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By Loretta Godbout

I am writing this to share with you my recovery from rheumatoid arthritis by following a single Edgar Cayce reading (951-1) which was published in There is a River.

In 1959, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I was crippled for the ensuing 8 years. The disease was so severe that my knees were greatly swollen and I was in constant pain. Suggested medical treatments consisted of scraping the bones, using long needles to draw off fluid from the joints, and joint replacement surgery, all of which did not hold promise of a permanent solution.

In my mind, I kept thinking that there had to be help, that the body could be healed and, after eight years, I found myself in a Woolworth's Dime Store in Long Beach, California. I saw a book on a revolving stand entitled, There is a River. I picked it up and then put it back saying to myself, "Loretta, you have books upon books, and you haven't read those you have, you don't need another one." Two weeks later, with the title ringing constantly in my mind, I returned to Woolworth's and bought the book. Once I began reading it, I couldn't put it down and I stayed up all night, eventually finding the case histories published in the back of the book. There was one case of arthritis for a young girl of 18. I read that reading and immediately began making two lists, one for things to do and one for things to buy. I had difficulty finding everything I needed, especially Atomidine, and eventually I found it through Ingram's Pharmacy in Virginia Beach.

I spent one month purifying my blood stream by changing my diet. Every Saturday night became "take care of the body" night and I would take an Epsom Salts Bath using 5 pounds of Epsom Salts in the tub with the water as hot as I could stand. I remained in the tub for 35 minutes. The Epsom Salts Baths would exhaust me, and after I rinsed the Epsom Salts off, I rubbed my body with peanut oil.

I gave up white sugar, white flour, cabbage, and bananas. I had no alcohol or coffee. I ate no red meat or pork. I ate lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken. I drank eight glasses of water daily. I put one drop of atomidine in one-half glass of water one day, two drops the second day, three drops the third day, four drops the fourth day, five drops the fifth day, then no atomidine for 5 days. Then I resumed the Atomidine series; on five days and off five days until I was healed.

The recovery took about eighteen months. I got well in stages. The first milestone was when I was able to sit in my living room with my legs crossed. The second milestone was when I received the thought, "today you can run." I went right out and ran around the block like a child; I was so thrilled to be able to do this. The third milestone occurred at Asilomar when I became aware that it was raining, I reached for the door handle and realized that the toothache in my joints was gone. I said, "It's gone (the arthritis), right down to the deepest cellular level!" Atmospheric changes and rain, all these things would always make my joints ache. Before the healing, I took aspirin throughout the day to ward off the constant pain, and now it was gone. I was thrilled.

I also took regular chiropractic adjustments and had colonic irrigations. Now that I am about 98% free of any kind of arthritis, I can occasionally enjoy a treat such as a cup of coffee and a cookie without any ill effect, but I stick to the diet most of the time.

One of the most mystifying things to me is the response I get when I share my story with people suffering from this painful disease. Here they are looking at me, fully recovered, and they say, "If there was a cure for arthritis, the doctors would know about it." And they don't even try to do what I did. I don't understand that attitude.

It has been over 30 years since my recovery with no recurrence of the disease, and all I did was follow one reading given for an 18 year old girl published in the back of a book. I didn't even know there were other readings or such things as a Circulating File on rheumatoid arthritis. At this time in my life I was an atheist, but something changed in me. When I got well, I realized that this informatiom was real, that it was true, and I thought, "I wonder what else Mr. Cayce said that might be true, too." So I went back to There is a River and re-read the philosophy section and it turned my life around. Now I believe in God and life makes sense to me.

I thank Mr. Cayce every day for my recovery!

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