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A paper for publication in the October 2003 issue of the International Observer and Reporter, the independent magazine of the United Nations, Paul Rafferty, editor

by Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.  

"….In a democratic Constitutional government, the people cannot be free, without the truth…." Boyd Ed Graves, J.D. 9/17/03

There is compelling, substantial evidence of a U.S. laboratory origin of HIV/AIDS. In fact, the 1971 flowchart blueprint of the secret program is "absolute evidence" of the intentional, purposeful development of a "special" virus to ‘cull’ certain populations of the world. According to the mounting science evidence, the HIV/AIDS enzyme is a "synthetic biological agent" EXACTLY as requested by the U.S. Pentagon on June 9, 1969 and specifically developed as a "special" virus. See, U.S. Special Virus Cancer program (1948- 1978). Although the secret virus development program had been underway throughout most of the 20th century, it is the Pentagon's 1969 description of the 'effects' of the ‘synthetic’ agent that proves it is HIV/AIDS. However, since the United States claims that HIV/AIDS is a 'plague of nature' (U.S. Office of the President, State of the Union address, January, 2003), then where is the United States' "synthetic" agent that ‘depletes the immune system and facilitates the inception of infectious disease’ as was funded in 1969? See, H.R. 15090, Part VI funding, p. 129. Even more compelling is the Pentagon’s conciliation on page 121 that the synthetic biological agent they were working on would lead to "world-wide scourge" and "black death type plague" in certain geographical areas and regions of the world.

A review of the U.S. Special Virus program would begin the process of realizing a world without this form of stealth, biological, ethnic population stabilization for the security of future (Caucasian) Americas. See, PL91-213, 3/16/70, see also, NSSM-200 by Henry Kissinger, 4/74). The official remarks of the Office of the President (Nixon) can not be set aside and further ignored. On July 18, 1969, President Nixon sent a "special message to Congress on Overpopulation". The United States would 'cull' the Black populations of the world to stave off being out populated by nature and rendered further insignificant. No, Mister U.S. (current) president, AIDS is a plague of (Aryan) man. Few people may have heard him say it, but he did say the C.I.A. had "approved" his 'state of the union address. There is a reason for this. The C.I.A. was created in 1948 in essence to assist the United States with the stealth development and deployment of the long sought after ‘contagious cancer that selectively kills’.

According to a June, 1946 Time magazine article, "Better Than the Bomb", a crude ethnic weapon was ready for usage, shortly after we imported the nazi scientists under "Project Paperclip". It is by design that HIV/AIDS has evolved from a 1932 strain of sheep visna virus, strain, ks1514. History will ultimately show the inception of syphilis and (visna)HIV/AIDS into the human genome has been premeditated based on eugenics and ethnic hatred.

However, the research provides for some far reaching perplexing scenarios. For example, the peculiar relationship between HIV/AIDS and rabies. See for yourself, go to the U.S. patent database and do a word search using those two terms. Another mind bender is HIV/AIDS’s ‘lucifer(ase) gene’. Where did nature get this from? As you can see, we have been duped as to what nature really is. The rat sequences, the sheep sequences, are things becoming more reasonable to you at this point? Well let’s see if we can find something else to highlight as to simply just how conclusive the science and medical evidence is as to the absolute certainty this federal virus program is the birthplace of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. In the 1971 progress report, the United States creates an ESP-1 virus. Under electron microscopy (e.m.) , the 1971 e.m. photos are identical to the 1985 e.m. photos of HIV/AIDS and VISNA. See, Gallo(et. al.), Science, Vol 223, pp. 173 -177, January, 1985 (HIV/AIDS Evolved From VISNA). We sincerely believe the "full disclosure" of the U.S. Special Virus program is the only path a government who publicly espouses freedom, equality and justice can take.

Our desire to know and want the truth has carried us over millennia. We are certain we are poised to continue. The revelations surrounding the flowchart-fabric rubric of a virus development paradigm are increasing exponentially, with more and more science and medical experts agreeing as to the ‘absolute certainty" that this is the federal program at the heart of HIV/AIDS. See,

We will now push for an immediate double blind study of the U.S. patented cure for AIDS, patent #5676977, "TETRASIL". As a 22 month recipient of the one time injection, TETRASIL, I can assure you my physical well being is refreshingly rejuvenating. I can also tell you that society will never care that I fell better. To them I will always be an AIDS-infested, undesirable, non-person. To the world, on this one issue, I am the Wizard of AIDS. I will strive to further lead the people’s desires of a world without HIV/AIDS. It is odd that there is an International Order of Mycoplasmologists (IOM), and HIV/AIDS (and SARS) is a mycoplasma, then why haven’t they stepped in and shown us how (easily) they can turn off the HIV/AIDS mycoplasma? All of these things are puzzling, but of course it does not stop there.


When you look a little further back in time, you find there was a "Virus Cancer" conference at M.I.T. in 1926. You find the 1910 chicken virus (Rous sarcoma) is man made. You find the mysterious1904 creation of a U.S. Station for Experimental Evolution. The evidence is overwhelming the HIV/AIDS virus is the result of a systemic long term pattern or practice of simply; ethnic hatred and racism.

Once they were earnest in there relentless pursuit of a world without Black people, it was necessary to ‘pass the time’. Eventually people are going to realize that things are not what they seem, not by a long shot. We believe our efforts for "full disclosure" in the trilateral structure of the United States’ government has clearly demonstrated the United States’ unwillingness to abide by its own Constitution and Bill of Rights. We firmly believe the purposeful development, production and proliferation of a synthetic ethnic killing agent is in violation of the Proxmire Act (Genocide) in every way. It is time for the good people of the world to join our call for disclosure and criminal accountability (International Criminal Court of Justice) of the perpetrators of the greatest purposeful loss of innocent life in human history.

We ask that the world draw its eyes and attention to the San Diego Federal Court hearing on this issue on October 24, 2003, 11:00a.m., case no. 02 cv 2396, Graves v. United States of America. We believe the federal judge (Judge Jeffrey Miller) is doing the right thing in allowing this case to be reconsidered. However, a review of Judge Miller’s July 7, 2003 Order shows the people have the right to re-bring this AIDS origin lawsuit until the defendant, the United States fully discloses all the withheld documents and U.S. policy decisions relative to the United States’ scheme for ‘mass state murder". Based on my personal understanding of the immense amount of research materials available, I am certain a review of the "Etiology Area" of the U.S. National Cancer Institute would solve a number of "mystery illness" of "unknown etiology". I wonder just how many of them are single cell, six-sided figures (mycoplasmas)? See, 9/21/00 CBS EVENING NEWS, "Virus Armour" segment by CBS Senior Health Producer Elizabeth Kaledin.

After eleven years in the saddle on "WORLD WAR AIDS", I am hopeful our courtroom undertakings on October 24th, will hasten the process of the eventual realization of our world, once again without HIV/AIDS, the U.S. Special Virus, and the scourge of holocaust upon us.

Boyd Ed Graves is a 1975 graduate of Annapolis, law school and is in his fourth year as an international medical research director for AIDS Concerns, for the International medical research foundation, Common Cause, headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario. He is the author of two books on this issue: "STATE ORIGIN: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS" and "WORLD WAR AIDS: The Third World War", Zygote Media, Lawrence, KS  1-800-532-2372, Ext. 13046

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