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(Graves asks Pres. Bush to correct State of Union

January 31, 2003 

George W. Bush, President 

The United States of America 

Re: Request for correction in your State of the Union Address (origin of AIDS) 

Dear Mr. President: 

I write to bring to your attention a major science error you made in your State of the Union address regarding the origin of HIV/AIDS. The science and medical evidence, as represented by official U.S. documents, concludes the HIV/AIDS pandemic is the result of a “century long hunt for a contagious cancer that selectively kills”. The U.S. document trail, which confirms the ‘want for the necessity for developing HIV/AIDS’, as well as the actual ‘experiments and contracts’ of the secret federal virus development program, the U.S. Special Virus program (1948 – 1978), is absolute evidence of the iatrogenic origin of the HIV/AIDS plague. 

Beginning in 1948, shortly after we imported German biological scientists 
(Project Paperclip), the U.S. State Department issued Foreign Policy Statement- 21 (FPS-21), where George W. McKennan declared it was necessary for the United States to ‘devise a scheme’ to deal with “burgeoning populations”. The newly-formed Central Intelligence Agency then initiated “Project MK-NAOMI” (Negroes Are Only Momentary Individuals). Project MK-NAOMI continued, and was joined in 1957 by the U.S. appropriated, “Special Operations-X” (“SOX) (Sock it to ‘em, ‘X’ standing for exterminate). In 1962, the “SOX” program gave way to the official U.S. Special Virus- (Cancer) program, which ended in 1978 (just as the pandemic began!), produced 15 progress reports, 6,000 pages of experiments and contracts and 20,000 scientific papers. Mr. President, these ‘official’ documents absolutely conclude the HIV/AIDS enzyme is a synthetic biological agent designed to cull certain population groups in accordance with U.S. policy as best outlined by Public Law 91-213, (3/16/70). 

Additionally, on June 9, 1969 (see H.R. 15090, part VI, page 121), the United States concedes it is doing research on a biological agent that would lead to a “black death type plague” or “worldwide scourge”. This sworn testimony of the United States alone proves that some plagues come from man. On behalf of the 55,000 people who are now in possession of the “research logic” blueprint flowchart of the secret U.S. Special Virus program 
(, we are certain this federal laboratory program lies at the heart of the genesis of HIV/AIDS. The flowchart depicts the development and large scale production of a virus that is placed into clinical trials via vaccine complement. Specifically, HIV/AIDS is originally called ESP-1 virus in 1971. See page 120, progress report #8 (1971) U.S. Special Virus program. The 1971 ESP-1 virus, under electron microscopy 
(x100,000.) is identical to the 1985 electron microscope of HIV/AIDS. 

In your address you further mentioned that the United States was taking the lead and committing 15 billion dollars to fight HIV/AIDS. Will your fight include the U.S. patented cure for AIDS, patent #5676977? 

Please accept this input from the American people as an ‘outside the box’ approach to dismantling HIV/AIDS, the U.S. Special Virus. This federal program appears to sanction genocide in the name of the national security of future (White) Americas. The science evidence concludes. the African AIDS Holocaust is a plague of Aryan man and his inherent fear of a Black planet. In the tradition of Tuskegee, and other similar event of unwitting human subject experimentation, we ask that you publicly correct your understanding of the origin of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and, upon executive review, apologize for the secret U.S. virus program and the secret U.S. microbioinoculator devise (stealth means of transmission of HIV/AIDS) 


Boyd E. Graves, J.D. 

4375 Florida Street, Unit #4 

San Diego, CA 92104-0170 


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