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by Barry Chamish 

Those who have been reading my reports for years know well that I ...snip... ... and respectable of women told me which political leaders mauled them, I never published it. I don't write a tattle-tale column. 

The only exception to this rule is when blackmail is used to bend a politician's will to the point that he endangers our safety. So when Ion ...snip... that his weakesses have become a risk to the nation. I recall the foreign ministry official who asked that we take a ride in my car and there told me about a young Arab boy that Beilin was entranced with and more than merely wondered if this wasn't a trap for the whole nation. Then there was an ...snip... Oct. 15/03 RE: Peace Agreements but no peace. See David Warren's article in today's National Post regarding the Swiss and European Sponsored meeting with Yossi Beilin and his ad hoc leftist colleagues in Jordan. He suspects, but cannot prove, that the U.S. State ...snip... ( Swiss Foreign Ministry officials announced funding the efforts involved regarding the Geneva document which was recently signed in Amman. Swiss officials however did not disclose the amount involved. 

Israel angered by Swiss sponsorship of "Geneva Initiative" ...snip... Participants hope to sign the deal in Geneva on Nov. 4, the eighth anniversary of the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by an extremist Jew who opposed his peace moves. 

An official at the Swiss Foreign Ministry defended the effort Wednesday. 

"Our position is simple; this is a project which originates from the civil societies of both parties," said Paul Fivat, of the ministry's Mideast desk. Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2003 / Tishrei 18, 5764 


The PA itself is not in favor of the Geneva agreement formulated by left-wing Israeli politicians and Yasser Abed Rabbo. PA chief Yasser Arafat said today that that the agreement does not reflect the PA's position. 

According to PA senior official Fares Kadura, who ... ...snip... ... purpose was to cause internal squabbling in Israel. 

Kadura even denied any intention of recognizing Israel as the Jewish State. 

To complete the picture, have a look at:

The agreement, more than two years in the making, was penned by Shahar Party leader Yossi Beilin and former Palestinian Authority minister Yasser ...snip... crime to help clear matters up. When the Cafe Hillel exploded in Jerusalem in September '03, the most prominent victim was the world's leading
surgeon of terror wounds, thus a likely target for terrorists. I kept my suspicions to myself until I interviewed the surgeon's niece who set the record straight. 

"We thought about that at first and looked into it. The terrorist didn't target the Cafe Hillel. He tried to blow up a pizza restaurant ...snip... a homosexual blackmailed into being the murder patsy. It was not the first time he made the claim. In fact, he has been spreading it over the internet for at least two years. 

The problem is that Gefen will not release the evidence for his claim, and hasn't released any ... ...snip... ... meeting a former adviser to the Israel Police crime laboratory, Nahum Shakhaf. Shakhaf has acquired an impressive collection of police files about the Rabin assassination and he also refuses to release them. Both he and Gefen insist they are waiting for the highest bidder. 

And that puts both at odds with the other investigators who believe the welfare of the country is more important than their own. 

Gefen's insistance that Amir's motive for agreeing to shoot the ...snip... ... it just isn't motive enough to sit in prison for good. I had chosen to believe that Amir was mind-controlled as the better option. 

However, it may turn out that Gefen is right and that there are police files verifying his charges. If so, it's about time ... ...snip... Over time, I've discovered, most are sincere people with something gnawing at their conscience that they have to purge. At a concert in Jerusalem, someone I had spoken to previously, who passed on information that all checked out, decided to talk to me again. This time he had imbibed at the bar. The informant is in the legal field and from a police family. He has been doing his own research but until now, only hinted at what he found. 

INformant: I just want you to know that I've seen Amir's police files. You couldn't have got them, they're buried so deep. ...snip... ... before he worked with Raviv. 

BC: Like what? 

IN: You know, the Shabak are devoting a lot of manpower to making the Rabin murder go away, don't you? The government is helping them any way it can. It doesn't matter which party leads the government, they want Rabin to go ...snip... Israel is now clamping down on the free speech big time. Arutz Sheva, pretty well the sole voice of alternative news, was indicted by our courts. 

The Rabin murder may be our way out. If Gefen and Shakhaf have those police files, then there was never a better moment to release them to the public. 

If not, the man who has more in common with Yigal Amir than he will ever admit, Yossi Beilin, will get his way, and so will the rotten manipulators who turned him into what history will eventually acknowledge: Israel's most notorious enemy agent. 


For all those who sent me the funds to get my books into the hands of ...snip... ... of Labour's Nahal Brigade. These are the Israeli elite's future leaders and they would not be reading the truth without you. 

I'll give copies au gratuit to Israel's most influential leaders if you help defray the costs. If you want to help make the difference while ...snip... published. Your numbered copy awaits you. 

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