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October 19, 2000--Gaithersburg, MD (Reuters)--An ingredient in dozens of cold remedies and weight-loss drugs is linked to a higher risk of strokes, an advisory panel said on Thursday in a move that could lead to a ban on the chemical in over-the-counter drug products. The ingredient, phenylpropanolamine (PPA), appears in products used by millions of Americans, including Dexatrim and Acutrim for weight loss and cough and cold medicines such as Dimetapp. . . .

The FDA estimated that pulling PPA products from the market could prevent between 200 and 500 hemorrhagic strokes, a type of bleeding on the brain, each year among people age 18 to 49. U.S. consumers bought about 6 billion doses of PPA last year.

The FDA analysis was based on a study by the Yale School of Medicine. . . . [A drug] industry group, however, vigorously attacked the findings. . . .

The FDA has been concerned about PPA since 1982 when it first received reports that the ingredient might raise blood pressure. . . . Other products that contain PPA include some forms of Alka-Seltzer Plus, Comtrex, Contac, Coricidin, Tavist-D and Triaminic."

SOURCE: FDA, The full story can be found at:

Set Point Body Weight Evaluating metabolic rates with weight loss

Weight loss experts have always recognized that losing excess pounds from the human body is very difficult. Indeed, as many as 95% of dieters gain back unwanted weight - getting caught in endless cycles of yo-yo dieting. These disappointing results have led researchers to conclude that the human body may have a genetically determined set-point weight that is controlled by metabolic hormones and fat cell enzymes.

The set-point theory essentially argues that an individual's metabolism will adjust itself to maintain a weight at which it is comfortable. Many studies have sought to evaluate if the set point can be altered, and some have gone as far as clinically monitoring the caloric intake and exercise of candidates - only to find that most overweight individuals cannot lose weight permanently.

A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition followed 24 overweight women for a four year period to evaluate metabolic changes after dieting. Metabolic rates decreased in the women when put on low-calorie diet. After losing an average of 30 pounds, the candidates stopped dieting only to see their metabolic rate increase - comparable to that of women who were never overweight. On average, the women returned to their initial overweight level by the four year follow-up evaluation; however, variations in their resting metabolic rate did not predict the amount of weight they regained.

Lead Author Dr. Roland Weinsier from the University of Alabama stated that, "Confusion arises from the fact that our metabolic rate falls when we cut back on calories. This is nature's way of preventing starvation. But our results show that, after you lose weight and stop restricting calories, your metabolic rate returns to normal. Therefore, factors other than an abnormal metabolic rate must be responsible for the weight regain tendency."

Despite the authors' conclusions, the weight loss candidates in the study gained back all lost weight. The true reason for the weight gain, according to the authors, was more likely due to the fact that calorie restriction was not maintained. In other words, failure to lose weight permanently is not due to a shift in metabolism - but an inability to continue on a well-designed weight loss program.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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Proof That Meditation Can Prevent Heart Disease

A high level of free-radicals in the bloodstream is what makes arteries start to clog, causing heart disease. Free-radicals oxidize the fats that float in the blood, and those oxidized fats (also called lipid peroxides) injure blood vessel walls. In a study in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, researchers looked at 41 men and women with an average age of 67. Eighteen of them had been meditating regularly for an average of 16.5 years, using a technique called Transcendental Meditation, or TM. The rest had never explored any kind of stress-reduction techniques. The subjects who meditated had significantly lower lipid peroxide levels than those who hadn't.

Comment: There are many types of meditation and they all work. Some are based on the visual sense, the auditory sense, or the kinesthetic or physical sense. They will also be directed either internally or externally, and may also be more right brain or left brain. The ones that work are the ones you do. If you would like some general exercises in meditation e-mail me separately and I will send you one.


by: Boyd E. Graves, J.D.

If you are truly interested in stopping AIDS, you can only satisfy the issue for yourself with truth and fact. Do yourself a favor and take a visit to the main library. Go to the fourth floor and ask to see, "Progress Report #14" (1977) of the Special Virus program of the United States. The main library also will provide a print out of the incomplete references to this secret virus program maintained in the public library system of the United States of America. For the record, there are only eight.

I found an "Oz"-like "curtain" completely surrounding the true origin of AIDS. They have been secretly developing AIDS for the entire 20th century. Over the last eight years, I have ventured beyond the curtain. In progress report #14 (1977), you will find two very compelling pieces of the origin of AIDS. First, the report shows the AIDS virus was developed with full cooperation of the "international community". African nation leaders (?) were told by Henry Kissinger, that the 'United States would not do anything to the African people that it would not do to it's own citizens. What the African leaders (?) did not know, was that the United States had already decided at a conference in 1973, that the homosexual community would initially be "targeted" in the United States. The epidemiology supports an explosion of a killer virus in Manhattan, "simultaneous" with Africa. The United States in cooperation with others made 15,000 gallons of AIDS. Ultimately the good people of all races will want modern day accountability of the whereabouts of this voluminous amount of a federal virus. The program's flowchart proves to an absolute certainty the U.S.'s "logic" for "large-scale production" of a federal virus that would "contagiously infect" (mycoplasma), in essence, create a new cancer, that selectively kills. Additionally, the flowchart coordinates over 20,000 scientific papers covering 1962-1978.

I do not find it refreshing that homosexuals were selected first. That somehow, somewhere on a federal chart of hate, it was gays first and Blacks second in the United States. It gave us a "stone- throwing synergy" when only White homosexuals were dying. Now it is Black women who are the fastest growing group. There is no way for a White gay disease to transform itself into a health problem for Black women. You people will believe anything.

Wake up, and know that you can breathe on the other side of the curtain in your individual quest for truth and fact. Please wake up from a seemingly "comatose" mentality. They are (simply) appeasing you with entertainment (sport, music/movies, religion), while at the same time, we are dying at a rate of 200 people an hour Now with the completion of the racist, Human Genome project. It may already be too late. The next mycoplasma virus will clearly be a "quicker death". It is the cruelest of punishments for a democratic nation state to selectively and secretly plot to kill its citizens.

It is clear that it will only be a matter of time before the good people of the world demand accountability. Remember, Nixon believed by the year 2000 that enough Blacks might have been killed in which to remedy the "urgent" need to stabilize certain populations.

Second, even more absolute than the international agreements to "cull Africa", the progress report reveals that at a March 8, 1977 conference, they decided on the "specific terminology " of the gene order of AIDS. Specifically, only since 1984, has the world been referring to the HIV structure as having the following parts, inter alia; a "gag", a "pol" and an "env". Those are the exact designations agreed upon at the '77 conference. There is absolute certainty that AIDS was bioengineered, as is best evidenced by the program's blueprint.

The 1978 National Security Council Memorandum (#46) proves the United States "targeted" Blacks as well, both in Africa and the United States. However, Congress is powerless to do anything, because Nixon made it "official" U.S. policy on March 16, 1970. Therefore our representative's silence (Tubbs Jones) is paid for with her casual indigestion from overeating from the public trough.

Type in (exactly): on the internet or contact my publisher at 1-888-842- 6419 (Zygote Press) there are many more truths to be shared with respect to the true origin of AIDS. It is our groundswell of demand for accountability that will carry this issue. We have the proof of a secret federal virus that appears to mirror the peculiar epidemiology of AIDS. It is the eleventh hour for humanity. Wake up, get up and get involved to ensure a future for the Black population. We have come to far to regress or be quietly wiped out.

About The Author: Boyd Ed Graves, J.D. is the lead plaintiff for an AIDS apology. He is in his second year as an international medical research director and is celebrating his 25th anniversary from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. His first book: "State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS" will help lead us into the 21st Century. Additional information is available on-line at or by contacting Zygote Press at 888-842-6419.

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Comment: What can I say, I have been saying this on my radio show for years. Pretty scary.



(Cleveland, OH) On election day and after eight months of silence, the Sixth Circuit court upheld the lower courts ruling, citing the landmark AIDS bioengineering case, Graves vs. The President of The United States, is 'frivolous.' The complaint originally filed by Boyd Ed Graves J.D. September 28, 1998 sought reparations charging the United States government with the "creation," "production," and "proliferation" of the AIDS virus. Graves' eight years of research into AIDS origins resulted in shocking conclusions verifiable by over 20,000 coordinated laboratory contracts of a top secret research program titled "Special Virus." The program's goal was to identify "candidate viruses" and "control" human cancer and began as early as 1957.

In the days preceding the election, plaintiff Graves publicly criticized the court for not taking immediate action and intentionally postponing the decision until after the presidential election. "The fact the government ruled this issue 'frivolous' on election day serves to clear the office of the president from responsibility and accountability," said Graves following the decision.

Graves is demanding accountability for the "Special Virus" program after his rediscovery the program's Research Logic Flow Chart. The flow chart details the research logic required to develop a new immunosuppressing "candidate virus" for which "no known cure exists."

"The flowchart coordinates over 20,000 scientific experiments", says Graves. The program is a comprehensive collection of experiments including immunosuppression experiments performed on African green monkeys and human tissues in 1961. The twenty year "Special Virus" program's scientists include such famous HIV/AIDS doctors as Dr. Robert Gallo, patent owner and 'codiscoverer' of HIV/AIDS.

Graves says the court's order did not take into account the direct evidence on the docket, and failed to consider the amendments to his original case filed in 1998. "The order is unconstitutional," said Graves. Graves plans to file a motion of reconsideration next week. "200 Africans die every hour from a mysterious virus exhaustively documented within the pages of the "Special Virus" program. The issue of AIDS bioengineering is not frivolous"

Graves will appear November 20, 2000 on the Stan Solomon Show

3 PM Eastern time to address the Sixth Circuit's election day order. Graves' new book, "State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS" is a collection of these historic court documents and the direct evidence now available for on-line download at advance orders for printed books available through Graves' publisher, Zygote Press 888-842-6419.

Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.

"State Origin" Publisher
Zygote Press
PO Box 332
Abilene, KS 67410

*Please forward to appropriate lists and interested persons.

This is what I read on my radio show, many of you have asked for a copy. Hope you don't mind the politics.

Crash Course in Middle East History

Nationhood and Jerusalem

Israel became a nation in 1312 B.C.E., two thousand years before the rise of Islam. Arab refugees in Israel began identifying themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, two decades after the establishment of the modern State of Israel.

Since the Jewish conquest in 1272 B.C.E. the Jews have had dominion over the land for one thousand years with a continuous presence in the land for the past 3,300 years. The only Arab dominion since the conquest in 635 C.E. lasted no more than 22 years.

For over 3,300 years, Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital, Jerusalem has never been the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Even when the Jordanians occupied Jerusalem, they never sought to make it their capital, and Arab leaders did not come to visit.

Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in Tanach, the Jewish Holy Scriptures. Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Koran.

King David founded the city of Jerusalem. Mohammed never came to Jerusalem.

Jews pray facing Jerusalem. Muslims pray with their backs toward Jerusalem.

Arab and Jewish Refugees

In 1948 the Arab refugees were encouraged to leave Israel by Arab leaders promising to purge the land of Jews. Sixty-eight percent left without ever seeing an Israeli soldier. The Jewish refugees were forced to flee from Arab lands due to Arab brutality, persecution and pogroms.

The number of Arab refugees who left Israel in 1948 is estimated to be around 630,000. The number of Jewish refugees from Arab lands is estimated to be the same.

Arab refugees were intentionally not absorbed or integrated into the Arab lands to which they fled, despite the vast Arab territory. Out of the 100,000,000 total refugees throughout the world since World War II, theirs is the only refugee group in the world that has never been absorbed or integrated into their own peoples' lands. Jewish refugees were completely absorbed into Israel, a country no larger than the state of New Jersey.

The Arab - Israeli Conflict

The Arabs are represented by eight separate nations, not including the Palestinians. There is only one Jewish nation.

The Arab nations initiated all five wars and lost. Israel defended itself each time and won.

The P.L.O.'s Charter still calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. Israel has given the Palestinians most of the West Bank land, autonomy under the Palestinian Authority, and has supplied them with weapons.

Under Jordanian rule, Jewish holy sites were desecrated and the Jews were denied access to places of worship. Under Israeli rule, all Muslim and Christian sites have been preserved and made accessible to people of all faiths. The U.N. Record on Israel and the Arabs Of the 175 Security Council resolutions passed before 1990, 97 were directed against Israel.

The United Nations

Of the 690 General Assembly resolutions voted on before 1990, 429 were directed against Israel.

The U.N was silent while 58 Jerusalem Synagogues were destroyed by the Jordanians.

The U.N. was silent while the Jordanians systematically desecrated the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives.

The U.N. was silent while the Jordanians enforced an apartheid-like policy of preventing Jews from visiting the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

Iridology Workshop

1. Throughout the ages, the eyes have been known as the "Windows of the Soul" and for over one hundred years researchers have studied the links between your health and the patterns, colors, and textures of the Iris.

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4. This class will explain why some people always stay healthy in spite of their indiscretions, while others who try to take care of themselves are always sick.

5. This workshop will teach how to interpret the different markings in the iris of the eye that provide the key to unlocking the mysteries of our physical body.

6. This workshop will help you understand what type of diet to eat, exercises to do, and which supplements to take.

7. This workshop will help you to put your life into proper perspective, help you to create balance in your life, as you put these new ideas into action.

8. Are you living your dreams? Well then take charge of your life and attend the Iridology workshop taught by Master Iridologist Al Garcia and Eliezer Ben-Joseph.

What: Intro To Basic Iris Analysis
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