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U.S. Supreme Court Dodges Petition Issue -- For Now

National Tour Starts Saturday in Concord, MA

June 28, 2006
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On Monday, June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court denied a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari that asked the Court to review an order from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals that dismissed WTP Chairman Bob Schulz’s lawsuit against his local county in New York State. The decision by the Supreme Court denied Schulz his Right to Petition for Redress of an admitted constitutional tort perpetrated by the county. 

It is well understood that when the Supreme Court denies a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari, the Supreme Court is not taking a position on the merits of the case; the Court is simply saying that for reasons known only to the Court, it will not be hearing the case. We are speculating of course, but one reason for the Court’s decision not to hear Schulz v Washington County may have been the Court’s awareness of We The People v United States, the case with 1700 plaintiffs that is before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

For whatever reasons, the nation’s highest court decided to side-step, for the time being, addressing the compelling question put before it:  What is the full meaning of the Petition clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America? In other words, is the government obligated to respond to the People’s Petitions for Redress of Grievances, and does the Petition Clause include the Right of Enforcement?
As we discussed in a previous update, there are currently several WTP sponsored federal Right-to-Petition lawsuits inching their way toward the Supreme Court, each raising these profound questions of law and Liberty -- for the first time in history.

50 State, 70+ City Tour Kicks-Off July 1

WTP is committed to the cause of Freedom. We are committed to expanding an orderly arrangement of “FREEDOM KEEPERS” by educating concerned Americans about the significance of every provision of the country’s founding documents, and by persuading as many Americans as possible to join and support a purposeful, watchful guard during what for the rest of our society might be considered the usual hours of sleep.  Thomas Jefferson was correct when he said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”  The Constitution cannot defend itself.  

This year, we are focusing on the First Amendment’s guarantee of the individual Right to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances, and the power of the Petition Clause to confront, and solve the growing number of constitutional torts by government.   

On July 1, in Concord, Massachusetts, the site of the start of another great challenge brought about because of an earlier government’s failure to properly respond to the People’s Petitions for Redress of Grievances, WTP will begin a nationwide FREEDOM KEEPERS tour, the success of which will depend on your participation, your commitment, and your ongoing support.

During each two-hour event on the tour, one hour will be reserved for a live, Internet broadcast hosted by Bob Schulz and featuring an array of prominent opinion-makers and national organizational leaders.

It is the Foundation’s attempt to use this series of nationwide events and live Internet broadcasts to coalesce the diverse range of “single-issue” freedom-oriented organizations under a single, profound operational strategy: the execution and enforcement of the First Amendment Right to Petition. The webcasts offer national opinion-makers and organizational leaders a direct means to reach their audiences via a live video broadcast, free of charge.

The meetings and Webcasts are designed to reach out to a multi-issue base of FREEDOM KEEPERS, and to educate the Americans within that ever-growing extended network about the Right to Petition, and to integrate the common interests and strategies of the Liberty-minded organizations.

By working together on a single integrated strategy, and without relinquishing the individuality or proprietary interests of any of the banded organizations, we can quickly build the national awareness needed to convince our leaders and our courts that the day they must honor the People’s Petitions has arrived.  All that is needed is your help.

Throughout the summer WTP will work with these leaders and organizations to prepare and post issue-specific Petitions for Redress for many issues outside the several already being pursued by WTP.  Beyond the WTP Petitions regarding the violations of the War Powers clauses (the Iraq Resolution), the Privacy clauses (USA Patriot Act), the money clauses (the privately owned Federal Reserve) and the imposition of unlawful direct taxes on labor (“income” taxes), the Foundation will endeavor to put forth Petitions addressing a plethora of current national issues evidencing additional constitutional violations including: illegal immigration and uncontrolled borders, electronic voting machines, national ID papers, warrant-less spying and other police state activities, Property Rights, the 9-11 investigation, Executive orders and legislative “signing statements”, etc.   

All these efforts are being made in preparation for the events planned for every state capital and the nation’s capital on Constitution Day, September 18, 2006.

Renowned civil rights attorney, author, and counsel for the landmark WTP Right-to-Petition lawsuit Mark Lane is scheduled to be the guest speaker for the first four tour events which begin in the historic city of Concord, Massachusetts this Saturday.  Lane is returning from London, England this week after consulting about a world-wide known legal controversy.

Joining Bob Schulz and Lane for the Saturday kick-off event will be Boston attorney and constitutional advocate Jerry Arnowitz.  The details for the first four WTP events are as follows:

JULY 1  Saturday  CONCORD, MA
3-5 PM

Colonial Inn
48 Monument Square
Concord, Mass 01742
phone (978) 369-2373

From Points East:
Take MA-2 west  to Lexington Rd./ MA-2A West
continue to follow MA-2A W. till it becomes
Monument Sq. turn onto Monument Sq. MA-62 W

Maps:  Google  Mapquest

JULY 2   Sunday    CONCORD,  NH
3-5 PM

New Hampshire Technical Institute
Sweeney Hall
31 College Drive
Concord, NH 03301
(603)271-NHTI (6484) 

From Points North or South
From I-93, Exit 15 East to I-393 to Exit 1 the Ft. Eddy Rd. exit- and follow NHTI campus road signs 1/2 mile and  Ft. Eddy Rd becomes College Dr. 
From Points West
From I-89 to I-93 North to Exit 15 to I-393 to Exit 1 - the Ft. Eddy Rd. exit- and follow NHTI campus road signs 1/2 mile and Ft. Eddy Rd becomes College Dr.
From Points East
Route 4 To I-393 to Exit 1 - and follow NHTI Campus road signs 1/2 mile
and Ft. Eddy Rd becomes College Dr.

Maps:  Google  Mapquest

JULY 3   Monday    HARTFORD, CT
3-5 PM

University of Hartford
Gray Conference Center
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117-1599

Maps:  Google  Mapquest

3-5 PM

Philadelphia, Penn Independence Ballroom
1 North Independence Mall west
6th & Market Street
Philadelphia, Penn 19106 
Phone 215-925-6101

Maps:  Google  Mapquest

Watch The LIVE Webcasts! 

WTP has invested tens of thousands of dollars in audio/visual equipment, computer equipment and event logistics to bring life to this tour and the Right to Petition. Please help make this tour and the broadcasts a success. 

This summer we have within our grasp the ability to reach every Liberty minded organization and individual and expose them to the profound constitutional solution that can save our nation.

After reviewing the schedule details for the correct event time, Click here to access the live Webcasts.

Webcasts will be broadcast in two modes, enabling both high-bandwidth and dial-up connections to access the broadcasts.

Webcasts will be archived following each live event for no-cost, on-demand viewing.

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