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by Barry Chamish 

Two days ago, my daughter came home from school with a request from her teacher. She was taking the class to the Slikhot ceremony at the local synagogue and parents were needed to ferry the youngsters at 
4:30 AM. I agreed and on ninety minutes sleep joined the class and congregation for prayers. 

The rabbi explained the meaning of slikhot to the class before the synagogue members arrived. The ceremony precedes Yom Kippur and is held at an uncomfortable hour on purpose. In our groggy state, we pray to have our sins and transgressions purged. This is only possible if we acknowledge them and someone tired is more likely to have his defences down. 

However, the rabbi stressed, slikhot are not recited to purge the individual of his transgressions. Rather, they are meant for the nation. In this ceremony, the community of Jews cleanses the Jewish nation. And this is only possible if the Jewish people acknowledge their collective sins. 

The early morning prayers convinced me that I was meant to send this letter before Yom Kippur. It is my slikhot for the nation. 

Last year, just prior to the annual Root and Branch Conference On The Truth Of The Rabin Assassination, I e-mailed my list an attachment. It was the Israel Police Crime Lab's tests on Yigal Amir's hands, half an hour after Rabin was shot. There were neither metal traces nor gunpowder particles on his hands, an impossibility if he shot live ammunition. We finally proved that Amir was not Rabin's murderer. Thanks to my Israeli readers, those documents spread throughout the Hebrew internet and profoundly affected the tenor of the Rabin murder commemorations. 

This year, the Hebrew anniversary of Rabin's murder falls on October 16 and that is when this year's conference will be held. I had planned to send out this attachment two weeks previous for maximum impact, but I was persuaded by the rabbi's explanation to act before the day when the nation of Israel can yet atone for its greatest misjustice of modern times; the murder of its leader. 

The attachment contains two documents. It has been minimized, so double the size to read them clearly. When you do, you will find the biggest lie of the Rabin assassination before your eyes. 

Document One is culled from the findings of the government-appointed Shamgar Commission Inquiry Into The Rabin Assassination. The commission, led by former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Meir Shamgar, concludes that Yitzhak Rabin was murdered at "approximately 21:50," or 9:50 PM. 

Thus, the Israeli government has assured the nation that Yitzhak Rabin was murdered at 9:50 PM. But the government is lying to its people and the next document exposes the lie in all its perverse glory. 

Document Two is Yigal Amir's arrest warrant, prepared by Israel Police. Note the time of Amir's arrest; 21:30 or 9:30 PM. 

There is no mistake here. Two policeman appeared on a television program called Uvda in November 2000 and verified the arrest time as 
9:30 PM. I have the tape. 

The police are not going to misreport the time of the arrest of the suspected murderer of the Prime Minister if they can help it. And if there was an error, it would have been of only a few minutes at the very most. 

But most damning of all, other than Shamgar, there is not one witness who recalled the shooting taking place at 9:50 or even close to that time. Shamgar changed the time of the shooting by a full twenty minutes. And the attached documents prove it. 

Now why would Shamgar alter the time of the murder so drastically? Because, he had no choice if he was to cover up the truth of the assassination. 

You see, the distance between the scene of the crime and Ichilov Hospital where Rabin was driven is 600 meters. It should have taken the driver, Menachem Damti, no more than two minutes to get there. With that fact in mind, Damti perjured himself to the Shamgar Commission and testified that he arrived at the hospital within a minute and a half. 

Shamgar was well aware of the perjury. He examined the same police warrant as we are now reading and heard ample testimony about the time of the shooting. But he could not ignore one disturbing fact; Rabin arrived at Ichilov Hospital at 9:52. If he was shot at 9:30, then Rabin's driver took 22 minutes to cover 600 meters. Rather than delve into the reasons Rabin's car got lost for 22 minutes, he accepted Damti's testimony of a 90 second drive. And to cover for Damti, Shamgar had to move the time of the murder up to 9:50. No other time could corroborate the driver's testimony. 

Though this letter is intended only for my Hebrew readers, I know others will be curious and open the attachment. Luckily, the times are in universal numbers, so you'll get the idea. 

However, the Hebrew readers have the greater responsibility of informing Israel that they now have absolute truth that the Shamgar Commission shamelessly lied about the most basic piece of evidence; the time of the crime. From that proven fact, the nation of Israel will be forced to infer that it was not the only instance their government lied to them about the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. 

Please join me in beseeching slikhot for this unforgivable crime.

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