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Letter to Dr. Robert Gallo

September 24, 2002

from Boyd Ed Graves

Dear Bob: If possible I would like to speak with you again. I have a question regarding your 1985 Science article conclusion of the evolutionary relationship between HIV/AIDS and VIsna (Vol 227, pp. 173 - 177).

I also have a question regarding your 1971 isolation of a retrovirus inside the U.S. Special Virus program. I would like to know the name and ethnicity of the five year old boy you isolated the ESP-1 virus. Your 1971 electron microscopy of ESP-1 virus is "identical" to your 1985 electron microscopy of HIV and VISNA, in the above article. Your 1971 photo is located at Nature New Biology, Vol 232, pp. 140 - 142, August 4, 1971.

According to the narrative of the U.S.Special Virus program, ESP-1 virus was purified, continuously produced and supplied to Phizer for use in clinical trials, consistent with all five phases of the 1971 "research logic" flowchart of the federal virus program.

Please give me a call or have Mr. Frager let me know when I can call. Eagerly looking forward to speaking with you again.


Boyd Ed Graves

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