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U.S. (GOLIATH) Throws Monkey Wrench & Kitchen Sink to Stop AIDS Lawsuit

by Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.

In a bizarre 11th hour Order issued on Janaury 15, 2004, three NINITH CIRCUIT Judges have joined with San Diego Federal Judge, Jeffrey Miller and are NOW asserting the appeal of AIDS activist, Boyd Ed Graves, has not been taken in “good faith”. Dr. Graves has been given a limited amount of time to come up with the filing fee for the appeal or the six -year legal case will be summarily dismissed. 

Graves has been proceeding in the form of poverty because he lives officially on an $800 a month VA pension. The Court’s Order proclaims his appeal is not taken in “good faith” and as such as revoked his in forma pauperis status. However, a review of the San Diego docket shows Judge Jeffrey Miller twice reviewed Graves’ case and held it was in “good faith”. Oddly enough, Graves did not receive his January 2004 pension check as it was mysteriously ‘returned to sender’. 

The NINTH CIRCUIT Order is drafted in such a way that U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft does not have to respond to Graves’ November 20, 2003 opening brief filed in the case, even if Graves comes up with the filing fee ($105)! 

Since September, 1998, Dr. Boyd Ed Graves has steadfastedly pursued the United States government for “FULL DISCLOSURE” of the mostly- secret federal virus development program, the U.S. Special Virus program (1948 – 1978). According to AIDS ORIGIN researcher, Dr. Alan Cantwell, M.D., this secret federal program made 60,000liters of HIV/AIDS and similar man made viruses. The secret federal virus program ended in 1978, just as HIV/AIDS enveloped the world. 

Last year,  Graves contacted Dr. Steven Aftergood, Director of the Government’s Project on Government Secrecy of the Federation of American Scientists ,  to seek assistance in bringing to public light the hidden federal virus program. Dr. Aftergood quickly joined the silence and inaction of the United States government to further the state-sanctioned murder encompassed in the federal virus program. 

The illegal actions of the federal judges and other like Dr. Aftergood, prove the United  States will do whatever it takes to continue to hide this stealth biological weapons program of mass destruction. 

The “Full DISCLOSURE” of the U.S. Special Virus program would immediately lead to an irreversible course of ending AIDS on the planet as we know it. This fact is further underscored when one views the program’s “research logic” flowchart ( According to expert reviews of the document, the early vaccines and cure for HIV/AIDS are located in Phase IV-A (“IMMUNOLOGICAL CONTROL”) of the blueprint. See, Expert reviews:

According to (ret.) Colonel Jack Kingston, former Chairman of the U.S. National Security Advisory Panel, the U.S. development of HIV/AIDS is the last remaining secret of the 20th Century. If Goliath gets his way, there will be “no justice” for the innocent victims of this weapon of mass destruction, nor any for the American people or the people of the world. We must not turn away from our threat to freedom. We must continue to connect the dots to attempt to save lives and seek further accountability from the greatest Constitutional democracy in the history of the world. The 11th hour actions of the federal judges prove the United States is not cooperating with the people and in fact proves, the United States has very little concern for justice, fairness and equality. Fill my slingshot with the economic pellets necessary to slay this two-faced monster.  

Boyd Ed Graves (  is the lead lawyer in the federal FOIA lawsuit for “full disclosure” of the mostly secret U.S. Special (AIDS) Virus program. Case NO.: 03-56812, (GRAVES v. U.S.A.) 9th Circuit, San Francisco, California.. He is also the author of two books on the issue, “STATE ORIGIN: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS” and “WORLD WAR AIDS: The Third World War”, Zygote Media, Lawrence, Kansas. ( ). Dr. Graves is in his fourth year as an international medical research director for the international medical research foundation, Common Cause, headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario Canada. His science paper, “AIDS: Designed by the United States of America” was due to be published by the independent magazine of the United Nations, the UN OBSERVER and INTERNATIONAL REPORT In September 1998, he began the federal lawsuit for “full disclosure” of the mostly secret, U.S. Special (AIDS) Virus program. In February 1999, Dr. Graves located the U.S. “Research Logic” flowchart document of the development of HIV/AIDS. Dr. Graves is a 1975 graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and a 1993 graduate of Ohio Northern University College of Law in Ada, Ohio. Dr. Graves is a 2003/2004 nominee for the International Human Rights award, the Jonathan Mann Award . Dr. Graves’ research and books continues to receive science and medical accolade from around the world. Dr. Graves can be reached via email at and by voice phone: 216-382-9252

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