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by Barry Chamish


Thursday - Feb. 12 - Webmaster Michael Fridrich creates a powerful web site for me at  The two lead articles concern the Sabbataian creation of Israel. It is a subject that has been hidden from the world and is being revealed for the first time.     

Thursday - Sunday morning - Backbreaking promotion of the site, only stopping for Shabbath. Thousands of search engines, and Middle East sites and experts notified that the site is up. I begin with the far left, since they are the people that have to be awoken most urgently.      

Early Sunday morning - The site disappears. I call the server,, at 9:30 AM. They don't understand but they lost their sites overnight. I explain that I announced the site and my reputation was going to suffer when it didn't open. A few hours later, I'm informed the site is up again. I begin intense promotion. 1640 visitors have clicked in already.       

Early Monday morning the site is down. - I call and explain that not only is my reputation being hurt, but the site is an essential tool for selling my books. UP is now costing me and if the site doesn't come back, I'll sue. I go to the computer to prepare my case and it has been hit. The Norton anti-virus program detects hundreds of viruses it can't quarantine and then it stops working altogether. It's two more days before that is all sorted out.       

Tuesday - The site is still down. I call my lawyer, he contacts the server. The powers that be don't want me to sell books, and this is not the first incident where my economic survival is being imperiled. I guess that UP has been told to keep me off the net and I talk to my lawyer again about fighting back.       

Tuesday evening - the UP web site goes down. The server has stopped functioning. I'm now nearly convinced that to keep my information from the public, someone brought down the whole server. I call UP and they admit they haven't traced the problem and that nothing like this has happened to them before.        

Wednesday - My site is back up but who knows for how long. I've lost a week of work and incalculable credibility. I plan to ask my readers to pitch in by telling everyone they know to visit the site, and revisit if it's taken down again.         

Thursday - Feb. 19 - I will speak for the first time on: Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism and the Holocaust, at the Israel Center, Keren Hayesod St. 22, Jerusalem, 7 PM. Contact Root and Branch for details:  It's the most disturbing speech I'll ever give. It is about nothing less than the attempted takeover of Judaism of the followers of the false messiah Shabtai Tzvi by creating a nation in their image on God's holy soil. It is about the death sentence decreed on all Jews who reject Shabtai Tzvi. But it also about the goodness of Judaism fighting back. The battle taking place for Israel's survival is between the scions of the nation's Sabbataian founders and Judaism itself.           

The battleground is now Gaza. The removal of the Jewish residents there will open a new front against Israel. No longer will Israel be able to contain the war being waged against it from Gaza without suffering heavy casualties. If the world wanted peace, the Gaza Strip would be extended into the nearly empty Sinai Peninsula, which would require Egypt to actually bring hope to the Palestinians for once. There is the space in Sinai to create a large and viable new nation, if anyone really wanted such a thing.           

The Gaza pullout will be the next stage in the dismemberment of Israel and its advocates point to the success of the south Lebanon pullout as a precedent. During the recent insane prisoner-bodies exchange, former Health Minister Ephraim Sneh revealed why Israel no longer has any bargaining power with Hizbullah. They now have 12,000 missiles pointed at northern Israel and there is nothing we can do to prevent them from turning the Galilee into ashes. With Gaza firmly in enemy hands, the same will go for southern and central Israel.             

Which is just what the Sabbataians and  the far leftists they are exploiting want. They would rather see the Arabs over-run the place than witness the revival of religious Judaism in the country they built along Sabbataian principles. They've done it before: look at my web site to understand their role in the Holocaust.              

To illustrate the utter evil of the Labor party founders of Israel, we return to the early days of the state and the mass immigration of Sephardim. In my book Save Israel!, I interviewed Rabbi Uzi Meshulum, who led the movement seeking justice for the 4500, mostly Yemenite, infants kidnapped by the authorities between 1948-56. He claimed and I reported that there was a huge experimental program between parties in the US and the new Israeli atomic program headed by Shimon Peres, to see how much radiation human beings could suffer. The Yemenite children were mostly sent to America as guinea pigs for radiation experiments. In return Israel received nuclear secrets and money. Rabbi Meshulum estimated that the figure was $5000 per child.                

Needless to say, not many people believed him or me. Now they have to. The good Israeli people are finally exposing this horrible story of the mass radiation of Sephardi children in the 1950s.

A film about the subject premiered at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque on April 17 and victims of the radiation are now suing for compensation. Let us begin with a report from Haaretz which is wrong in one important detail:

"The last article in the book is by Prof. Baruch Modan, who died last year, and social worker Shlomit Perry. The article discusses "The Israeli Government's Policy on Irradiated Ringworm Sufferers," describing a shocking medical-ethics incident: During the 1950s, some 20,000 people, most of them recent immigrants to Israel, were exposed to x-rays without their consent and without any explanation. Years later, it emerged that the radiation had had only a negative effect and had increased the chances of the subjects' contracting cancer. However, after several years, it also emerged that, in addition to the damage the radiation inflicted on thousands of individuals, information on this procedure was concealed for many years from the public by senior physicians and by the Ministry of Health. The information is published in the article but without any significant criticism from the authors, who even show a certain amount of understanding for the policy of concealment."

The wrong detail is the number of victims. The following report from the Jerusalem Post last January is more accurate:

"The Knesset Labor, Social Affairs and Health Committee rejected the Treasury's demand to cancel the rights of ringworm sufferers for retroactive compensation for cancer...More than 100,000 new immigrant children during the early years of the state were exposed to radiation treatment for ringworm...The children were exposed to radiation 35,000 times more than used today...The youngest affected are 50 years old and many have already died. The National Religious Party MK, Shaul Yahalom, called on all the TV stations to broadcast a film on the ringworm tragedy."

I heard the director of the film interviewed on Israel Channel One TV on Feb. 16, while not catching his name. However, the interviewer's name is David Witztom and he said, "You are making claims for a horrible conspiracy," and indeed he was.The American government paid the equivalent of $50 billion in today's terms for the experiments and the cost could not have exceeded a few million dollars at most. The rest of the $50 billion is unaccounted for. Needless to ask, was the American government so concerned about ringworm in Israeli immigrant children that it paid $50 billion to treat the fungus?     

The authorities are using the excuse that in 1948, x-rays were a common treatment for head ringworm and that 35,000 times the exposure was standard practise. This is nonsense. The standard treatment was ultra-violet light on the hair and the danger of x-rays was very well understood after nearly 60 years of use. The film director noted that the x-ray technicians knew the kind of blast the children were receiving and would not stay in the same room when the dose was administered.     

The children were often taken out of classrooms and told they were going on a sightseeing trip. They were taken to the x-ray rooms without parental consent and given the blast of radiation at the top of their heads. Most were sickened, many died. Over 100,000 children represents literally the entire generation of Israeli Sephardi children exposed to fatal levels of radiation. Ringworm was merely the excuse, and a poor one, for a massive death ray program.       

Why were the Sephardi children so victimized? For the same reason the Sabbataian Labor Zionists let the Jews of Poland perish in the Holocaust. Because they were righteous and religious. For Sabbatainism to triumph, all Jews had to be cleansed from the world but those who could be trained and indoctrinated in the anti-Judaistic evil of Shabtai Tzvi. To those believing in Shabtai Tzvi, burning the Jews of Europe and radiating those of the East was a fulfillment of their master's grand vision.         

Bringing terror to Israel in the name of peace is their latest step in the annihilation of the Jews. If they have their way, all of Israel will be radiated and eradicated in the name of the devil Shabtai Tzvi and his living disciples, dwelling in the "peace" camp.


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