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Juice Is Powerful Weapon Against Alzheimer’s - Study

Drinking fruit or vegetable juice several times a week could help stave off Alzheimer's disease. This is according to a 9 year study involving nearly 2,000 people.

Participants reported on their consumption of fruit and vegetable juice starting in 1992. Their mental function was tested every 2 years thereafter. The results showed that:

  • For those who drank juice 3 or more times a week, the risk of Alzheimer's was 76% lower
  • The risk was reduced by 16% for those who drank juice once a week

Experts have long thought that antioxidant vitamins had protective benefits against Alzheimer's. According to lead author Professor Qi Dai, these new results suggest that polyphenols - strong antioxidants found in juice, tea and wine – could be the key to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia affect nearly 5.4 million people in Western Europe, including 40,000 in Ireland.
The findings are published in the September issue of the American Journal of Medicine.

Posted Tuesday 5th September 2006

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