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People Are Responding

We have finalized the draft of the Ad we wish to publish soon in the nationwide edition of USA Today to
publicly announce our historic class action lawsuit.

The Ad is a short, somber, non-political message that will reach and hopefully capture the attention of millions of People who are concerned about the direction America is heading at home and abroad, and who agree that the government is required to answer the People's Petitions regarding its unconstitutional behaviors.

Hopefully, the Ad will be seen and acted upon by the many People outside our immediate circle of supporters who have openly expressed their strong objections to the undeclared war in Iraq and the freedom-eroding USA Patriot Act. 

Hopefully, the Ad will also be embraced by all those concerned about the federal government's debt and tax policies - i.e., the unconstitutional $43 Trillion national debt, out-of-control congressional spending, and fraudulent income tax system.  

Hopefully, many Americans will soon be drawn to our web site by the Ad, will read the Petitions for Redress,
and will join and actively support the upcoming class action lawsuit. Our success will ultimately be determined by People acting "by the numbers."  

USA TODAY has approved the text of the Ad, which will cost us $68,238. 

In the three days since posting the draft Ad and calling for help, we have received more than $4,000. 

The Ad and the filing of the class-action lawsuit will be the beginning of what will undoubtedly become a protracted, hard-fought and costly campaign to restore the Constitution.  

We have the only Constitutional Republic and system of government on Earth that cherishes and honors
human freedom---and we will have to fight to keep it.  Each of us must know what America is worth.  

We urge everyone to consider making a significant donation to the Foundation. 

Do it because you care about America.
Do it because it is your Right.
Do it because we must--before it is too late. 

Our secure, on-line system supports one-time, monthly and twice-monthly e-donations. We support all major credit cards and can process donations from your checking account and PayPal as well.  Our subscription-type donations can be stopped or changed by you at anytime either on-line or by request to our office.  We can also process any form of donation, including cash and money orders, etc. via mail. Our mailing address is:  WTP, 2458 Ridge Road, Queensbury, NY 12804.  All donations to the WTP Foundation are tax deductible.  

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