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Skin, Colon, Lungs What's the connection?

What is the purpose of each of these body parts?

If you took a survey and asked that question, you would likely get the following responses:

  • Skin: holds it all together. Decorative. Keeps the inside from falling out.
  • Colon: Much like a garberator or in-sink disposal unit.
  • Lungs: Oxygen extractor and carbon dioxide eliminator.

Of the three, only lungs are considered by most of us to have a dual purpose-assimilation and elimination. In fact, all three of them are vitally important for absorption of nutrients and for the elimination of toxic waste.

We are living in a time when the understanding of this dual nature is coming into its own. Edgar Cayce -- the "sleeping prophet"--spoke often of the importance of proper assimilation and elimination. For example, he stated that psoriasis -- considered incurable, is caused by the body attempting to eliminate toxins through the skin as a last resort when other avenues have failed.

If we can view the whole body as being involved in the process of cell oxygenation, in much the same way as we view the lungs' involvement in this vital process, then we will be on the road to health and longevity. I believe that normal cell division is the key to longevity. My experience has been that oxygen management and increased cell oxygenation enhance division of healthy cells.

Skin does not simply hold it all together. If dermal absorption was not a reality, nicotine patches would not work, along with a list of other medications and supplements administered by application to skin.

Skin breathes. If it did not, then those people who died in the '60s, as a result of having painted their entire bodies, might still be alive. Skin is as much a 2-way door as the lungs are.

What does this have to do with oxygen therapies? I've heard from several people who don't understand how a peroxide bath or ozonated bath could have any beneficial effect. They think that oxygen has to be breathed or ingested in one of its stabilized forms.

It is easy enough to simply try a peroxide bath. Six ounces of 35% hydrogen peroxide is the amount I first saw recommended for a normal bathtub full of water, and I tried this. Thirty minutes was recommended. At first, I noted the time I went into the tub and made sure I stayed for 30 minutes. A friend of mine stated that she could only stand about 20 minutes because of the intensity of the reactions in her body. The increased circulation caused her to sweat. It occurred to me that her twenty-minute bath was beneficial to her and that any recommendation for length of time or amount of peroxide was only a guideline.

Another friend told me that he uses far more than 6 ounces of peroxide and derives great benefit from his baths. Since I believe that we each know our own bodies' needs and limitations, I no longer strictly measure the peroxide or watch the time. I stay in the tub as long as I feel to. Bearing in mind that peroxide is a bleach, used to lighten hair and skin, my dirty blonde hair has lightened somewhat -- not as light as it was when I was a child, or even close to deliberately bleached blonde hair. So, bear it in mind, but don't worry about coming out of the tub with white hair.

Ozonated olive oil is another way get oxygen into your body through your skin. Ozone made from pure bottled oxygen is bubbled through olive oil to make this thick cream. On the advice of a friend who enjoys O3 oil massages, I obtained a jar from Ozone Services. I simply rubbed it into my skin. I find the smell of ozone to be pleasant and refreshing and enjoy its lingering presence as a result of applying the oil. Its effect on sore muscles is relaxing. Its "whole body" effect is invigorating, long-lasting and ubiquitous.

The first O3 oil I tried was made by a friend and had to be kept refrigerated to maintain its consistency. The oil I ordered from Ozone Services spent several days in transit plus a few more days in a box on my kitchen table. When I opened the jar, it was as stable and thick as petroleum jelly and has remained that way since.


According to today's "flavour-of-the-month" approach to health, free radicals -- all free radicals -- are Bad. Oxygen is truly a highly reactive free radical and this is one of the most fiercely debated aspects of its use for anything other than breathing. It occurs to me that a simple demonstration of how critical its free radical nature is to our survival is happening in your lungs right now. Lethal carbon monoxide is removed from your body by free radical oxygen. CO (carbon monoxide) becomes CO2 (carbon dioxide) by combining with free radical oxygen. It is then exhaled through your lungs.

Common sources of carbon monoxide are automobile exhaust and cigarettes. Exposure to either of these increases your body's need for free radical oxygen to remove the toxic CO. This seems to me to be convincing enough evidence that oxygen free radicals are not necessarily harmful, as many seem to believe.

Up the Down Staircase

The colon and intestines, considered by many to be nothing more than sewer pipes, are beginning to gain the respect they deserve as important nutrient extractors. An asthmatic friend of mine arrived one day with suppositories from her doctor. They contained a medication for her asthma. She explained to me that the fastest way to get anything into your blood is via your colon.

Food is partially digested in your stomach, but the assimilation continues through both intestines and the colon, where nutrients are delivered to your blood. I've tried Homozon, Bioxy Cleanse and Oxyzone, each slightly different in composition and effect, but all similar in their purpose and function. Each delivers oxygen and/or ozone into your digestive tract. Initially, the result is to dissolve and eliminate old fecal matter. Once this blockage is removed, the exchange of both nutrients from food and the oxygen/ozone gases from the supplements is restored.

Each of these products caused the inside-out effect that I described in my testimonial -- oxygen coming out the pores of my skin softened the hard well water in my shower. The intuitive images I perceive during my oxygen and ozone experiments are of a very motile happy gas that is able to get to where it is needed. This mental picture led to the bubbles in the O Zone logos.

I've also enjoyed several colonics (colon irrigations) in my life. A colonic involves the introduction of gallons of water into your colon to clean out what's been accumulating there and blocking the exchange between digestive tract and blood stream. This is done with "good" water -- not chlorinated water, for sure, and preferably by a trained and experienced professional using sensitive equipment. At the very least, it should be done with a thorough understanding of what you are doing. The results of a colonic can include changes in skin colour (from yellow to normal), changes in eye colour and acutely enhanced restoration of the ability to smell.

Something I have not personally experienced is an ozone insufflation. A controlled amount of humidified ozone from medical grade oxygen is inserted rectally for a brief period of time. I've heard of the seriously ill regaining their energy and stamina very quickly as a result of insufflations. The same equipment that produces the ozone can be used to ozonate bath water.

All of the protocols to which I refer are extremely powerful and beneficial. Anything this powerful can also be harmful if misapplied. I feel that educating yourself and listening to your own body are extremely important.

Randall Prue

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