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For almost a decade, Bob Schulz, the founder of the We The People organization, has been leading a nationwide program aimed at holding the federal Government accountable to the Constitution, with particular emphasis upon the Government’s violation of the war powers, tax, money and privacy clauses. The organization’s program rests on the individual’s Right to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances – an unalienable Right guaranteed by the last ten words of the First Amendment. 

Amazingly, no court has ever declared the meaning of those ten words. However, by reviewing the historical annals of America, the original intent of the Founders is crystal clear: If Government violates the Constitution and the People Petition for Redress, the Government is obligated to respond. A Government that ignores the People is unfit to be the ruler of a Free People, who may (as our Founders expressly proclaimed) withdraw their support from the Government until their Grievances are Redressed.

Naturally, in claiming, exercising and promoting the Right of Redress, Bob and the organization have exercised their derivative Rights -- Free Speech, Free Press and Free Association.

However, rather than be held accountable to the Constitution by responding to the Petitions for Redress, the Government has attacked Bob and the organization in federal court, asking the Court to put a stop to the Petition process by preventing us from freely disseminating  information which is highly damaging to the Government.

In a stunning development, the Judiciary has been found wanting, refusing to even discuss the meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment, much less apply them to the facts of the WTP case. Instead, the Judicial Branch is openly cooperating with the Executive Branch in a collective decision to deny us our constitutionally guaranteed Rights.

We urge everyone to read the Decision and Order by the District Court and the key pleadings before the Court of Appeals (below), read about our activities that the Government is trying to censor and shut down, study the facts, and judge for yourself if the Court has even considered our constitutional arguments -- much less fulfilled their duty as the Judiciary to apply them to the facts of this case. Decide for yourself who is really committing crimes against the People.

Make no mistake. Bob and the WTP organization are in a pitched legal battle against the Government. At stake is nothing less than the People’s Creator-endowed Right to hold the Government accountable to the Constitution versus the Government’s (alleged) “right” to do whatever it wants, so long as no more than half the voting public objects.

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