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Jews and Arabs; Whose Land? part # 4

It helps to "obliterate from the practical dialogue the history of the Jews as "Palestinian people," and having in fact denied Jewish historical ties to their Holy Land (as in, for example, Article 20 of the PLO Covenant), the Arabs have consistently claimed that in the proposed `secular democratic state in Palestine,' most of the Jews who are now in their homeland of Israel would have to depart, presumably back to their countries of origin--including the little known major component of Arab-born Jews." Joan Peters, "From Time Immemorial", 
(New Edition - 2001) 

There has already been a population exchange of Arabs and Jews and there is no refugee problem. The Arab refugees should go home to the countries where they originally came from or countries which should take them in - at least in equal numbers to the Jews they murdered and expelled. There is no room for them in Israel. Israel absorbed a million Jewish refugees and likewise those who live in refugee camps should be absorbed by the same countries which expelled their Jews and took their property. 

U.S. allies, the Saudis expelled 1 million Yemenis. The U.N. doesn't demand their return. There are double standards, the one which applies to Israel and the Jews and the other one which applies to other people. And some Israelis impose on themselves greater moral inhibitions than they do for anyone else. 

"This whole business of being a `light unto the nations' can be carried to a suicidal extreme; the most persecuted tribe in human history has no obligation to the world to refrain from extricating itself from possibly mortal danger, and certainly need not require the citizens of its state to permanently accept living with people who have made clear they delight in the mass murder of Israeli civilians." Hugh Fitzgerald, "Outpost" (issue 149 - Nov 11, 2002, "Keeping All Options" 

"In public opinion polls, 80% of the "Palestinian" Arabs have expressed their support for suicide-massacres. Many of those 80% might, to some degree, actively help in the commission of such massacres. Israelis are under no obligation to live indefinitely in a state of maximum insecurity, an insecurity far greater than what the Czechs or Poles faced in 1945, or what any of those who have engaged in population transfers or mass expulsions faced -- including Turkey, Greece, India, Pakistan, and a host of other countries (Cambodia, at this very minute, is attempting to expel large numbers of Vietnamese). The fact that many in the "civilized" world have not experienced such threats, and are fed information by unsympathetic-to-Israel media outlets (beginning with the BBC and Agence France-Press, and ending with National Public Radio) is part of the problem. Another is the widespread collapse of training in historical awareness (so the many, and recent, historical parallels ! are unknown); this prevents many outside Israel from making relevant comparisons, and certainly few feel keenly what it must be like to live in Israel today." [Fitzgerald] 

Where some conciliation might have been possible, U.S. interference in the affairs of the Middle East and pressure on Israel to make concessions, it is not willing to make itself has caused greater risk to Israel's survival. Israel can't go it alone but it can't go it alone with friends like this either. The U.S. has a congress which appears much more understanding to Israel's plight than U.S. Presidents, whether democratic or republican. One thing is certain. The Middle East is a powder keg and it is getting ready to explode. The fallout may be difficult for Jews. 

"Once again, Washington was oblivious, even as America's arrogant behavior was helping to strengthen the Islamist cause. U.S. troops were making no move to withdraw from the sacred Arabian soil, despite the much heralded original commitments. U.S. media aggravated the situation. For example, American TV news showed the whole world American soldiers in Saudi Arabia eating bacon--in Muslim eyes, a sacrilege. This both alienated America's closest Muslim allies and tarnished their leaders' Islamic credentials. As Ayatollah Khamenei summed it up, `The American have cheated themselves in this war. Everybody hates them now.'" Yossef Bodansky, "The High Cost of Peace.." (99) 

This also hurts Israel and the Jews since Jews are largely perceived in the Middle East by Arabs as the people who run Washington. 

A Palestinian State Would Not End the Violence 

"World leaders need to understand the simple fact that creating a Palestinian state today would not end the violence. President Mubarak of Egypt admits this in private - as does King Abdullah of Jordan. From their perspective, however, the creation of a weak Palestinian state poses little short-term political threat to the strategic balance of the Arab world and satisfies the increasingly strong pro-Palestinian sentiment of their respective populations....What they do not see is that a failed Palestinian state (for that is what it would eventually be) is as much a danger to their own positions as to Israel." Neill Lochery, director of the Center for Israeli Studies at University College in London 

There have been many proposed solutions. The most popular has been the two state solution because of the animosities which exist between Muslims and Jews. I believe that is even more of a reason not to have a Palestinian state at all. It is Jewish land. The Jews never left. The Muslims came with a sword and are still terrorizing Jews. There is already a Palestinian state and it is Jordan and 99% of the rest of the Middle East. 

"While the West prevaricates with Israel's well-being, and America assists but also admonishes, the forces of Islam persevere in their quest for global hegemonic domination." Mordechai Nissan, Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Hebrew university of Jerusalem in a paper at the International Conference on World Affairs: "A Class of Cultures", given at FAU in Boca Raton, Florida in Jan (14) of 1998 

Arabs have been pursuing their aim to achieve _global_ hegemony, "through international and UN agencies and diplomatic influence, oil wealth and capital purchasing power, media penetration and religious activism, terrorism and demographic expansion" and they have done so very efficiently and with much success. The West has been influenced by them (by erudite American and British educated Arabs) and the West seeks to mollify their Arab oil partners as Professor Nissan points out with "the currency of Israel's minuscule territory." 

The West has been buying "Arab co-operation, that of Egypt and Syria, for example, by pressuring Israel to surrender land to the PLO, thereby solidifying the Arabist inclination and bias in US policy making in the Middle East." 

If Israel and Jerusalem fall, Professor Nissan says, 

"Christianity would be dead as a moral and civilizational force in history." 

And as Bernard Lewis, who wrote: "Cultures in Conflict: Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the Age of Discovery", NY, Oxford, 1995, p79] [(a must read), 

"It may be that Western culture will indeed disappear; the lack of conviction of many of those who should be its defenders and the passionate intensity of its accusers may well join to complete its destruction." 

The "War of Attrition" against the Jews never ended. And a basic trait of the Jews is their feeling of vulnerability in spite of all their positive achievements. And, this psychological reality is the result of 20 centuries of recurring expulsions, of pogroms, of persecution and flight, of forced conversions, of the Inquisition and blood libels. Jews need to remain vigilant more than any other people. Jews need to trust themselves. 

Who can Israel Trust? 

How much can Israel ever trust U.S. administrations, to insure that Israel is not swallowed up in the very dangerous sea of Islamic hatred for the Jewish "infidels?" How much can Israel trust anyone but itself. Washington has always been pivotal when it comes to Israeli security but America has been on again, off again with it's support for Israel and is a bit of a rogue nation itself. America's unpredictability and unilateralism is as American as apple pie. How much can Israel really rely on the "Great White Father" in Washington when it matters? 

"As Native Americans learned from bitter experience, the benevolent posture of the Great White Father in Washington and his treaty promises could be misleading. That perhaps inspired the Lacota Sioux admonition that "what looks true by the glow of the campfire isn't always true in sunlight...It's something we would do well to keep in mind. Our own tribal myth, often repeated around our proverbial collective campfire, persistently portrays various White House residents as our best friends, who sometimes know better than we what is best for us....Take the road map they drew up to lead us to peace. It demands certain Israeli concessions and others from the Palestinian Authority. But, paternally wise, the Americans counsel us not to be bound by specified map blueprints. In order to gain terrorist confidence we need to demand of the PA less than it undertook to give, while Israel must contribute far more than its agreed share." (Sarah Honig - "Is America Really Supportive of Israeli Security?") 

The deal comes down to, Israel releases Palestinian prisoners - even those who tried or did kill Jews which is not in the Road Map. Israel stops erecting a security fence so Palestinians won't have a more difficult time getting into Israel and killing Jews - which is not in the Road Map. Israel must not insist that the new good cop, Prime Minister Abbas (now resigned), dismantle the terrorist organizations - which is not in the Road Map. Israel must show restraint when Jews are murdered by Palestinians - which is not in the Road Map. And Israel should not insist on it's 14 qualifications (objections) it had to the Road Map - because it doesn't matter anyway. 

And after contributing more than is demanded in the Road Map there still won't be peace. 

Honig says it is really exceptional logic that Washington has pressured Israel to release terrorists from prison in spite of that not being a condition of the Road Map in order to, in her words: 

"...Washington pressured Israel to release terrorists that the map didn't require it to release, and to exceed its own egregious goodwill by increasing the numbers and variety of terrorists allowed to return to the crime scene. Thus imposed American map corrections demand more than setting free small fry who didn't quite manage to pull off their dastardly plans; they also seek liberty for homicidal conspirators from Islamic Jihad and Hamas, both organizations outlawed by Washington....That's a bit surprising considering how difficult it is to free convicts from American penitentiaries, including nonviolent Jonathan Pollard. It's not even easy to set loose non-convicts like all those Afghans in Guantanamo." [Honig] 

"The PA Prime Minister, Abu Mazen, who has resigned, told us they are soldiers in the Palestinian war of liberation, and that those longest behind bars especially deserve freedom." 

American legislators appear to favor Israel. That support has been in congress but American presidents have consistently embargoed necessary weapons and played carrot and stick games. 

In 1948 the U.S. (Eisenhower was president then) embargoed little Israel. It was bad enough that the Arab League, which was formed by the British, was helped along in every respect by the British to defeat Israel -- and they almost did (and no thanks to the United States). 

With only weapons it could buy on the black market from other Third World countries - with funds donated to Israel by Jews all over the world it fought the battle of it's life against armies backed by the British and no help from the U.S. Russia was supportive. Yugoslavia was supportive. Jews were as supportive as they could be. 

British were Pro-Arab 

"When immediately after the United Nations Assembly decision, the Palestinian Arabs launched their preliminary onslaught on the Jewish community, the British Army gave them considerable cover (this was before Israel announced it's independence - and the war had already begun) and aid. It obstructed Jewish defense on the ground; it blocked the movement of Jewish reinforcements and supplies to outlying settlements; it opened the land frontiers for the entry of Arab soldiers from the neighboring Arab state; it maintained a blockade in the Mediterranean and sealed the coast and ports through which alone the outnumbered Jews could expect reinforcements; it handed over arms dumps to the Arabs. When Jaffa was on the point of falling to a Jewish counterattack, it sent in forces from Malta to bomb and shell the Jewish force. Meanwhile, it continued to supply the Arab states preparing to invade across the borders with all the arms they asked for and made no secret of it." (Samuel Katz, "Battle-Ground...." (73 updated to 85) page 44] 

Israel does not have a better friend than the U.S. and American Jews are fortunate that their parents or their grandparents came here. In the long history of the Jews is it important however not to be too short term memory oriented. For thousands of years Jews have lived everywhere on this planet and have not always been uncomfortable or disadvantaged. But whether a curse or a natural inclination to xenophobia, eventually what was satisfactory coexistence - becomes an intolerable existence. In Arab countries since the birth of Islam in the 7th century Jews have been abused and treated harshly and in Europe and Asia the conditions did improve only to degenerate again and again. Often the persecution of Jews is based was Islamic or Christian religious fundamentalism which led to some accusation of blood libel or poisoning the wells - or any libel which would and did become an excuse for eliminating or reducing the Jewish presence. Eventually more and more Jews came to realize that a return to Israel was their only hope and Zionism became a dominant ideology among many Jews. 

Israel should trust it's friends But it should trust itself more 

"Way back in 1948, despite hesitant US de-facto recognition of newborn Israel, America's arms embargo emboldened Arab invaders. When Dwight Eisenhower forced Israel out of the Sinai in 1957 he promised to keep the Tiran Straits open. Nasser closed them a decade later but America reneged on its assurances, signaling Egypt that its aggression would be tolerated...Had the US kept its promise there would have been no Six Day War and no occupation for Washington to urgently seek to end....The US-brokered 1970 Israeli-Egyptian truce hinged on American guarantees that no heavy weaponry would be advanced. On the cease-fire's first night, however, the Egyptians moved dozens of anti-aircraft missiles to the Suez Canal's bank, facilitating the eventual launch of the Yom Kippur War....American silence was deafening. At the end of the 1973 war the US rescued the surrounded Egyptian Third Army from surrender, thereby robbing Israel of outright victory. The present hudna, just when Israel had begun inflicting pain on the terrorists, fits the pattern....Ronald Reagan frequently noted that without Israel the Soviets would have occupied Saudi oil fields. This never prevented Washington from trying to push Israel to the precarious June 4, 1967 lines." [Honig] 

Sioux Wisdom 

"Watch out, for the friend who covers you with his wings, only to injure you with his beak." 

Hank Roth

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