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VATICAN ROUNDUP by Barry Chamish

The Vatican got away with mass murder. The worst condemnation of its role in the Holocaust is that the Pope should have said something. Then, once the embers of Europe's Jews were cold, no one stepped in to block the Vatican's Ratline, which funnelled the top and middle eschelons of Nazidom to safe havens on all continents.

Not satisfied with merely one Holocaust, the same Vatican is going for one more. Once again it is turning European anti-semitism on high while offering all its support for the newest potential mass murderers of Jews.

The brilliant Italian journalist Franco Levi offers us some


Subject: Vatican-Chronology pre-Pope Wojtyla

Angelo Roncalli, the Patriarch of Venezia, was a close friend of Leone Leoni, Chief Rabbi of Venezia. Leoni died, Patriarch Roncalli became a close friend of Giuseppe Piattelli, the new chief Rabbi of Venezia. 1958 Pope Pio XII Eugenio Pacelli died. Roncalli became Pope Giovanni XXIII, started all the "iter" to establish official diplomatic relations Vatican-Israel. In the meantime Albino Luciani, became Patriarch of Venezia, and a close friend of Rav Piattelli's.

1963 Pope Giovanni XXXIII dies, the "iter" stops halfway.

Pope Paolo VI Giovanni Battista Montini visits Promised Land, never pronounces the name "Israel", no word about diplomatic relations etc, yet half Jerusalem and the Territories are not "occupied"....

1974 Hilarion Capucci Kapudji arrested then freed with some promises by the Vatican .....

Rav Piattelli moves to Rome, as one of the Rabbis there.

1978 Papa Montini dies, Venezia Patriarch becomes Papa Luciani Giovanni Paolo I

Papa Luciani immediately invites Rav Piattelli who visits with another friend of his, Zeev Yehuda Shèk, Czech born, Israel' s ambassador in Italy. Papa Luciani, Ambassador Shèk celebrate the meeting by drinking several cappuccini (Cappucci in I TAL YAn), Rav Piattelli does not drink coffee with or without milk.

34 days after election, Pope Luciani dies, a strange heart attack, his associates find the corpse's teeth and knees pasted together. The corpse has to be embalmed, rotting too fast, no chemical analysis as far as we can know.

48 hours after Luciani's death, Ambassador Zeev Yehuda Shèk dies of a similarly strange heart attack.

"Acqua tofana", a solution of arsenical salts, the favourite recipe created by Maga Tofana, Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia's favourite sorceress. Acqua Tofana, inodorous, tasteless...if I put it into your cappuccino or cappuccio, you do not realize....

Il clan degli incappucciati o incapucciati.

I know from very reliable sources that Papa Wojtyla never drinks any cappucci. Yet Hilarion Capucci and his friend Mehmet Ali Agca drank together a lot of caffè cappucci capuccini cappuccio, before and after May 1981, in Rome, in the Near East and elsewhere, not one stomach ache, they know how to deal with cappuccini.

Avner Arazi, in 1978 Consul General of Israel in Milano (in 1996 unfortunately the Consulate in Milano was closed) told me that the "infarto" of both Luciani and Shèk were very strange. If he is still alive, Avner Arazi became a businessman, after quitting diplomacy.

Could anybody trace him, and ask him a few questions?

Rav Piattelli opens his mouth just to eat a little, and to pray a lot. He often says: "Non mi piace Spiattellare", "Piattelli does not like to talk."


Now I turn to a splendid Canadian researcher, who has requested no credit for her work, to paint a true picture of the Vatican's intentions, through revealing press reports:



YASSER ARAFAT & POPE JOHN PAUL II SIGN A COVENANT - Tuesday, February 15, 2000 - In a historic meeting at the Vatican, Pope John Paul II and the leader of the PLO terrorist organisation, Yasser Arafat, signed a covenant. According to the orthodox Jewish movement, the Temple Mount Faithful, this covenant represents a direct blatant move "against the God and people of Israel and Jerusalem. It was a covenant between two enemies of Israel who for a long time would rather have Israel disappear from the Promised Land as soon as possible."

"According to this agreement, Jerusalem should be an international city based on international resolutions and an international guarantee. (The UN decided on more than one occasion that Jerusalem should be an international city.)"

"They also decided that any step or activity taken by Israel to change this position of Jerusalem is against the law. The agreement also recognises a "Palestinian" state in the land of Israel and agrees on cooperation between the Vatican and the PLO and the Vatican committed itself to assist the so-called "Palestinians". Authorities in the Vatican explained: "the agreement paves the way for establishment of full diplomatic relations with a Palestinian state when it is founded". The PLO representative in the Vatican stated: "This is an historical covenant".

According to the Temple Mount Faithful: "It is no accident that this covenant was signed one month before the Pope's visit to Israel. The agreement is part of the long-term policy of the Vatican against Israel ever since the State of Israel was founded. This is a continuation of the historical hostility of the Vatican against the Jewish people...

"The traditional anti-Israeli position of both these sides created this covenant against the God and people of Israel. They joined forces against Israel and Jerusalem as the godly eternal capital of Israel. Yesterday's picture of the terrorist Yasser Arafat kissing the hand of the Pope after the signing of the covenant, showed an unholy and hypocritical covenant between a mass-murderer and a Pope who the Vatican says is holy. How could the Pope allow this hand which is full of Jewish blood to hold his hand and kiss it? More than being a covenant between two lovers, this was a covenant of hate against Israel," according to the Temple Mount Faithfull.

"The Israeli Foreign Ministry reacted immediately and stated that Jerusalem was, is and will forever be the capital of Israel and no covenant or statement will ever change this fact. This statement is a result and continuation of the Word of God from thousands of years ago when the God of Israel made Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel."

Sunday August 11, 11:57 PM

Pope issues forceful appeal for end to Middle East bloodshed

Pope John Paul II issued his most forceful condemnation yet of the nearly two-year conflict in the Middle East and urged the international community to do more to end the bloodshed.

"When will one learn that co-existence between the Israeli and Palestinian people cannot result from arms. Neither attacks, nor the walls of separation, nor retaliation, will lead to a just solution to the conflict," he said in an address to pilgrims at his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo near Rome.

He said the international community should commit itself to "taking a more determined role on the ground, offering mediation to create the conditions for a fruitful dialogue between the two sides to accelerate the peace process."

The pope also appealed to both Israeli and Palestinian leaders to return to the path of "loyal negotiation" to end fighting that has cost the lives of almost 2,440 people, most of them Palestinians.

"No matter what ethnic group they belong to, no-one has the right to kill defenseless civilians in an indiscriminate way," he said.

The ailing pontiff visited the Holy Land several months before the eruption of the Palestinian intifada or uprising in September 2000, which has left the peace process in tatters.

On Sunday, he spoke of his personal anguish over the suffering of both the Palestinians who he said were subject to virtual "collective punishment" and Israelis who live "in daily terror of being the target of anonymous attacks."

He also highlighted the suffering of Palestinians who have been "chased from their own land, or forced in recent times to live in a permanent state of siege, the objects of virtually a collective punishment."

Israel, hit by waves of bombings and shooting attacks against Israelis and Jewish settlers living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, has imposed crippling blockades and rigid curfews on Palestinians.

The pope complained that the clampdown was preventing people from reaching their places of worship, a move he said amounted to a "violation of the fundamental right of the freedom of worship."

Around 130,000 Christians live in Israel, while the West Bank his home to 25,000 Christians and the Gaza Strip to 2,000.

He urged the thousands of people who came to hear his Sunday mass in his summer residence outside Rome not to remain "indifferent before this humanitarian drama".

"In this summer time, where many people are enjoying a well-deserved rest, I can't help but worry about the Holy Land, where unfortunately, nearly daily violent episodes know no end," he said.

The pontiff called on Christians around the world "to unite in intense and confident prayer" so that "the cries of those who are suffering and dying in the Holy Land are finally heard."

From the BBC:

Pope John Paul ll has lent his support to the creation of an international peacekeeping force to try to bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In one of his strongest denunciations of the continuing violence, the Pope said the international community should take "a more determined role on the ground" to help bring about peace.

Speaking to pilgrims at his summer residence in Castel Candolfo, near Rome, the pontiff called on political leaders on both sides to seek, what he called, "the path of honest negotiation".


Now, of course, the Holy See forgot to mention that his buddies in the PLO had terrorized most of the Christians from their domain. The Christian majority of Bethlehem of just ten years ago is a forgotten memory. The thriving Christian community of Jericho is all but gone. And Jerusalem's Christians are on their way out. A decade of rape, armed robberies, assaults and murders have done the job. It is too dangerous for Christians to live in PLO-land. Meanwhile, the Christians of Israel are safe and prospering.

So why is the "supreme protector" of Christendom signing accords with the PLO to get the Israelis? Because, the PLO and the Muslim world are going to do the same favor the Nazis did for them sixty years ago.

Now here's how they are going to make Israel defenceless and not get blamed for it. They are going to let Spain do the job for them through the Rome-born, Jesuit-trained King Juan Carlos. He is the address for all major Middle Eastern diplomacy and about no one outside this hidden world realizes it. Have a look at this summer's diplomacy:

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Senior Israeli and Arab officials could meet in the southern Spanish city of Seville within two months to discuss how to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel's mass circulation daily Yediot Aharonot said.

The paper said King Juan Carlos of Spain, Morocco's King Mohammed VI and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan were working to set up the meeting, which would substitute for a planned international conference on the Middle East.


This item was published in June and just three weeks later Shimon Peres flew to Seville with Ron Pundak, the director of the Peres Peace Center to raise money for his crooked institution. Of course it was illegal for the Foreign Minister of Israel to exploit his position to garner cash but Israelis are too jaded by Peres' criminality to notice anymore.

Similarly, two days before Rosh Hashana, Spain gave its highest peace award to two of the most vicious Israel haters, Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim and no one outside Israel seemed to notice the duplicity of it all.

Al-Shara meets Mubarak in Spain

Syria-Regional, Politics, 7/26/2002

The Syrian foreign minister Farouk al-Shara on Thursday started a tour as from Spain and covers each of Algeria and Morocco, according to official Syrian sources.

However, sources in Cairo said that al-Shara will be meeting with the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Madrid... Teshreen added that al-Shara will meet with the Spanish King Juan Carlos in Madrid.

Al-Assad's message to Carlos conveyed by al-Shara

Syria-Spain, Politics, 7/27/2002

Spanish King Juan Carlos I on Friday at Lasaroilla royal palace in Madrid received the Syrian foreign minister Farouk al-Shara. The meeting was attended by the Spanish foreign minister for foreign affairs.

Al-Shara handed the Spanish king, during the meeting, a message from President Bashar al-Assad relating to conditions in the region and bilateral relations between Syria and Spain. Latest regional and international developments especially in the region were reviewed.

Al-Shara extended an invitation to the Spanish king to visit Syria and the king promised to fulfill it at the appropriate time.

On Thursday evening the Spanish foreign minister Ana Palacio held a work dinner banquet in honor of al-Shara, during which the two ministers reviewed conditions in the region and reasons behind their deterioration.

Al-Shara explained that no solution in the region can be maintained except by ending the Israeli occupation according to international legitimacy resolutions, noting that Israel's answer to the Arab initiative adopted at Beirut summit, its invasion of the Palestinian cities and towns, and continued policy of repression and assassination, as well as its continued defiance of the international will, all prove that Israel has no desire for peace and is not ready to abide by its requirements.

Al-Shara also reviewed with his Spanish peer relations between Syria and Spain and decided to strengthen them through taking active steps that ensure the implementation of what was agreed upon during President al-Assad's visit to Spain in 2001.

Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak and Spain's Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, right hold a joint news conference at the Moncloa Palace in Madrid, Spain Friday July 26, 2002. Mubarak is on an official visit to Spain. (AP Photo/EFE, Paco Campos)


Aug. 5, 2002

...Mubarak offers to host Israeli - Palestinian talks after meeting with Peres Peres, who last visited Egypt in July 2001, was the fourth senior Israeli Labor party official to visit Egypt in recent weeks, following Ben-Eliezer, Knesset speaker Avraham Burg and Transport Minister Ephraim Sneh.


And that's how Middle East diplomacy is really taking place. After the Syrians come to an arrangement with the Jesuit King on how best to really give it to Israel, Mubarak pops in for a visit and sews up the plan. Ten days later Peres meets Mubarak and Israel's longterm Vatican spy promises to get the job done from inside.



Peres welcomes EU plan

Peres welcomed a European Union peace plan that aims to put the Middle East peace talks back on track and create a Palestinian state by 2005. "I think it can help. Basically we are interested in a harmonization of the European position and the American position," Peres said. "But the real problem as I see it is not another peace plan, but a partner for peace."


And no one realizes the Vatican is behind the corruption of Peres and the European plans to eliminate Israel. They're doing it again and if we don't do something about them, the Vatican will manipulate its second Holocaust of the Jews.


I just received the galleys of my new book, His Majesty's Sinking Ship Israel. Within is an extensive recent history of Vatican/EU manipulation against the Jews. Write me if you'd like a first edition or contact the Zionist Book Club at

It is the night before Rosh Hashana and I'd like to send a personal wish to all my many, faithful readers for an honest New Year; one where we see the defeat of evil. Here is my little gift to you. Attached are my progeny, Ariel and Sally Chamish. If you can't see hope in their faces, then you haven't understood me all this time.

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