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Hydrogen Peroxide--A Question of Taste

by Randall Prue

A topic that you will hear much about on the Oxytherapy Mailing List and in many of the files at this site is the taste and after-taste of hydrogen peroxide. Please never forget that oral consumption of hydrogen peroxide involves extremely diluted food grade peroxide.

Many describe it as a metallic taste and many have stopped taking peroxide because of the taste and a nauseous effect induced by so much as the thought of drinking more of it. Others are able to endure the taste or have found ways to mask it.

Because the taste and dealing with it are frequently and thoroughly treated, I prefer to deal with those aspects of the taste that have not been dealt with and which transcend the practical.

After three weeks of following the escalating protocol, I was very definitely aware of peroxide's particular taste. I find that the after-taste and after-effect are incompatible with certain foods. If you have ever eaten something sweet and then tried to eat something tangy right away (like chocolate followed by orange juice), then you have experienced this incompatibility of taste. This would vary with what you are in the habit of eating. In my case, long after the after-taste was gone, the lingering after-effect began to affect my taste in food. Things like chips, chocolate bars and most of the other "junk food" became intensely undesirable to me.

The thought of eating junk food collided with the ubiquitous after-effect and induced a pre-nausea. This bears some explanation. When the taste and after-taste have faded, I noticed that the awareness of the presence of increased oxygen throughout my body had not. This awareness is far more subtle than the taste, and like I said, ubiquitous, which makes me think that it derives from the transport of oxygen throughout my body's cells.

This makes much sense to me when considered in conjunction with increased cell division, witnessed by new skin growth and the excretion of oxygen from my pores as a result of consuming peroxide.

My conclusion -- do with it what you will -- is that increased oxygenation is incompatible with junk food, smoking cigarettes and dirt. This is my personal belief, based on a combination of a study of the current body of scientific knowledge concerning oxygen and my experiences with my own current body. Where hydrogen solidifies, making water out of oxygen and clogged arteries out of healthy ones (as in hydrogenated oils and their relationship to hardened arteries), oxygen's function is completely the opposite. Oxygen is the liberator, which is why it is so beneficial, lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation.

If you think about the effect of temperature on water, you can understand the relationship between the solidifier (hydrogen) and the liberator (oxygen). At low temperatures, water is solid (ice). Heat it and it becomes liquid (water). Heat it more and it becomes a gas (steam). Your own bodies -- the current (electrical) body, the liquid body and the physical body are similar to the three states of water at different temperatures. If your bodies are excessively solidified (lack of oxygen), you will suffer from decreased motility and the hardening types of dis-ease (arthritis, etc.).

Oxygen's liberating effect on your bodies can liberate you completely from the physical in the same way as an "overdose" of water can. In plain language, sudden large quantities of oxygen can kill you -- separate you from the physical.

In today's new age jargon, a meditation aid is a physical aid to approaching the meditative or non-physical or dream state. In my oxygen/peroxide experiments, I was not expecting O2 to perform as a meditation aid, but that is exactly what it did.

In the sense that taste (as in choice of colours, foods, etc.) is a reflection of yourself, your "taste buds" have the function of telling you what you need to eat. If you crave a particular food, it often means that your body needs it to continue functioning. Changing your mood, attitude, emotional state -- whether temporarily or profoundly -- will change your food choices. This happens naturally from day to day. Beyond the taste of the peroxide, I noticed that it was changing my taste in foods and environment. I began craving food that is in the list of things we keep hearing are "good for us". Have you ever tried to force yourself to eat something because it's good for you? It isn't easy. Peroxide made me start wanting these foods! So, here is a substance that can make you want what is good for you.

It made me feel nauseous at the thought of eating junk foods. It made me hate myself for smoking. It made me feel like I was a dirty ashtray. These effects extended to my environment and I could not tolerate the presence of things that needed to be cleaned -- I had to clean them right away.

I saw in a very different light the cliche, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." Actually, I always wondered what that meant -- it seemed like a silly thing told to children to make them clean their rooms! In one of the intuitive oxygen-induced experiences that I have described as out-of-body, in-of-body and meditative, I saw the personality of oxygen and this is why I have said that it is clean. It is the essence of clean itself, not merely clean like a dish you have just washed (in peroxide, of course).

Oxygen is changing my taste in everything and in every sense of the meaning of the word "taste". It was doing it so rapidly that I feared I would have trouble remaining solid (connected to the physical body). At this point, I backed off and reduced the amount I was taking. This is why I believe that it is important to follow a gradually increasing protocol.

So, in addition to the standard warnings about rapid oxidation that can cause containers of 35% peroxide to explode and ignite (under the right conditions), I will add my own -- rapid fire in your body.

How much is too much?
I believe that this varies from one person to the next. It depends on the state your bodies are in and how gradually you increase your intake. Only you know how much is too much. One of the strange things that happened to me was an apparent state of reduced metabolism. I began to get chills, as if the oxygen had burned up all the fuel. The fire of metabolism requires oxygen and fuel, the same was as a fireplace requires the spark, the oxygen and the wood. The food we eat is the fuel and oxygen is the fire. The balance is very important.

Exercise is always emphasized as an important aspect of an oxygen therapy. My work can take me from days of sitting at my computer to days of digging, dragging trees and hauling soil. During the most intense period of my oxygen experiments, I moved from a sedentary period to a very active period. The rush of oxygen to my brain was overwhelming! I became very dizzy very quickly! I sat down and started the fuel/fire balancing -- I ate!

The Liberator is very powerful. Treat it with respect. When I hear of oxygen and ozone therapies getting very seriously ill people up out of bed in a very short space of time, I am not surprised.

Weight Loss
Weight loss has come up on the Oxytherapy Mailing List as well. It became very clear to me that somewhere in oxygen's balancing act, it is entirely capable of burning up fat and simultaneously, in a way that I can picture but would have trouble describing, modify your desires (taste) in food towards those that will remove excess weight and start you off on the road to the size you need to be.

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