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Landmark Right-to-Petition Case Is Now Before U.S. Court of Appeals

February 28, 2006

Regional Meeting Updates

The People’s Right-to-Petition lawsuit, brought by over 1700 Americans seeking to have the court declare -- for the first time in history -- the meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment, is now before the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, DC.

Last August, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan granted the Government’s motion to dismiss the case, ruling (erroneously) that the government has no constitutional obligation to respond to, or even listen to, the People’s Petitions for Redress of Grievances.

The only questions on appellate review are: Whether the Government is obligated under the First and Ninth Amendments to the Constitution to provide specific, official answers to the questions put forth by The People in their Petitions for Redress of Grievances, and whether The People have a fundamental Right to retain their money, without retaliation, until their Grievances are redressed.

The Department of Justice, representing the Government, has until March 24th to respond to our Brief. We will then have until April 7th to file a Reply Brief. Oral arguments will then be heard by a panel of three judges.

Click here to access The People’s February 22nd, 2006 Appeal and the District Court’s August, 2005 Dismissal of the original lawsuit.

Regional Meeting Updates

Ever-larger crowds continue to extend enthusiastic ovations toward award-winning Hollywood producer Aaron Russo’s new documentary, "America…From Freedom To Fascism."

The film is being advanced screened across the nation during regional meetings sponsored by the WTP Foundation to raise money to fund the Right To Petition Lawsuit and the "Hungering For Redress" events in Washington, DC in April.

The highly successful events, which are free and open to the public, drew nearly 400 people on Feb. 18th in Tampa, and more than 300 people last weekend in Kansas City, Missouri.

The documentary is starting to create a "buzz" and is having a significant impact on People. A consistent refrain coming from people following each screening goes something like this: "I brought by my neighbor (or doctor, accountant, attorney, spouse, co-worker, etc.), who has always been critical of my attitude toward the government and about Freedom issues -- but after watching the film he was not only profoundly remorseful and apologetic about his previous opinions, it was as if a light-bulb went on and he wanted to know what he could do now to help."

Statements such as these attest to the potential power of this movie.
Please bring a "skeptic" with you when you travel to one of these screenings.

Although WTP’s meetings and the advance screenings of "America …" are free and open to the public, the proverbial "hat" is being passed at each meeting for donations.

The Foundation has scheduled each of the meetings on a "wing and a prayer," hoping to expose as many People as possible to the battle for Freedom that many People know nothing about, and what the Foundation is doing to help the People win that battle.

The costs are significant. We are renting commercial theaters. We have purchased digital projection equipment to be used in those theaters that have not yet made that investment. We often need to hire technicians to set up the equipment and perform "tech checks." We have travel and hotel expenses, and significant FedEx and materials costs.

Besides these immediate short-term project related expenses, the Foundation has an outstanding balance due (almost $85,000 remaining from our initial $320,000 commitment) for the legal services of attorney Mark Lane for the Right-to-Petition lawsuit.

Then, there are our own internal funding requirements to continue the development of the WTP organization. Organization, power and money are needed to confront the organization, power and money of the financial and political elite that seek to control America without accountability -- and without the "rulebook" that has served the People well in governing the contest for Freedom in America, but which some elitists now call nothing more than, "a goddamned piece of paper."

For each $100 donation at a regional meeting, the donor will receive: 1) a copy of our new 55 minute DVD with its highlights of our activities in Washington DC on July 19, 2004, at the National Press Club and on our march to the federal Courthouse to file the landmark Right-to-Petition lawsuit; 2) a copy of the package of four CD’s that make up the record of our Truth in Taxation Hearing held in Washington DC in February of 2002; and 3) a duplicate of the "We The People" pin that Bob Schulz has been wearing on his lapel for 20 years.

You can also donate on-line and receive the DVD.

Let us be thankful we still have a choice to reclaim Freedom. Please support our work.

The next regional meeting is Thursday evening (3/2 at 7 p.m.) in Los Angeles (Beverly Hills). Those traveling the greatest distances are urged to arrive early to claim one of the 424 seats.

Two meetings will be held next weekend: Saturday (3/4 at 11 a.m.) in Raleigh, North Carolina and Sunday, (3/5 at 1 p.m.) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Producer Aaron Russo will personally introduce the film at the Los Angeles showing.

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