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How US Vitamin Industry & Consumers R Being Led to Codex Cliff

by John Hammell (

International Advocates for Health Freedom

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 Part #1

I just got back from Expo East Vitamin Trade show in DC and am very worried by the fact that the supplement industry is totally blind to what I am saying,and they have been put to sleep on the Codex issue by pharmaceutical efforts to con the industry, which shockingly, are working like a charm for them...

I have tried in vain to send email about this to Jenny Thompson of HSI. She must be totally snowed with email and overwhelmed with work, so I hope she sees this message and can help me alert more people to what I'm saying.

Below please learn of a SMOKING GUN: Complete evidence of a specific occurrence that proves the pharmaceutical industry has set up the American dietary supplement industry for being driven over a cliff. If you don't have time to read my whole explanation, just go to and to my main site at

I have been a lobbyist for the dietary supplement industry, and a grass roots activist defending consumer access to dietary supplements world wide since 1989. Prior to that I recovered from a life threatening illness 23 years ago via use of dietary supplements- see my story at

In 1996 I wrote the first article ever published in the world to call people's attention to the Codex threat to block our access to dietary supplements. It was published in Life Extension Magazine. In '96 and '98 I was on the US Codex Delegation to the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use meetings in Germany, where I observed Dr.Beth Yetley of the US FDA violate US law.

Just before the Codex meeting in Berlin in 2000 I was not allowed back on the US Delegation due to my efforts as a whistleblower attempting to expose how the FDA, and pharmaceutical interests dominating the vitamin trade associations world wide are setting us up. I was officially kicked off the delegation upon the request of Dr.Yetley of FDA, via US Codex Chairman Dr.Ed Scarbrough of the USDA who oversees all US Codex Delegations.

In 2000, despite valid press credentials, I was also barred from attending the Codex meeting in Germany by Jurgen Kundke, Bgvv Press officer (of the German FDA, hosts of the Codex meeting.)

I was barred due to my activism on the issue, and due to posting video footage of Herr Grossklauss, German Chair of the CCNFSDU, stopping the Codex meeting in '98 to force me to turn my cam corder off. You can see this footage in the media section at So much for transparency. I was also censured for taking still photos. Due to all of this, in 2000 I joined Matthias Rath, MD in his street demonstration in Berlin against the Codex meeting.

For 5 years I pushed for a Congressional Oversight hearing on the Codex issue having been promised one early on in '96 due to what I observed in Bonn, but pharmaceutical interests blocked a hearing- then when I had enough grass roots strength via help from Gary Null that they couldn't block a hearing, they did the next best thing and WHITEWASHED a hearing by not letting me or any of my witnesses testify.

On March 20, 2001, a gross travesty of justice occurred in DC when a vitamin hearing chaired by Dan Burton was whitewashed on this Codex issue. The "fix" is in, we have been set up like bowling pins, and I need your help to stop the slide to the cliff because now we have a "SMOKING GUN" that really exposes things- but people remain blind to what is going on, and I will explain this.


Ever heard the concept of a "controlled opposition group" or the term "astroturf"? A controlled opposition group is an organization that is set up to PRETEND to defend the environment, or to defend access to supplements, or any number of other causes, but it actually does the OPPOSITE of what people have been led to BELIEVE it is doing.

Astroturf= fake grass roots, and THAT is what a controlled opposition group is. It has the superficial APPEARANCE of a true grass roots lobby, but in REALITY its controlled at the top by the polluters or the drug companies or what have you....

See, they aren't dumb. They KNOW there are lots of vitamin consumers and manufacturers who try to fight back against their takeover efforts. So they created a group called IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations) to be a UN NGO organization to "represent the industry" at Codex meetings in Germany.... but who is IADSA REALLY representing???

In a word: PFIZER: the biggest drug company on earth, and we have a smoking gun that proves it.... see


70% of the gel caps used in the manufacture of dietary supplements are products of Pfizer, via their subsidiary Capsugel.

Capsugel is playing a prominent role in pulling the wool over the eyes of members of the National Nutritional Foods Assoc, and American Herbal Products Assn especially via the actions of their CEO, Randy Dennin, who is widely perceived in the supplement industry as everyone's "best buddy."


Dennin is the consummate salesman. He is charming, personable, always smiling, always shaking hands and slapping people on the back. He seems to be EVERYWHERE in the supplement industry as Capsugel is a member of NNFA, AHPA, and CRN (vitamin trade associations) while also Chairman of IADSA (International Assoc of Dietary Supplement Associations, a UN NGO which "represents" the industry at CODEX meetings...

THE QUESTION IS: WHOSE INTERESTS ARE IADSA ACTUALLY REPRESENTING??? The interests of the rank and file members of NNFA and that of vitamin consumers, OR the interests of PFIZER and the other drug companies that dominate the vitamin trade associations world wide????


IADSA recently kicked a member trade association out under highly suspicious circumstances. Documentation in the form of original letters and emails back and forth between NNFA New Zealand and IADSA at clearly illustrate the situation

NNFA New Zealand has been trying to defend New Zealand's very liberal food based dietary supplement regs against very powerful efforts to force New Zealand to harmonize their regs to Australia's overly stringent medicalized regs.

If IADSA were for REAL, they'd be helping NNFA New Zealand to defend against this Australian takeover, but they're doing the OPPOSITE, and American supplement companies and consumers damn well better wake up to the awful truth of what I am saying here, because the cliff looms large...

IADSA is going through the MOTIONS of defending health freedom, and HERE is how they're getting away with this:

Pfizer,the world's largest drug company which owns 9 out of the top 20 selling US drugs, with 8 of them generating in excess of a billion a year in sales, and which sells pharmaceuticals in over 150 nations, is distributing CHUMP CHANGE all over the supplement industry in highly visible ways which SANITIZES Dennin's image, causing people to NOT LOOK CLOSELY at anything a whistleblower like me says...

THAT is whats going on right now.... Via Capsugel, Pfizer has joined CRN, NNFA, AHPA and is controlling IADSA, and people damn well better wake up and help me sound the alarm.

Randy Dennin was co chair of NNFA's International Committee when he conned the rest of the (asleep) committee, and all of NNFA into believing a LIE. The LIE is that American supplement laws won't be in any jeopardy of harmonization to a finalized Codex vitamin standard....

He has gotten the industry to buy in to what they want to hear. He has been telling them "Go on back to sleep everyone, codex is a non issue, it won't threaten DSHEA, it will only threaten our international sales- but don't worry, IADSA is handling things."

Oh yeah.... IADSA is "handling things"-

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