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Prof. Zhang Jian Dong

1. What Are Far Infrared Rays (FIR) ?

FIR are commonly known as the "Light of Life". It is an invisible part of the spectrum of sunlight and as such is also known as the "invisible light".

It is known as the "Light of Life" because it has brought life to the earth. Up till today, the development and reproduction of all life-forms on earth depends upon FIR found in sunlight.

After laying their eggs, all insects depend on sunlight to hatch them and propagate. This is all done by FIR.

Sea turtles lay their eggs on the sandy beaches and bury them in the sand. Under the heat of the sun, especially the effects of FIR acting on the eggs for a period of time, tiny turtles are hatched. This is one of the forms which FIR has contributed. If there were no sunlight, all those would not have taken place. As such, we call FIR in sunlight the "Light of Life"

Actually, FIR do not only originate from the sun itself. Many living things on Earth such as human body, the bodies of animals, soil and minerals are able to produce FIR under specific conditions and such rays are similar in nature to the "Light of Life".

Hens and many other birds embrace their eggs and use the heat produced by their bodies to hatch them. They are in fact using FIR produced by their bodies to do the hatching, thus producing life.

Under this simple reproductive process, the eggs of insects, sea turtles, hens and birds have developed tremendously under the influence of FIR. These changes have caused the albumen and the yolk to develop into blood vessels, nerves, skeletons, hearts, etc. and give life to young which live together with their mothers in this world. That is why the effects of FIR are so great. Our bodies too can produce FIR . The intensity of FIR produced by the human. However, when it begins to decline, the human body will be subjected to attacks by ailments and diseases, age quickly and become old and there be a decline in the state of health. And when we are about to face death, FIR radiation of the human body will be near to zero.

Some people are able to cure ailments of others as their personal emission of FIR are very strong. This is what is known "Qi-gong" and "The Healing Powers of "Qi-gong".

As such the human body requires a continuous supply of FIR from mother nature to boost the powers of the Far Infra Rays found in our bodies. Constant exposure to sunlight will make our body feel healthier. Because of this we well feel energetic and stronger after having a sun -bath. From the physics point of view, FIR is a form of light. It is a form of light invisible to our eyes and as such is known as the ." 'invisible light It possesses properties similar to light. It has a fixed wave-length range ,is a transverse wave which is a component of the electromagnetic spectrum. It travels in straight lines and also experiences refraction and reflection. When it comes in contact with bodies of similar resonance thus causing both of them to vibrate at the same frequency and eventually the FIR are absorbed by the body itself. It also possesses a form of "Natural Energy". Heat which we experience everyday is all due to the presence of FIR.

2. The Effects of FIR On The Human Body

Since FIR (FIR) are able to hatch the eggs of insects, sea turtles, chickens and other animals, causing them to develop blood vessels, nerves, skeleton, skin and feathers, it can similarly cause changes to the human body.

Our bodies are made up of cells, and the most important ingredient in cells is water. Water makes up 65% to 70% of mass of the human body. The cells in the body in turn forms the various organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, digestive organs, blood vessels, nerves, bones and skin. Just as FIR are able to cause the albumen and egg yolk to develop into various organs, it is able to activate, revitalize, reactivate, develop and strengthen the various organs in our bodies when it is absorbed.

In the various organs of the human body, the circulatory system plays an important role, especially the micro-circulatory system. It is basis of the sustenance of life because if it deteriorates, death is likely to follow. When there are problems with the micro-circulatory system, various ailments will occur. FIR vibrating at a frequency similar to that of the human body is able to penetrate to the body, activate the cells and reactivate as well as strengthen the micro-circulatory systems. It regulates the blood flow and blood in blood vessels which have been blocked due to blood clots and at the same time reactivate the vital energy in the body. That is why we say that FIR are able to regulate the blood circulatory systems of the body, especially that of the micro-circulatory system.

The various activities of the human body depends on the supply of nutrients. Nutrients ingested into our bodies provide us energy and help sustain our lives. At the same time, waste matters which are produced after the nutrients have been absorbed have to be removed from the body. The process is known as metabolism. The metabolic rate of each individual is an indicator of his/her health. If we wish to have a healthy life, we must maintain a good and strong metabolic rate. FIR area able to improve blood circulation and continuously uplift the metabolic rate of the body. As the transport of the nutrients in the body depends on blood circulation, the removal of metabolic waste matters from the various activities in the body is also dependent on the circulatory system. When the circulatory system is improved under the influence of FIR, it will naturally improve our metabolism. As such, the second benefit that FIR provides for the human body is the elevation of metabolism thus improving energy and vitality.

Its third benefit is elevation of the immunity of our bodies against diseases. This is part of the effects of the improvement in the micro-circulatory system and metabolism of the body. It helps to slow down the aging process, increase resistance against diseases and increases longevity.

3. The Benefits Of FIR Health Products :

Today, with the continuous advance in science and technology, we have further understood the effects of FIR and through research, we have discovered bio-ceramic which can be used in the manufacture of various health products. This has been great leap forward by modern science and technology and such products are hi-tech products.

Bio-ceramics is raw material which is capable of emitting large amounts of FIR. Under specific conditions and influence of the temperature of the human body, and due to unique molecular structure, it continuously emits FIR of a specific range of wavelength ( 6 -14 micron). This exactly the type of FIR with the right wave length range required by the human body. It is type of FIR that activates the various biological functions of the human body. We call this type of raw material "Bio-ceramics".

As it only this type of FIR, it does not cause any harmful effects to the human body. FIR health products produce two differenct effects on the human body.

The first effect is that of strengthening the body and upkeeping health, thus preventing diseases. The other effect is its therapeutic effect on the human body which is capable of treating various common ailments. This form of therapy is based upon strengthening the resistance of the human body against diseases, this reducing suffering and accelerating recuperation. Its is a form of therapy based on health-keeping principles. It is different from chemo-therapy and surgery. It is common for doctors in various hospitals to use FIR as a form of physiotherapy.

Its second effect is in the treatment of common ailments.

We are faced with various ailments in our daily lives, FIR health products are able to provide therapeutic effects for such ailments. The following are a few examples of common ailments :

(A) Swelling of the Prostate Gland in Men

It is common for men to suffer from swollen Prostate Gland, especially men in their forties. It has become an inconvenience to them and common symptoms include weakness and difficulty in the excretion of urine, noeturia and in serious cases, inability to urinate. At the same time, it may lead to a decline in sexual functions.

Those who suffer from the swelling of the Prostate Gland normally also suffer from Prostatitis or even cancer of the Prostate Gland and is one of the common killer of men.

The prostate gland is the organ responsible for the production of male hormones and sperm and is very important to men.

The reason for occurrence of disorders of the Prostate Gland is normally related to excessive sexual activity and hygienic reasons. During sexual intercourse, the Prostate Gland expands due to an increase in the supply of blood before ejaculation can occur. If the blood supply to the Prostate Gland is always high, it will lead to clotting of the in the blood vessels supply blood to the Prostate Gland thus causing it to swell permanently. When the swollen Prostate Gland presses against the urethra, various symptoms of difficulty in urination will occur. Unclean sex life will cause inflammation of the Prostate Gland which will result in swelling of the Prostate Gland.

Therapy using medicine and surgery will of course be very effective. However, such methods of treatment will harm the Prostate Gland itself and this will cause problem to men.

The fibres in FIR underwear are embedded with bio-ceramic materials. It is able to emit FIR which directly penetrates the body through the skin. Under the influence of FIR, blood circulation to the lower part of the body will be improved. Prostate Glands which are swollen and filled with blood clots will be normalized again and blood circulation to such areas will be improved, thus restoring their flexibility and their natural functions. As such, the swelling will be reduced gradually until it normalize, improving health conditions and reducing suffering. At the same time, it also revives and elevates the sexual function of men. In this respect, FIR underwear is unique for those suffering from ailments of the Prostate Gland and is also the best way of maintaining health. There is no need for injections or medicines. It treats and relieves suffering in daily life.

It is for the prevention of ailments of the Prostate Gland, then FIR underwear should be used a very early stage. It is capable of maintaining the normal functioning of the Prostate Gland and prevents ailments.

(B) Health Maintenance Of The Female Ureter

FIR underwear is also useful in maintaining the health and treatment of common ailments of the female ureter. In our daily life, there are middle-aged and old women who excrete a few drops of urine every time they exert excessive force to carry heavy objects, sneeze or cough. Most of them just keep quite and are shy to consult doctors on this problem.

Actually, this is a common ailment. This is due to the loosening of the muscle around the ureter. Women who give birth frequently and those who work hard for long periods of the suffer from loosening of the muscles in the pelvic region, resulting in their inablility ti control the valve of their ureter. This is why each time they exert force, urine automatically flows out.

There are also women who suffer from frequent urination and the quantity of urine excreted each time is rather small. There are some who have to visit the toilet just to remove a very small quantity of urine. This is known as precipitant urination. There are various reasons for the occurrence of this condition. The most common reasons are unhygienic sex life, bad personal hygiene and subjecting the lower part of the body to extreme cold. In medical terms, this is known a s female urethritis or cystitis.

The reason for the occurrence of such ailments is due to long term problems which have resulted in the vagina to lose its resistance against ailments and micro-organisms.

If women constantly use FIR underwear it allows the effects of FIR to come in contact with the vagina, thereby improving blood circulation to this part of the body. It will improve the resistance of the ureter and the bladder against infection thus preventing the occurrence of such ailments. FIR are capable of recovering and improving metabolism, elevating resistance against ailments thus resulting in the body being healthy again.

(C) Excessive

Leukorrhea In Women Leukorrhea is a white discharge produced by the vagina and cervix in women. Under normal conditions, women produce such discharge. Is there is excessive discharge or if the discharge has an odour, then they are suffering from excessive leukorrhea. Unhygienic sex life and excessive sex are reasons for the occurrence of such an aliment.

Excessive leukorrhea is normally caused by bacterial infection. Unhygienic sex life and excessive sex lead to such an infection.

FIR are capable of aiding the recuperation of such a condition as it is able to elevate the resistance of the vagina against bacterial infection. It is able improve blood circulation to the vaginal region, elevate metabolism of the vagina and return it to its normal condition. At the same time, FIR also possess antiseptic properties thus making it the appropriate health products for women.

From experiments conducted over the years, it has been proven that women suffering excessive leukorrhea have completely recovered after wearing FIR underwear for about two months. It has also improved their sex lives.

(D) Menstrual Pains

It is rather uncomfortable for women to experience abdominal pains during their periods. This is common amongst young women.

The cause of menstrual pains is due to a malfunction in the blood circulation of uterus. As the blood circulation is not smooth, the contraction in the muscles of the causes in uterus to bloat and feel painful. Those suffering from this type of ailment normally have longer periods thus prolonging the pain.

FIR are capable of increasing blood supply to the uterus, help it to contract better thus expelling the discharge faster. It is also able to maintain the health of the uterus making it more active and paving the way for the next period to be more comfortable.

As such FIR underwear for women possesses a wide range of functions.

Those woman who have used FIR underwear have discovered that it is useful in preventing menstrual pains and other ailments with its effects.

(E) Piles

Piles is common ailment known to all, regardless of se, age or health condition. FIR underwear is helpful for those suffering from piles.

The reason why people contract piles is because of the long periods of time they spend sitting down. This causes the blood circulation to the lower part of the body to slow down. Coupled with bad eating habits, it causes the stool to the dry and in serious cases, it results in constipation. This in turn causes an accumulation of blood in the anus and loosens the walls of the blood vessels resulting in clots and the formation of piles.

FIR are able to improve the blood circulation of the human body and remove blood clots from the anal region. It is thus advisable to constantly put on FIR underwear to improve the condition of the piles, reducing pain and recover slowly. For certain people, recuperation is possible without the administration of medicines. Of course this has to be coupled with a change in the lifestyle of the individual. More fruits and vegetables should be eaten and more physical exercise should be done.

4. The Health Benefit On Women By FIR Brassieres

The breast is one of the most important organs of women. Many women die of ailments of the breast. Breast cancer is the number one killer among women. Under such circumstances, much attention has been paid to the well being of women's breasts.

The brassieres from CONYBIO made from FIR Bio-ceramics is the best health product to use in order to overcome this problem.

I. Lumps in the breasts (nodules) :

These are formed as a result of the changing of female hormones. For example, prior to menstruation, the breasts are normally swollen and nodules are formed which may sometimes result in pain. This is a normal biological process, however when FIR brassieres are worn, it helps to activates the blood circulation thus reducing the nodules and pains. After the period is over, it will automatically return to normal. There are also women who experience lumps in the breast as a result of milk retention after breast-feeding their children. This is because the blood circulation in the breast is not smooth and there is a decline in the absorption and recuperation process. If FIR brassieres are worn on a long term basis, it will improves blood circulation to the breast area thus improving the secretion of milk as well as elevating the absorption process and preventing the formation of lumps in the breasts. For those who already have nodules in their breast, the improvement in the rate of absorption as well as blood circulation can cause their condition to return to normal.

II. Mastedenitis :

The breast of women is an organ which is susceptible to bacterial infections. They are very sensitive and contact with clothing or breast-feeding can cause infection when bacteria enters through the nipples and causes inflammation. Mastadenitis is indeed a very painful experience and if it is not treated properly, surgery may be necessary. This is because there are lots of nutrients in the breasts which makes them suitable for the propagation of bacteria. If the resistance of the breast against such attacks by bacteria is decreased, there is bound to be problems. The application of FIR brassieres as introduced above, elevates the metabolic rate of the breasts. It is able to improvement of the micro-circulatory system of the breasts. It is able to "clear the path" and "activate the blood" thus elevating resistance against bacteria and preventing ailments.

III. Breast Cancer :

Up till today, there is no health products which can be used to cure breast cancer but it is possible to prevent breast cancer. One of the methods of preventing breast cancer is by wearing brassieres made of FIR material.

Breast cancer is the result of complex changes in various ailments. These include unknown internal and external factors which cause cancer. However, there is one thing which can be ascertained, persistent nodules, long term hormonal imbalance and long term rubbing or the application of force on the breasts are all reasons for the occurrence of breast cancer. Under such circumstances, the flow of blood to the breasts will be interrupted thus reducing the metabolic rate of the cells. As such, we hope that every women can put on FIR brassieres in order to improve micro-circulation, improve the resistance of the breast against diseases and prevent the occurrence of breast cancer as its ultimate aim. All this can be done.

From the above, we known that the application of FIR brassieres are very wide. They bring about better health, reduce the occurrence of ailments and prevent breast cancer. That is why it is regarded as the best daily use health care products for the women of today.


There are various types of FIR health care products. As stated above, there are many uses in wearing FIR panties. Actually, with the different products and applications, they offer many other health keeping effects.

We suffer from various types of ailments. No matter what the ailments are, they are directly connected with internal disorders of our body. Blood circulation, especially the condition of the micro-circulatory system directly affects the health condition of our bodies. This is in line with the traditional Chinese medical principle that "If it is unblocked, then it is not painful; and if it is painful, then it must be blocked".

If we can fully understand the properties and applications of FIR and fully utilize the FIR health keeping products from CONYBIO, it will definitely bring about better health to more people.

Þ Note :

The Utilization of BIO-Ceramics which are capable of emitting FIR has been the subject of research of medical personnel and scientists from China, Japan and Korea who have been continuously researching into various fields of application of such material for the sake of human health.

As a leader in the introduction of FIR health products, CONYBIO has combined the essential knowledge of various countries and in accordance with the weather, geographical conditions and culture of this region has introduced FIR health products into our daily lives. It has brought about a sharing of knowledge without considerations of national boundaries with only one common objective; to bring about a better and healthier lifestyle for mankind through the usage of FIR products as an alternative medicine.

We hope that our products may be able to help you to rectify certain health problems you may have or to enable you to enhance your health for the future.

FIR is a gift of God to be shared as wealth of mankind. Let us make total use of this gift for out betterment.


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