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Personal Stories of Healing: Healing Multiple Myeloma with Spirulina

From Well Being Journal Vol. 8, No. 2 ~ March/April 1999

by David Schrieber 

When I was sixty-five, I went to the Island of Oahu and had a routine physical exam and blood test at the VA Hospital in Honolulu. A few days later, the doctor called me at my home in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. He said something seemed wrong with my blood. He was sending the sample to the military hospital (the Tripler Army Hospital and Medical Center). I became scared.

After that, my doctors sent me for more tests, at the oncology department blood lab. They took ten blood samples during three days of tests, including bone scans. These tests were sent to the mainland for analysis and profiles on blood plasma cells. They found too many antibodies and too much protein in the blood. The tests, the doctor said, meant that I had multiple myeloma. He said, “I've got bad news. This is cancer of the blood—and there is no cure for it. You will be dead in four months.”

I not only felt rotten by this time because of the diagnosis, I just felt rotten in my body. I looked like a scarecrow. I had lost lots of weight. I often felt like keeling over when I was standing. I had no energy. During this time, I had to go to Honolulu every month for analysis and treatment. I did that for about a year.

The doctor had not started me on chemotherapy in the first few months. I had heard of wheatgrass and the effects its high chlorophyll content had on the blood. (Ed.: The chlorophyll molecule of wheatgrass juice is very similar to the hemoglobin molecule of human blood.) I started taking wheatgrass juice soon after my diagnosis. I drank at least two eight-ounce glasses a day for almost a year. I even grew the wheatgrass myself.

Tests showed that my health condition sort of maintained itself during the wheatgrass time, but I still felt rotten. I prayed the Bah'ai healing prayer everyday. My tests involved bone lesions and nuclear isotope bone scans, and all during the later six months, the doctor kept testing my blood and weight. The protein levels and antibodies had stabilized, and the myeloma was not progressing. And I wasn't dead.

The doc said I didn't need any chemo at that time. By then, I had given up on the wheatgrass, and for three months had been taking spirulina. I started taking six tablets a day, but that didn't seem right, so I took ten per day. Ten made me feel stronger and less nervous, and I began to feel more relaxed. I was physically stronger.

I think the spirulina was working because of its whole food aspects: the vitamin B complex, the proteins, the essential amino acids, and the chlorophyll. The rotten feeling I had in my body never came back after I started taking spirulina. I started gaining weight back. Now I even have a bit of a pot belly, and I've gained weight on my chest. I weigh more now than I did when I was healthy, before the myeloma set in. I feel like a twenty-five year old, and I am seventy.

I think spirulina cures and prevents cancer. It is a wonderful supplement for anything. Chlorophyll helps clean out the arteries, and spirulina is very high in chlorophyll. It is grown in such intense sun. I felt so good about spirulina that when a friend of ours for over twenty years began to have constant pain, I had to tell her about it.

This friend is eighty years old, the wife of a probate judge. She began to have constant pain in all her muscles and she couldn't sleep. She saw four different doctors, but they could not figure it out. Each time we saw her, she was worse. I told her she should take spirulina, and about my story of taking ten tablets a day. She started taking the dosage.

In one month, she gained ten pounds. I asked her how she felt, and she said she felt young again. She no longer sat with her arms folded up or walked hunched over. Her husband started taking the spirulina, and he feels much better, too. I feel the spirulina saved her from a lot of pain and made the quality of her life better.

One more health benefit occurred to me from spirulina. For ten years, I had been going to the Vitreoretinal Foundation in Tennessee for my eyes. I had a cataract removed ten years ago, and I had a retinal tear and laser treatment. Then three years ago, I had a diagnosis of macular degeneration. I would see telephone poles with a crook in them. My center vision was faded. I had tunnel vision. The doctors said it could not be stopped; there is no cure.

During the time I had been taking the spirulina, and three years after the diagnosis, I had my eyes reexamined for a determination of the health of the retinal cells. The doctor looked them over and then he said, “Amazing! Your retina is not worse. Amazing. In fact, it's better.” I can now see poles with no center vision problems. I attribute the regeneration of my macular cells to the spirulina.

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