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Times Energy Predominates In Specific

Classical Meridians by Peter Rose FSI

In the books "A Practical Guide to Magnet Therapy" and "Magnetic Healing" and in the short pieces done for newsletters, there are many references to the use of spot magnets as slow release acupuncture.
One aspect of acupuncture that causes the most confusion is the choice of which points to use.
One very simple system for making that choice is the "ouch" test. Press the points with a match stick and where the patient goes "ouch" stick your magnet. This sounds so easy that it must be a joke, but I have seen it work many times.
For those who wish for a more scientific approach there is a need for a considerable amount of knowledge. One aspect of this  will be the complete understanding of the energy pathways flowing through the body. Although the usual charts do not show the :meridians" as joining each other, in fact they do connect and the energy flows in a continuous closed loop.  This "loop" is made up of the classical meridians and the connecting parts (those parts not shown on the usual charts).  Energy exists in all parts of this loop at all times. When we talk of a flow of energy we are referring to relative levels of energy or put another way to variation in the level of energy. 
Following the "wave" of energy variation gives a flow.
These flows and the consequent level of energy  are similar to the flows and variation of the earth energy, in that the seasons and times of day do  have an influence on the level of energy in a specific part of the loop at a
specific time of year and time of day. 

The times at which the energy predominates in each meridian is as follows.
Lung Meridian
3am to 5am   a Yin meridian receives from Liver meridian and passes it to Large intestine
Large Intestine  
5am to 7am  a Yang meridian receives energy from Lung meridian and passes it on to Stomach meridian
Stomach Meridian
7am to 9am a Yang meridian receives energy from Large Intestine meridian and passes it on to Spleen meridian 
Spleen Meridian   
9am to 11am a Yin meridian  receives energy from  Stomach meridian and passes it on to Heart meridian
Heart Meridian 
11am to 1pm  a yin meridian receives energy from spleen meridian and passes it on to Small Intestine meridian
Small Intestine Meridian 
1pm to 3pm a Yang meridian  receives energy from heart meridian and passes it on to Urine Bladder meridian
Urinary Bladder Meridian 
3pm to 5pm a yang meridian receives energy from the Small Intestine meridian and passes it to Kidney meridian
Kidney Meridian  
5pm to 7pm a Yin meridian receives energy from U. Bladder meridian and passes this on to Pericardium ( Heart governor, Heart constrictor) meridian
Pericardium Meridian ( some times called heart governor or Heart constrictor or circulation/sex meridian) 
7pm to 9pm  a Yin meridian receives energy from Kidney meridian and passes it to Triple heater (triple warmer) meridian
Triple Heater Meridian ( some times called triple warmer)
9pm to 11pm  a Yang meridian receives energy from pericardium meridian and passes it to Gall Bladder meridian   Gall Bladder Meridian 
11pm to 1am  a Yang meridian receives energy from Triple heater meridian and passes it to Liver meridian 
Liver Meridian 
1am to 3am a Yin meridian  receives energy from gall bladder meridian and passes it on to Lung meridian

There are several "accepted" extra meridians;   the  two  predominant ones of these are the  Governing vessel which runs up the centre line of the back  and the  Conception vessel which runs up the centre line of the front-- these two form their own "loop"

As well as times per day for predominance, the meridians have seasons of predominance Starting 21st Feb  for 73 days the Liver and Gall bladder meridians are predominant starting 5th May for 73 days the Heart and Small Intestine meridians predominate starting 17th July for 73 days the Spleen and Stomach meridians predominate starting  28th September for 73 days the Lung and Large Intestine meridians predominate starting 10th December for 73 days the Kidney and Bladder meridians predominate.

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