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Mastering the Jews; Whose Land? part # 3

The defeat of the Jews by the Muslims (Guillaume) was a formula for Islam's future. Some of the Jews were permitted to retain their land 
-- (until Muslims could replace them). Arabian Jews who survived as subjects of conquest were compelled to pay extortion - a 50% tax for their protection and this became the "basis for later dealings of the same type." [See Lewis, "Arabs" - page 47] 

"Thus the Jewish dhimmi evolved -- the roberty of freedom and political independence compounding onslaughts, expulsions, and pillages from the Arab Muslim conquest onward, the non-Muslim dhimmi --- predominantly Jewish but Christian too -- provided the important source of religious revenue through the `infidel's' head tax...." - Quoted from: Joan Peters - From Time Immemorial" (Feb-2001) - Also see: Robert Spencer, David Pryce-Jones, "Islam Unveiled..." 

"Other Jewish colonies succumbed in much the same way. `Jews were allowed to keep their land on condition that they surrended half the produce to Medina.' But, `the arrangement did not last long...' Virtually all of Klhaibar's and Medina's surviving Jews---along with `all the other Jews and Christians in the peninsula' -- were dispossessed and expelled through the Prophet Muhammad's edict, zealously implemented by his calip Omar." [Peters] 

There was at once a transfer of wealth and an expulsion of Jews and many areas became Judenrein - (later attempted by the non-Muslim antisemites in Europe and the Nazis in Germany as had been the custom in the long, dark history of Jewish-Christian relationships - and now repeated by the followers of the Prophet Muhammad...). 

"Much of the wealth of the country which had been concentrated in the hands of the Jews had now been seized by the Muslims, who were no longer indigent immigrants but wealthy landowners, men of substance, owning camels and horses and their own weapons....Muhammad's fame spread far and wide, and the bedouin flocked to him in thousands." Alfred Guillaume, "Islam" - page 49-50 

Expropriating Wealth and Land of the Jews 

Jews were murdered and those who survived the Muslim massacres were expelled and ironically this is what happened in Medina and the rest of Arabia and what happened in _Palestine_. It has been deja vue for the Jews. The Muslims found in Arabia prosperous, thriving Jewish communities and they defeated and slaughtered many of them and those who survived they inflicted dhimmi restrictions and humiliations on them. When they came to Palestine, which was still to their mind part of Arabia they again slaughtered many of them and those who survived, they inflicted dhimmi restrictions and humiliations on them. In the 
20th century they looted and rioted against them and they tried to destroy the new revived Jewish state. They lost and now they are trying to win with their fabrication of a false history which claims that Palestine was always Arab and Muslim. 

"And the Jews who inhabited many towns of `Palestine' uninterruptedly would one day in the twentieth century be forced out as the Arabian Jews had been---by slaughter or expropriation and terrorizing. The towns would then, in the later twentieth century, be touted as `purely Arab Palestinian areas since time immorial,' just as the Arabian Peninsula had come to be perceived as `purely Arab,' when in fact the holy Arab Muslim city of Medina had been originally settled by Jews." [Peters] 

"The Arabs never created their own name for the land they now claim as their own. Neither was there ever an independent country of Palestine, nor a `Palestinian' rule. The word `Palestine' was given to the land of Judea by the Romans when the Romans conquerors unsuccessfully attempted to purge the land of the `nationalistc,' obstinate Jews." [Peters] 

"The first Arabian use of the word Arab occurs in the anciet southern Arabian from the late pre-Christian and early Christian centuries. In these, Arab means Bedouin, often raider, and is applied to the nomadic as distinct from the sedentary population...For Muhammad and his contemporaries the Arabs were the Bedouin of the desert, and in the Qur'an the term is used exclusively in this sense and never of the townsfok of Mecca, Median and other cities." [Lewis - "Arabs" p 12] 

Joan Peters, who, as a journalist, set out to prove the Palestinian cause, in her research determined that the Muslim version of the Israeli-Arab conflict was false, correctly points out in her expose that Muhammad's new religion was attractive to Beduoin Arabs because it was a religion of plunder. "The Prophet Muhammad, Arabian creator of Islam, had quickly determined that, to gain followers, plunder must be bountiful." This does not sound like a religion of peace, nor is it. It is a religion of conquest, and the sword, and a history that relies mostly on fabrications and lies, just like the Hudna (the truce) as a ploy to gain advantage from one's adversaries. 

Philip Hitti in "The Arabs, A Short History", Princeton - (1943), writes it wasn't fanaticism that drove the Arabs. It is often blamed on religious fanaticism but how much of it is as Hitti claims all about the booty? How many of these bedouins were really still pegans and were as they has always done, just chasing the booty? U.S. involvement in the Middle East has been about the booty. Colonial imperialism of Britain, Russia, France has been about the booty. 

"Not fanaticism but economic necessity drove the Bedouin hordes beyond the confines of their arid abode to the fair lands of the north ... Far from being entirely the result of deliberate and cool calculation, the campaigns seem to have started as raids to provide new outlets for the warring spirit of the tribes now forgidden to engage in fratricidal combats, the objective in most cases being booty and not the gaining of a permanent foothold." [Hitti] 

Jewish Revival 

"The establishment of Israel in 1948 was seen by the Arabs as an unacceptable provocation which goaded them to acts of vengeance against domestic Jewish populations. The spoliation of Jewish communities, as in Egypt, and the persecution they underwent, as in the form of pogroms in Aden and Libya, forced Jews to flee for their lives. The Arab countries gave free reign to their impulse to punish the rebellious Jews though Israel strengthened by the infusion of more and more Jewish energies into the state-building process. But the long legacy of Jewish humiliation under Muslim rule would not be forgotten, or perhaps forgiven." [Nisan - "The Forgotten Millions.."] 

A Jewish State Just a backwater province 

Prior to the mandate to establish a Palestinian state and a Jewish state, which was rejected by the Arabs who would have become Palestinians in a State of Palestine; the area (called "Palestine") was a "backwater province of the Turkish Empire" [See Arieh Avneri, "The Claim of Dispossession", 2002, Transaction Books] 

As pointed out by Avneri, "the first real stimulus to economic development came from Zionist settlement." This was the catalyst for Arab immigration to the region. These are the same Arabs who wanted to push the `Jews into the sea'. These same Arabs are now perpetrating acts of terrorism against Israel. 

"Palestine attracted not only Jews who came because of national motivation, but also Arab immigrants from neighboring countries who hoped to find easier ways to earn a living than prevailed in the their native lands.... During the Second World War there was a severe labor shortage in the country. Thousands of Arabs infiltrated from the adjacent lands and found work." [Avneri] 

Previously the population of the area remained sparse from the time of the Roman conquest. The region was laid waste by repeated conquests. All that changed with Zionist interest in reestablishing the Jewish national homeland. Previously the area was just a backwater, arid, and sparsely inhabited province of the Turkish Empire. 

"Ever since the Roman conquest the country was not ruled by its inhabitants. Foreign conquerors came one after another, and each left destruction in its wake. the crusades and conquests by the Arabs, the Mamelukes and the Mongols turned the land into a desolate waste." [Avneri] 

Jews turned this desolate wasteland into a beautiful country with established industry and great economic potential and Arabs have discovered a specific Palestinian nationalism which did not exist before. And since the creation of nation-states, perhaps that is the way these feelings of great attachment and "nationalism" becomes established ideology for some of them? Some of them still envision a pan-Arabia from sea to sea. Any feeling now which might be translated into a vision of Palestinian nationalism is very recent but for the Jews there was no need to create a spirit or feeling for revival 
(Aliyah). That sense of attachment to place was always there. 

Jews were often prevented from going home. 

"The Romans, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Crusaders, and British all took their turn at preventing Jews from returning to their rightful homeland. Even if the gates to the country were porous in the sense that individuals and small groups of Jews could arrive in the Holy Land, any thought of mass Jewish immigration was officially blocked." - Berel Wein, (05-09-2003) - Jerusalem Post 

"The British had promised to help establish a national Jewish homeland in 1917, when they were not yet the gatekeepers here. By 1923, when they were the Mandatory rulers of the country, they began a purposeful policy of curtailing Jewish immigration. They continued this policy through all the Hitler years and the immediate postwar period." [Wein] 

The Zionist ideal increased proportionately with the increase in antisemitism in the 19th century. 

"Faith in the goodness of human nature and the virtue of the nations of the world had been significantly eroded...."[Anita Shapira, "Land and Power.." (92) Standford University Press] "There is a very evident and essential link between the failure of progress to solve the Jewish problem in the foreseeable future, athe emergence of modern antisemitism, and the birth of the Zionist idea. [Shapira] 

Jews who were expelled from Arab land before emigrating to Israel have reason to distrust Arabs. Many Israeli _Arabs_ are openly supportive of the Palestinian cause and Jews in Israel are disappointed and have reacted by becoming more hawkish and distrustful of their Arab neighbors. It is hard to have any kind of faith in getting along with a neighbor who supports those same people who murder Jewish babies. 

"By faith, by language, by race and by social organization, they 
(Palestinians) are indistinguishable from their fellows of the host countries. Most Arabs are indistinguishable from their fellows because nationhood as we understand it did not exist before the nation states were created for them in that region of the world." Hugh Fitzgerald, "Outpost" (issue 149 - Nov 11, 2002, "Keeping All Options" 

"Elsewhere in the world, expulsions of hostile populations -- sometimes in the context of war, or independence, sometimes in their aftermath -- have been the rule, not the exception. Post-Ottoman Turkey, in the 1920s, expelled several million Pontic Greeks from Turkish land; hundreds of thousands of Muslim Turks were expelled by Greece and repatriated to Turkey. Tens of millions of Muslims fled India in 1947 for the Muslim state of Pakistan, and tens of millions of Hindus fled what was to become Pakistan for predominantly Hindu India. In the recent past, Greeks and Turks on Cyprus have separated themselves into discrete populations on either side of a dividing line." [Fitzgerald] 

"In the Middle East, expulsion of a population deemed dangerous, or otherwise unwelcome, has been common. Indeed, the Ur-Expulsion in the Middle East was that conducted by the very early Muslim ruler, successor to the Abu Bakr who succeeded Muhammed, the celebrated 'Umar 
('Umar bin al-Khattab). In his study The Succession to Muhammed, Wilfred Madelung notes that "the relatively large Christian and Jewish communities in Najran and Khaybar were summarily expelled by 'Umar to the conquered territories." (p. 74). Such forced movements of population have been common since in the Middle East and North Africa, as the conquering Arabs moved about, or prohibited movement, not only to communities of Christians and Jews, but frequently to non-Arab Muslims as well." [Fitzgerald] 

When Iraq was carved into a nation state by the British in the 30s they proceeded to expel and kill Christian Assyrians. Kurds have also been expelled and in the 50s in Egypt during the riots the Greeks, Armenians and Italians had property seized and they were forced out. 

"In Libya, the mercurial Qaddaffi has on more than one occasion expelled fellow-Arabs, mostly Egyptian and "Palestinian" Arabs, in the tens of thousands, and also recently expelled tens of thousands of black Africans (this expulsion was accompanied by the public lynching of black Africans, including one diplomat, by Libyan Arabs -- an event that went strangely unremarked in the Western press). Saudi Arabia expelled more than 1 million Yemeni Arab workers overnight, claiming to fear an internal threat of subversion. Morocco and Algeria, in their proxy war over the Polisario movement, expelled each other's nationals. The most recent mass expulsion in the Middle East took place in 1991, when overnight 400,000 `Palestinian' Arabs were forced out of Kuwait, because of their collaboration with the Iraqi invaders." [Fitzgerald] 

"A multiplicity of ethnic minorities populate the Middle East, alongside the predominant Arab, Turkish and Persian majority peoples. The Kurds are dispersed across Turkey, Iraq and Iran in particular, maintaining their own language, native culture and territorial mountain habitat, but without political independence. The twenty million Kurds, while Muslims, are the largest stateless people in the Mideast and the world. They have been he victims of cultural discrimination, brutal deportation adn national oppression. In Turkey the regime has denied them their own identity and in Iraq the regime has violated their right to collective autonomous existence." [Professor Nisan - "Forgotten Millions"] 

"The Berbers of North Africa, about one-third of Morocco's population and some 20 percent in Algeria, are an ancient non-Arab Muslim community. In Algeria these proud Kabyle ethnics seek the revival and recognition of their Tamazight language, as they struggle against Arabic linguistic homogenization and fundamentalist religious repression. The Alergerian Civil War has pitted Islamic terrorism against Berber communal integrity which is voiced by the Front des Forces Socialistes and the Rally for Culture and Democracy. Particularlism contends courageously in the face of the monolithic pretensions of Arabo-Islamic forces." [Nisan] 

So why are their refugee problems different from the Palestinian refugee problem? Because of the politics of the Middle East. It is money and it is a scam. As long as the United Nations, and especially the U.S., are willing to pump millions of dollars into UNRWA, the numbers of refugees will continue to swell and the problem will fester. (See Refugee Scam) 

Arabs in the Middle East have millions of dunams of land and hundreds of millions of Arabs and reject a few million Jews on a tiny sliver of land which is less than 1% of the total Arab lands in the Middle East. The "refugee problem" only helps to perpetuate the scam that the land of Israeli also belongs to the Arabs. 

Hank Roth

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