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The RAYID Method

Since 1978, we have been a global network of kindred-spirits who love life and

are dedicated to making the world a better place. Unbounded by culture, theology and economic class we explore, discover and test the greater purpose of life.

With practitioners and teachers in over 14 countries, our mission is to celebrate the wholeness in every one we meet and encourage them to do the same.

Mission Statement
We affirm and nurture the vital health of individuals and families.

Rayid is based on the following principles:
• Life has a purpose
• There is a dynamic perfection, often unseen, that creates, animates, and unifies all life
• Natural laws of this perfection regulate the body, mind, and spirit
• Human consciousness has an innate capacity to create
• All of humanity and the natural world, is One
• The greatest unifying power in life, is love

Rayid offers:
• A precise life-path map
• Tools to take responsibility for your health and happiness
• An opportunity to influence your destiny

How you can experience Rayid:
• Seminars, workshops and retreats
• Correspondence and online courses
• Private consultations
• Books, charts, CDs, audio and video tapes

Rayid Grandparents recognizes 12 grandparents as the golden treasure of the family tree. Though often unseen, this hereditary love is always present. With wisdom and practice, you enhance the health and well-being of you and your family for generations to come.

Rayid Birth Order identifies 12 distinct birth order positions in the family tree. Each child correlates with specific qualities and talents that evolve the family. Knowing this enables you to better understand children, support their creativity, and honor their needs.

Rayid Iris-Family Tree recognizes the iris as a blueprint of you as a unique individual. This genetic map reveals your family patterns and how you communicate, relate and behave. The iris is a dynamic vehicle that points the way to excellence and joy.

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