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The RapSheet on Animal Factories

The RapSheet on Animal Factories
Convictions, Fines, Pollution Violations, and Regulatory Records on Animal Factories


Would you like to know if the corporate animal factory that's planning to produce thousands of animals in your community is going to be a good neighbor?

The Sierra Club's RapSheet on Animal Factories can help.

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The Sierra Club's RapSheet on Animal Factories can help. --> Background: Over the past two years, the Sierra Club has conducted an extensive review of state and federal government records of the meat industry, from the sprawling factories where the animals are produced to the industry's slaughterhouses. In examining the records of more than 630 meat factories in 44 states, we found:

  • massive water pollution resulting from millions of gallons of animal feces and urine flowing into waterways
  • workplace deaths, injuries and worker safety violations
  • 134 million pounds of contaminated and potentially contaminated meat and
  • repeated, gruesome violations of the federal Humane Slaughter Act

Despite lax federal and state law enforcement, these companies were assessed tens of millions of dollars in fines, penalties and court judgments. More than 20% of the 220 companies profiled in detail have been hit with criminal charges or convictions.

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