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All of the injustices that humans commit against cows merit appropriate recognition. From yesterday's comics B.C. comic strip (by Johnny Hart):

"It makes good sense that flys can fly, and bugs can bug you for sure, but the waste from a cow is produced by a cow,
so how come they call it MANure?"

Many people cite compassion to animals as the prime motivator for shifting from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) to a vegetarian lifestyle. Yet, some vegetarians continue to consume milk and dairy products.

One could argue that the dairy industry represents the least compassionate aspect of America's abusive farm industry. Add to a life of bovine slavery a scenario in which one's young are removed at birth,  causing intense emotional distress for both mother and child. Add to a life of stressed and stretched udders such painful conditions as mastitis, hoof warts, displaced abomesums, and a variety of bovine diseases, including continual infections and constant treatment with antibiotics. Tails are cut off (docked), hair on udders are burned off by blow torch (singed), horns are sawed off, all in the name of dairy management.

Every cow ends her life crammed uncomfortably into a transport truck, driving to a painful and torturous end-of-life experience that includes a sharp knife which severs the carotid artery and jugular vein. Many gentle creatures choke to death
in their own blood.

What follows are 19 columns that I have written about life as a dairy cow in America.

Should you be one of those vegetarians who is not yet vegan, let the following inspire you to live a life of harmlessness to all creatures:


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Robert Cohen

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