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by Barry Chamish

Does this feel like deja vu all over again?

The Sunday Times - World

May 19, 2002 Sharon is warned of assassination plot by radical Jews Uzi Mahnaimi, Tel Aviv

THE Israeli internal security service, Shin Beth, fears a radical Jewish group is planning to assassinate Ariel Sharon, the prime minister, who has been warned by intelligence advisers to keep public appearances to a minimum.

Shin Beth has identified extremists in settlers' groups as the likely plotters, and has activated agents to infiltrate their underground networks.

The settlers have been infuriated by Sharon's support for an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza. After he reiterated it at last weekend's conference of his Likud party, security was tightened around his ranch in the Negev desert.

Shin Beth is still haunted by its failure to protect Yitzhak Rabin, the prime minister assassinated in 1995 by a fanatical opponent of his plan to trade land for peace.

A recent plot to bomb an Arab girls' school was foiled by Shin Beth but convinced its senior officers that the militants were a growing menace.

Two weeks ago a police patrol was sent to Jerusalem's Arab neighbourhood of A-Tur to look for a suspicious vehicle. Next to the school two officers found a car with Israeli registration plates towing a trailer that two men were trying to detach.

The police were suspicious about the presence of Jews in an Arab neighbourhood during the intifada but were about to release them when they were told by radio to check the trailer. It was found to be loaded with explosives, and a timer primed to go off at 7.35am, just as the girls would have been arriving at school.

A search of the car yielded illegal arms and the men were taken for interrogation in Jerusalem. A court ordered a news blackout and Sharon was informed that a potential bloodbath had been averted. "Foiling that plan was more important to us than the exposure of an Arab suicide bomber," said one security officer.

Two further suspects were arrested later. "These are not innocent people, these are murderers," said a source close to the inquiry.

That's right folks. It's 1995 all over again. As the Israeli government and its spies within prepare the public for "far-reaching concessions for peace," those who will be opposed to the sellout are being set up by the Shabak as bombers and assassins. Don't be shocked if the above newspaper report presages a real assassination if that's what it takes to push a suicidal "peace", including a full withdrawal from Judea, Samaria and Gaza, down Israel's throats.

They can do it again because the Jewish people are too weak, divided and dumb to do anything about it. And we could have. We have all the evidence any court would need to prove that Yitzhak Rabin was not murdered by a "right wing radical" and that Shabak provocateurs like Avishai Raviv were the vanguard of the "extremist settlers" who became organized after the signing of the Oslo Accord in 1993.

But the opportunity to save the nation through these proofs is, once again, being thrown away.

A Law Suit Too Far

Last November, the second Root And Branch conference on the Rabin assassination was held at the Windmill Hotel in Jerusalem and was a rousing success. One of the speakers, Dr. David Khen shocked the audience with his unorthodox and impossible new theories on the assassination.

But before we get to them, a little background. The Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry concluded that Rabin was shot twice in the back from a range of 50 cm. This is the official government position. Both Natan Gefen and I had published books on the assassination and independently, we reached the inescapable conclusion that Rabin was shot three times, the third wound coming from a frontal shot. This wound was described in numerous medical records and confirmed by the Health Minister Dr. Ephraim Sneh.

In 1999, Dr. David Morrison of Jerusalem examined our books and concluded, in his book Lies, that both Gefen's and my readings of the medical records were accurate, and Rabin had to have been shot a third time. And that proof broke the Rabin coverup. Amir never shot at Rabin three times, nor was he ever in the position to have shot from the front. The fact that somebody did is central to the theses found in my, Gefen and Morrison's books.

However, defying six years of research by three perfectly competent writers, Dr. Khen announced that, after interviewing Ichilov's doctors, he is certain Rabin was shot twice and it was the first bullet which entered the back right shoulder blade which did all the damage. The path he described has the magic bullet entering the shoulder blade, stopping under the skin at Mid-Clavicular Line (MCL) 3-4, or just above the nipple, then doing a 180 degree turn, reentering the lung and then turning left again to shatter the backbone.

Dr. Khen did present captivating evidence about the composition of the bullets supposedly pulled out of Rabin as compared to those in Amir's clip but by then he had severely damaged his credibility with, not just his impossible bullet path, but with another impossible theory as well.

In part two of the Khen Rabin murder revision, Rabin's bodyguard Yoram Rubin was slightly wounded while protecting Rabin from a standing position. While so doing, he drew his own pistol and accidentally shot Rabin.

If such an accident happened, the same accident happened again, once more, according to the Khen revision, and twice more in the accurate scenarios presented by me, Gefen and Morrison.

Audience members came up to me after asking why a respected surgeon would present such absurdities publicly and a few suggested that, not satisfied with respecting the research of others, he wanted to have a little theory all to his own.

At the end of the conference, a committee was formed to reinvestigate the Rabin murder. The Chairman was Yaacov Verker, the other members were Prof. Hillel Weiss, Prof. Arieh Zaritsky, Dr. David Khen, yours truly and Root And Branch chairman, Arye Gallin.

The committee was quiescent until last February when the country's largest circulation newspaper, Yediot Ahronot published a six page cover story in its weekend magazine, utterly slamming the committee members, to the point of raw slander. We were accused of dancing on Rabin's blood, of murdering him again, of being liars and delusionists.

The committee took action. First it called a well-attended press conference to present the proofs that our contentions were correct. Then we met to plan a slander suit against Yediot Ahronot. We all agreed that this suit had the potential, if handled properly, of reopening the Rabin murder in court.

Our chosen attorney was Nitzana Darshan Leitner. Her first decision was to remove me as one of the plaintiffs, claiming my previous work would leave me too open to judicial pressure. Although my good name was just as damaged as anyone's by the Yediot article, I gracefully bowed out for the good of the truth. Yaacov Verker could not be a plaintiff because of family objections, so that left Dr. Khen and Professors Weiss and Zaritsky. The latter two had studied the political side of the assassination, leaving only Dr. Khen as the medical and forensics witness.

Yesterday, the first draft of the slander suit was faxed to me, a few hours before the committee was to meet to discuss it. After reading it, I refused to attend the meeting. In short, the suit is so riddled with mistakes and contradictions that it is unsupportable by any serious scholar of the Rabin assassination.

What follows is a precis of the suit which will be easily understood by those who have read either my, Gefen or Morrison's books. For those who haven't, try to:

Who Is Slandering Who?

Dr. Khen has studied issue of bullet composition intensely, and considers it the key to the Rabin truth. Gefen and I have stidied it as well and concluded that the issue is too complex to be given first priority. I only attack it in depth in the 18th chapter of my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin. So, naturally, the first 4 pages of the 11 page suit are devoted to the issue of bullet composition. It can all be summed up by, Winchester Silver Tip bullets were pulled out of Rabin, while Amir's clip had only brass bullets within.

Fine, worthy of a few paragraphs. But after four pages of confusing arguments, the suit concludes that "No Silver Tip bullets were found in either Amir's possession or at his house."

This is wrong, wrong, wrong. On the murder night, Israel police searched the Amir home in Herzlia and found no weaponry. Two days later, the Shabak raided the same home and found a virtual armory hidden in the attic. Among the finds examined later by the police were, "five silver tip bullets manufactured by Winchester."

Yediot Ahronot has the resources to hire the most astute cutthroat lawyers in the country. And if any one of them bothers to examine the police records, they are going to have the first four pages of the suit nullified over one significant error.

But that's okay, because the rest of the suit is going to be thrown out by the judge on numerous pretexts. Here are a few samples:

- Quote: 'The first bullet shattered the backbone at Vertebrae D5-6.' Oh no, it didn't. The medical records are clear; the first bullet entered the right shoulder blade and stopped under the skin at MCL 3-4. Nowhere in the records does the first bullet come near to the spine.

- 'Baruch Gladstein ruled that the first bullet was shot from 25 cm. range.' He did not. He concluded under 20 cm. and the court records scribbled a 5 over the 0. Had Ms. Darshan-Leitner taken Gefen or me seriously, we could have corrected this mistake. But she preferred the Khen mishmash over our work. Gladstein testified that the second bullet was from point blank range, partly, because of the mass of gunpowder found in the bullet holes. Since Amir never shot from 0 range, this testimony is vital. Now watch as this suit neutralizes, perhaps, the most important expert witness of all.

- 'The surgeons reported no gunpowder in Rabin's wounds, another inconsistency.' The suit quotes from the public surgeon's report of Nov. 5, which tried to clean away the truthful reports of the night before. Now why, oh why, oh why, would Nitzana be irrational enough to quote the coverup when Yediot's attorneys are going to use it to claim that Gladstein's examination of Rabin's clothing was faulty. Bye bye central witness. But of course, Gladstein will not be the only witness lost. I will never testify on behalf of this atrocious suit and if Gefen or Morrison actually do, their testimonies will utterly contradict those of plaintiff Khen. This suit has all the potential of wrecking six years of truthseeking and putting an end to search for truth for good.

- "Amir stood no closer than half a meter from Rabin.' Thus, the suit claims, Amir could not have shot Rabin point blank. If he stood half a meter behind Rabin, he would have shot point blank. In fact, Amir was about two meters behind Rabin but the gun was 50 cm. away. Yediot's lawyers will argue that half a meter away, Amir could have shot point blank and then, so long all the damning range of fire evidence.

- 'Rubin testified that Rabin jumped into the car after the shooting, proving he was not hurt by Amir's shots.' No, no, no, no, no. It proves that Rubin was lying because not another witness saw Rabin jump in the car. And it is Rubin's pattern of lying which makes him the number one suspect as Rabin's real murderer. Doesn't anybody understand anything?

That was a tiny sample. And if what's in the suit isn't damaging enough, it's what's not that ices the upcoming fiasco. The suit, by the end, concentrates on issues like the shouts that the bullets are blanks or that no blood was found on the parking lot ground. This is important but it's not hard evidence. It can be explained away as a snafu or that Rabin's clothing soaked up the blood.

But the prosecution would have plenty of trouble explaining Rabin's blood-soaked song sheet. Since he put it in his front pocket, how would his blood have been on the sheet if he wasn't shot from the front? Or how would they explain Rabin arriving in Reception with two wounds, and leaving the operating theatre with three? This is thoroughly documented but for some reason, not found in the suit. Or what would the prosecution say about the police tests on Amir's hands showing no gunpowder on them, half an hour after the shooting? There is no explanation, other than Amir shooting blanks but it's not anywhere in the suit.

This suit is doomed. I was assured that it was only a draft and changes will be made. But the big ones won't be. I will not be a plaintiff, Dr. Khen will continue to sabotage the good work of better investigators than him, and the nonsensical suit will be thrown out of court with a giant belly laugh.

We had our chance. We could have proven that what is happening today is just a repeat of 1995. But Jewish greed, envy, and irrationality have destroyed our best chance ever of exposing the Rabin murder. Whatever happens to Israel, and it's not going to be very nice, the Israeli people deserve it for their egotism and self-destructive stupidity.

I totally disavow myself of this suit and anyone who wants to see the Rabin truth revealed and our nation saved, should do the same thing.


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