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Treating Illness in Children

by Dr. John Christopher

The pride of having healthy and intelligent children can be the joy of our lives. Through the proper teaching and feeding of our children, and through proper care during illness, we can bring our children to their potentialities, as well as have ease of mind and a peaceful posterity for ourselves.

The advertising media have now convinced the majority of people here on earth that highly refined foods, man-created pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy, x-ray, surgery and relieving the effect instead of clearing the cause of disease are the "only way to go." We who believe in the wholistic method of healing mankind are of a far different opinion. This procedure of natural healing has been used with success since the beginning of time.

We believe in using any food, herbal aid, every kind of therapy that will do good for the body and leave no side- or after-effect. Wholistic foods are wholesome (not processed) and of a mucusless nature. The word "mucus" is a confusing term, as people know we have a mucous membrane and we require mucus in our body. All other mammals of the lower kingdoms need mucus as well. They do not get it from "macaroni and cheese," but from fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. We can do the same. However, the mucus many of us have in our bodies is a type that is of a dead, low-vibrating substance that cannot be eliminated with ease. This accumulates, layer upon layer, like one layer of wallpaper glued onto another. The dead inorganic mucus is glue or paste stemming from the materials we take into our bodies under the, in many instances, false terminology of " food."

Mucus is the cause of well over ninety percent of all diseases. We must choose foods that are free of the harmful mucus and see that the substance we take into our bodies has life in it, not dead food-stuffs that bring on death. Learn more on this wonderful mucusless routine that, if followed, will give a healthy existence to you and yours with an active happy life as long as you want to stay around. Let's clear up the present "blessing" of disease and then start on a new life to keep health from here on out.

In the wholistic program we stress the proper use of herbs. The scriptures say that herbs are to be used with prudence and skill, and all herbs to be used in their wholesome state. In Webster's unabridged dictionary the word wholesome is defined as: "Healthy, whole, entireness; totality; completeness; with the life therein, as in its original state." This rules out processing and man's interference with food's original wholesomeness by altering to excite the taste buds.

All fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds are technically herbs. Some are used nutritionally, some as Ezekiel says, "for medicine;" whether we use them for food or medicine we do not believe in processing and we do not use poisonous, toxic or habit-forming herbs.

We have taught for many years, "There are no incurable diseases." Herein is my belief in the wholistic approach.


The Wholistic Program of Healing includes procedures that will restore and revitalize any part of the human body. There are several causes for physical malfunctions. Often malnutrition leads to cell deterioration or accidents may cause direct bodily damage. Once an organ or other area of the body is surgically removed, even the wholistic approach to healing is thwarted. At that point only a miracle would restore the body! In the School of Natural Healing, we are taught that the body may be renewed when we treat the cause of malfunction and not simply alleviate its effects.

Traditional Judeo-Christian precepts tell us that Deity alone knows what our span of living will be. There is in other words "a time to be born and a time to die." Ascribing to these principles it seems illogical that any person would attempt to prescribe for another the term of his living and yet how many times in our years of helping people has a tearful, anguished person come to us having had the end of his or her life foretold by their practitioner? In so many instances we have watched these individuals heal themselves using the recommended wholistic procedures and long outlive their predicted demise.

Of course, as we have often pointed out in our lectures, the rules of wholistic healing may be followed "faithfully" or they may be followed "religiously." The faithful person will adhere strictly to the program of healing, remembering to follow directions as they are given. In the second instance the ill person treats the principles of wholistic healing the way many of us are religious. That is, we worship only at Christmas or Easter, for example, neglecting the full benefit of faithful adherence.

In the wholistic program only wholesome organic substances are introduced into or applied to the body. They must not be toxic or narcotic and all therapy is for the upbuilding of the body, never damaging its cells. As we have mentioned, the prime purpose of the wholistic program is to restore and revitalize damaged, abnormally functioning organs or body area. Obviously the program is directed towards those who want to "enjoy good health" and not to the few who enjoy ill health. If you wish to be among those who enjoy and thrive with a healthy body then you will welcome this program and all of its principles of correct, healthful living and thinking.

It is alarming to hear a mother say, "When my child was breaking out with chicken pox (measles, or some other childhood disease), he was given some suppressive medication, and only two or three small spots broke out on his body." Here, unknowingly, the parents have gone against nature's procedure for cleaning out the toxins of the body. They have locked in the harmful condition, which may give the body trouble, perhaps many years later.

Many people panic when a child or family member becomes even slightly ill. They rush immediately to any doctor for his advice, shots, pills and the resultant peace of mind from doing what we have been trained to do since childhood--i.e., to rely on others. In 1969 Utah passed a law stating in substance: that if a person examines another person (with or without charge) they are practicing medicine. It is written that, technically, if a mother says to her child, "You have a fever so I will give you something to help you get better," she is theoretically practicing medicine without a license, and could be arrested on a felony charge. On the other side of the coin, there is a statement, that is usually ignored, in this same law that reads (again, in substance) that it is permissible to prescribe herbs or old-fashioned household remedies. DISTILLED WATER DURING ILLNESS

Each day, the child should drink an abundance of steam distliied water. This should amount to one ounce of water to each pound of body weight (a 32-pound child, one quart or 32 ounces). This should not all be used at one time, but distributed over the day, as one half in a.m. and the other half p.m.

The distilled water flushes out (where juice and other liquids are not as efficient) the minerals and inorganic salts that cause sickness.

There are two types of minerals in the body, live organic that can be assimilated into cell structure and low-vibrating inorganic minerals that are only accepted into the body and cannot be assimilated. These inorganic minerals cause kidney stones, gall stones, hardening of the arteries, poor eyesight, arthritis, etc., etc. People so often say "But why shouldn't I use tap, well, spring, artesian or some other types of hard water so I can get the minerals out of it for my body?" This mineral that can be accepted into the body and not be assimilated, because the hard inorganic minerals must go through plant life and by osmosis changed to live organic mineral which can be assimilated into the cell structure.We get all the minerals from the fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds in a form that can all be readily assimilated. The minerals from water and the inorganic types from the pharmaceutical house can, in the major part, only be accepted, not wholly assimilated. This accumulation of unassimilated minerals give side effects and aftereffects.

Distilled water will back out these inorganic minerals, flushing them out of the body but will not touch or bother the live organic minerals from herb and plant life.

We are made from the dust of the earth: "From dust thou art, to dust shalt thou return." The minerals in this dust are essential to our bodies so that we can acquire from "Mother Earth" the proper materials to keep "the temple of God" (our body) in good repair. This is why the statement from the Old Testament is given us to know how to get our mineral foods from the dust of Mother Earth. This is in Psalms 104:14. It reads: "He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth." Isn't that a beautiful well-planned program designed for us?


In addition to the water, also drink plenty of freshly-made (if possible, otherwise unsweetened bottled) juices. This juice is a good food for minerals and salts from the earth that can be assimilated. Of course we still need our whole foods as well for roughage and bulk.

NOTE: Where any condition has progressed to a serious stage, or if uncertainty exists as to the seriousness, it is best not to delay in obtaining the timely professional services of a qualified physician.

Used by permission, taken from the book Herbal Home Health Care by Dr. Christopher: Chapter 2.

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