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Prescription Games: Life, Death and Money Inside the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Author: Jeffrey Robinson

Simon & Schuster 2001

There is not a word about supplements or alternative medicine in the book. It is written like a Grisham thriller about the dirty tricks and powerplay by Big Pharma. But in this book the exiting stories are true, and based on extensive fact finding and research.

What makes this book extra credible is that the author is not involved at all in alternative health. Rather, Jeffrey Robinson is an expert on fraud and money laundering. About Robinson on:

The alternative health movement has a communication and credibility problem. We must make our issues and views accepted positions for the main-stream political debate in society. We must learn to dress up our arguments so they can be digested by mainstream journalists, educated citizens, opinion leaders and politicians.

The problem is just that our critique is so wide-ranging and deep that most people who don't know the facts that support them would just shrug it off - it disturbs their world-view to much.

Try convincing your neighbor that:

*Big Pharma makes more money if people continue to be sick - and want it to be that way.

*Big Pharma does everything in their power to stop safe treatments if they threaten their own profits.

*Big Pharma spends more money on marketing than on research

*Most of the "new drugs" from the Big Pharma labs are just redesigned versions of existing drugs. The really important medical discoveries date from 1940 - 1970. Traditional pharma research has been stagnant since the 70s.

*The deep money pockets of Big Pharma have corrupted the regulators and the medical profession.

*Your doctor asks you to participate in a clinical trial for a drug company. He doesn't tell you he can get paid $3000 dollars by the drug company to enroll another "guinea pig".

*Many scientists in academic institutions have hidden financial ties to Big Pharma. Their verdict in scientific matters as government experts are totally biased by this.

*Big Pharma has a back-door to government and asks for - and gets - special favors as legal immunity, extra years in patent protection, results from publicly funded research as give-aways, the right to influence eduction programs in medical schools, etc.

*There are 100s of safe treatments that are not used because big pharma and the medical establishment are ignoring them.

*Big Pharma spends 100s of millions of dollars for media manipulation to plant biased "news" that smears natural medicine.

*Big Pharma wants governments to ban vitamins in order to leave people with prescription drugs as the only alternative.

This message is so strong, so the senders are easily dismissed. Therefore, it is very important to start convincing journalists and politicians by talking a language they understand. Journalists usually can't judge if alternative medicine is correct on scientific matters, if a few "fringe" scientists say A and the establishment says B. But journalists understand very well things as corruption, hidden financial ties, and when government policy is hi-jacked by powerful special interests.

The same goes for politicians. Left-wing politicians understand the threat from big companies. Right-wing politicians understand how special interest groups manipulate politicians to get favors for themselves.

This book by Robinson is excellent for this purpose. A recommendation of giving it to interested journalists, opinion leaders and politicians is advised.

This hardcover book may be ordered via the links below:

ISBN 0684858371 (Only at Amazon in UK)

Prescription Games: Life, Death & Money Inside the Global Pharmaceutical Industry
By Jeffrey Robinson
Hardcover / Simon & Schuster / 05 March, 2001 / 0684858371

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