation.

Time is short; the future of Electronic Resonance Devices depends on your action NOW.

I am posting this Email to a number of additional related groups in the hope that more people will join in to help Michael and the future of these technologies.

I would like to especially thank all those who have already made generous contributions to the Michael Forrest legal fund.

You can check how much money has been denoted and how by going to the Rife Forum, and clicking on Forum Announcements. The message relating to Michael Forrest and how much has been collected is being updated daily as funds come in. It is not necessary to be a forum member to see this message.

For more details on the Michael Forrest case, simply click on the following link:!99#2199
The current level of the fund (updated daily as funds come in) can be found at"17#2217

All funds donated in January and February via the Rife Forum donation system will be passed on to help Michael Forrest.

To donate money to help Michael Forrest:
1. Go to
2. Click on the "Donate" button found on the top right
3. Follow the instructions.

On behalf of everyone involved in helping this cause, I would like to thank all those who have already made a donation.
I will be sending out an Email every week updating you on the progress.

Note: You do not need to be a member of the Rife Forum to make a donation to the fund.


Peter Walker

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