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Knowing what Antisemitism is

by Hank Roth 

pro-truth,pro-justice,pro-Israel-"neither left nor right" 

The left has been willing to ignore the worse resurgence of antisemitism in Europe since the Holocaust. The left is antisemitic because while it can vote under the banner of anti-racism, and it did vote to defeat Le Pen, it does not condemn the hundreds of antisemitic attacks on Jews in Europe. It opposes prejudice against Arabs but remains quiet when there is prejudice manifested against Jews. 

"On the very day that a suicide-murder bombing in Rishon L'Tsion killed fifteen Israelis and injured 60, the United Nations voted 74 to 4 to condemn (in the language of the U.N. press release) "the assaults by Israeli occupying forces against the Palestinian people, particularly in the Jenin refugee camp." Never mind that Palestinian allegations of a "massacre" in Jenin have been exposed as a lie. On the same day that innocent Israelis in a snooker club, primarily middle-aged women, were assaulted within Israel's 1948 borders, 24 European states abstained when asked whether the Jewish State has the right to defend itself." From: D G Myers <> -- D. G. Myers Department of English Texas A&M University 

"Never mind that the occupation is not illegal, that U.N. Resolutions 242 and 338 give Israel the legal right to remain in the "occupied territories" until the states in the region make a just and lasting peace with Israel. And never mind the sloganeering insinuation that Israel is a mere puppet of the U.S. (If U.S. support makes Israel a puppet state, what do the no-strings-attached millions from the European Union make the Palestinian Authority?) Never mind the facts, in short. What is important here is feeling--the feeling of being on the side of the angels. "I have a weakness for refugees," the left journalist I. F. Stone once wrote, explaining why he had abandoned his support for the Jewish State. In a phrase he summed up the left's feelings." (Myers) 

"The left and the spokesmen for Palestinian terror now speak the same language. It is the language that legitimizes violence against Israelis, because they represent state power, and excuses Palestinian Arab murderers, because they represent a popular resistance (a "seething population"). And if synagogues are burned in France, if Jewish bookstores torched in Belgium, if synagogues desecrated in a London suburb, and if Jews warned not to wear yarmulkes in public in Germany because elderly women have been beaten in a subway station and Orthodox rabbis on the street, then none of this is evidence of a resurgence of antisemitism. It is a "spill-over" from the Palestinian resistance to Israeli power, which earns sympathy and justification from the left." (Myers) 

"There is no antisemitism and no antisemites in Europe. There are only those on the left, who are unable to see their own complicity in antisemitic violence, because they no longer know what antisemitism is." 


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