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The Rabin Assassination and International Intrigue

By Barry Chamish | In my epilogue, I presented numerous theories that had been published elsewhere. One was that Henry Kissinger had a hand in the murder. I did not support the theory, I merely offered it as an indication of how other investigators were thinking. However, the Israeli media, whenever it chose to refute my findings, chose this point as proof that I was unreliable. In fact, if an international connection exists, and I am certain it does, then the trail to France is where it is taking me.

In December 1995, a French journalist, Pierre Lurcat, reminded readers in his Jewish student paper, that President Mitterand had once faked his own assassination in a scandal that haunted him his whole career called the Observatoire Affair. The sympathy which arose from the phoney murder attempt vaulted Mitterand’s career to the top. Lurcat claimed Peres and Mitterand discussed how to do the same thing for Rabin to save his failing peace process with the PLO. Pierre told me, "I was only using my logic, I had no solid evidence. Then the authorities came down so hard on me and the newspaper that I surmised I got it right. I was a law student at the time, I’m an attorney now, and the French media turned me into a lunatic."

Then I was reminded that Peres ally, the secretive French media mogul, Jean Frydman financed the rally where Rabin was murdered. And that Shabak chief Carmi Gillon spent the night of the assassination in Paris. We all knew that, however a correspondent sent me a rather chilling newspaper quote. Not long after the assassinaton, Gillon was asked why he was in Paris on the murder night and he explained that he was visiting Yaacov Perry in hospital. Could it really be that the current and previous Shabak chiefs were both in France on the fatal night?

So far, there has been no confirmation. Since then Gillon has refused to explain his decision to fly to Paris on November 3, 1995. But there is no denying the bizarre incident in early 1996 when Jacques Chirac went crazy in the Old City of Jerusalem. Peres had sent Yoram Rubin to guard Chirac. His French bodyguards informed him who he was and Chirac ran to the nearest reporters nearly crying that he did not need Israeli bodyguards.

“… I have traced nearly every moment of the last month of Rabin’s life and there is no doubt about it; he spent his last days trying to get Israel out of the peace process he was forced to initiate ...”


That he’d feel safer with Arab guards protecting him. There are pictures of Rubin behind Chirac to prove this incident. Twelve days before the murder, the Abu Dis Agreement, which divided the city of Jerusalem into two, was signed in Paris. Rabin was never informed that the agreement was signed, because he would not have approved it. I have traced nearly every moment of the last month of Rabin’s life and there is no doubt about it; he spent his last days trying to get Israel out of the peace process he was forced to initiate.

Take just three days as examples. On October 20, Rabin was in New York for the United Nations’ 50th anniversary celebrations. While there, as reported in Haaretz, Warren Christopher and Dennis Ross tried to trick him into meeting Syrian Foreign Minister Shara and agreeing to an Israeli pullback to the shores of the Kinneret. Rabin let loose a loud, vindictive attack against the American deceit and declared that he was pulling out of the peace process.

The next day, October 21, he gave his answer to the Golan withdrawal demands. From the podium of the UN he declared that he came from Jerusalem, the eternally undivided capital of Israel and that the problems of the Middle East were not caused by Israeli stubbornness but by Arab terror.

The next day, on Otober 22, he flew to Washington and with AIPAC’s help, oversaw the passage of two congressional laws. The first stated that American aid to the PLO would cease if it declared a state, the second declared that Jerusalem would never be divided.

Rabin was rebelling against the most powerful men on earth and he knew the risk. Rabin died a hero.

Barry Chamish, the author of "The Last Days of Israel" and "Who Murdered Yitzchak Rabin," is a contributing writer to

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