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by Barry Chamish 

On July 10, '03, I gave a lecture at a synagogue in Givat Shmuel and guess who was in the audience? Okay, let's narrow the choices to Shmuel Fleischman, one of Yigal Amir's trial lawyers. Of Amir's attorneys, the best was Jonathan Goldberg who understood the whole murder conspiracy and submitted it as his defence summation. For those who read Hebrew, the entire summation is the headline article at 

Of Goldberg, Fleischman had no respect, calling him a "puppet" without elaborating why. Fleischman's chosen defence was suicidal for Amir. He claimed Amir didn't try to murder Rabin, rather, he just wanted to wound him and went too far by accident. This idiotic argument assured Amir of his life sentence. 

I was informed of Fleischman's presence in mid-lecture. When he was pointed out to me, I requested some enlightenment from him, asking, "Did you present to the court Amir""s arrest warrant?" He refused to answer publicly and later, privately. 

The answer then was, no. And that means Amir's cause received no help from Attorney Fleischman because that warrant provided Amir with the best alibi a man could have: Amir was under arrest at the time of Rabin's shooting. 

Please open Attachment One. Hebrew readers will catch on but English readers have an easy clue as well; the universal language of numbers. Look at the time on the documents. 

Attachment One consists of two documents. The first is the Shamgar Commission's conclusion of the time of Rabin's murder, 9:50. The second is Amir's arrest warrant registering his arrest at 9:30. 

Despite ample evidence that the police's version was correct, none of this evidence was deemed conclusive. My audiences and readers insisted the police made a mistake. Shamgar could not have been off by 
22 minutes and why would he be? 

Why he would be is easy. The records of Ichilov Hospital show Rabin arriving at 9:52. The ride from City Hall, where he was supposedly shot, to Ichilov should have been just one minute. In 1997, a crew from NBC-Extra filmed the same route in mid-day traffic and it took them barely two minutes to arrive at the hospital entrance. If Rabin was shot at 9:30, then it took his limousine 22 minutes to drive to Ichilov and that would require a lot of explaining. 

Finally, let the explanations begin! A daunted researcher has sent the last word on the time of Amir's arrest. I once published his name and he didn't like it, but one day he will earn his place on the honor roll of Rabin truthseekers, if only for Attachment Two. 

Open the attachment and voila, a picture of Amir under arrest appears.. Now look at the closeup of the policeman's watch: 9:30! 

All the detractors can claim now is that maybe the policeman set his watch back 22 minutes. It's over at long last. Amir WAS arrested at 9:30. Since Shamgar bald-faced lied about the murder time, isn't it about time someone else provided a darn good reason why it took Rabin's driver 22 minutes to drive 600 meters to Ichilov Hospital? 

Did Avishai Raviv Give Amir The Gun With The Blanks? 

Yigal Amir shot at Rabin with a 9mm Baretta handgun. Shortly after Rabin's murder, not a few astute observors remembered that his buddy Avishai Raviv was once photographed holding a 9mm Baretta in the air. After Raviv was exposed as a Shabak agent provocateur, a claim made the rounds that a closeup of Raviv's gun reveals the serial number of Amir's Baretta. 

Open Attachment Three to find out. What you see is even more outstanding. Before the photo was released to the media, someone had carefully blackened out the serial number. Now who would have been so thoughtful, and why? 

Since the Shabak was running the Raviv publicity campaign, they did the blotting out of the number. To go to this trouble, somebody had to have known that in the near future, Raviv would give this gun, rigged with blanks and an ejector, to some patsy for a fake murder attempt on the prime minister. 

Recall that one minute after Amir shot, forty minutes before Amir was identified for the first time by the media, Raviv used his beeper service to inform 38 reporters that, "We missed this time. Next time we'll kill Rabin." A minute later, Amir Gilat from Maariv called Raviv to ask what he meant and Raviv gave Yigal Amir's details to the reporter. How did Raviv know Amir shot at Rabin forty minutes before the rest of the country? Why did he think he missed? 

Unless you can find a better explanation why his gun's serial number was blackened out, Raviv knew Amir was the shooter because he gave him the gun rigged with blanks. 


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