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A Message To All From Dr. Paul

July 3, 2007

After an airport rally in Arizona recently, a tall black man in an Obama shirt came up to shake my hand.  He said he had stopped to listen, stayed to learn, and now wanted a Ron Paul shirt.  And sure enough, when I saw him again, he was wearing one.

Diversity is much talked about these days, for purposes of government enhancement, but its reality is rare.  However, I've seen it -- everyday, in our campaign.

Young people, middle-aged people, seniors, whites, blacks, Hispanics, new citizens, old-line families, Republicans in suits and ties, hippies, home-schoolers, high-schoolers, homemakers, small business people, workers and capitalists, all united in their love for country and Constitution.

As my great mentor Ludwig von Mises showed, government meddling in the economy creates conflict, as special-interest groups seek to rip us off through big government.  The voluntarism of the free market, on the other hand, brings social cooperation and peace.  That's why this campaign is a showcase for the real unity-in-diversity that is freedom.

Of course, the number of young people continues to thrill me.  When I ask them how they got interested, they usually mention the Constitution.  Old-style permissive parenting held that kids should do as they wanted, but kids want and need rules, and they know that government needs them too.  Thus our Constitution -- the few, good rules for a society of liberty, and for the social and international peace that we all want.

Two other notes:  conservative talkshow host Michael Smerconish told me he has changed his mind on the war, and now agrees with us.  And a Republican county chairman in South Carolina said I am unwelcome in his county because of my position on the war.  He will help all other candidates, but not me.

But just as the Iowa exclusion didn't work -- we had more people, and far more enthusiastic people, than the official event -- so this man will not be successful.

You can help make sure of that, with your generous donation ( to this campaign.  We run on a comparative shoestring, and that has its advantages against the lumbering dinosaur operations of our opponents.  We can be nimble and quick.  But not without your help.  I'd be so grateful for your contribution.

Warmest regards,

Ron Paul

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