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An Open Letter To The People Of Alabama & All Americans:

We The People Must Not Let That Happen. 

Churches and their symbols do not belong in our courthouses and statehouses--but God belongs there. 

225 years ago, The United States of America was conceived in faith and rocked in the cradle of liberty by God's guiding hand.  It was their strong faith in the Creator, and their humble reliance on Divine Providence, that gave our Founders the wisdom and courage to create the magnificent experiment in human freedom called America.  The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States expressly recognize God as the source of our unalienable rights, personal freedoms and system of laws in America. 

The First Amendment clearly states: "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof".  So, by what authority does the federal government or courts presume to dictate to the People of Alabama, or any other sovereign state, that they may not recognize God as the supreme authority in their courts and institutions of civil government?  

Sectarian religious institutions and church denominations are the creations of men.  But the Ten Commandments is God's gift to man, and it serves as the cornerstone of our system of laws in America.  If that cornerstone is removed, our legal system in America will collapse.  No longer will our concepts of truth and justice derive from God's law, but from the flawed reasoning of imperfect men in black robes. 

We cannot remove God from our statehouses and courthouses without discarding our Declaration of Independence and our Constitutions. Is this what Morris Dees wants?  If so, Morris Dees, and all those who share his arrogant disregard for our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, are enemies of our nation and the principles of faith and freedom upon which America was founded.  

In America, the federal courts do not have the lawful authority to separate God from the State (government).  

In America, the State (at all levels), the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution are inextricably connected and mutually dependent. 

In America, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were inspired by, and will forever be connected to, nature's God.    

Therefore, in America, sectarian religious institutions and church denominations are separate from the State, but God and the State are inextricably connected and can never be lawfully separated. 

In simple terms, our Founding Fathers and Original Documents recognized God as the author of our freedom, and the ultimate source of our laws in America.  No politician, government bureaucrat, or judge can override the essential truth of who we are as Americans---One Nation Under God. 

Please consider the following questions: 

Do you believe the Declaration of Independence is a fundamental building block in our constitutional system of government? 

Do you believe the People have unalienable Rights endowed to them by God, the Creator?

Do you believe our civil government, with our statehouses and courthouses, was established by the People to secure and protect those God-given unalienable Rights?  

Do you believe God is therefore an integral part of our civil government? 

Do you believe the Ten Commandments, like our unalienable Rights, come from God? 

Do you believe that no single sectarian religious institution or church denomination can lay exclusive claim to the Ten Commandments, and/or the enduring principles of Divine law embodied therein? 

As Americans, we must decide if we will accept the flawed reasoning of arrogant, corrupt judges, and evil men like Morris Dees, or if we will defend at all costs the enduring principles of faith, love of country, truth and justice that were granted to us by God's grace alone. 

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