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Goliath scored a direct hit on Boyd Graves

October 24, 2003 

From Boyd Ed Graves 

Dear Family: When I returned home from the Los Angeles Holocaust Conference, approx 1:00a.m. on Monday, October 13, 2003, I was forcibly evicted and displaced from my personal belongings and all my court papers and research. 

When I say forcibly evicted, I was not even allowed to change underwear in private. I lived with the clothes on my back until a friend of mine, Bill Montgomery, could manage to fly me one way to Cleveland yesterday. I want to come home (San Diego). 

I have no means of existence. I am currently with my unaccepting family in an overcrowded two bedroom. This will not last long. 

I need the flow of manna. Goliath has stomped me, but I am able to tell about it. 

Our collective efforts will carry us. Please offer your ideas and suggestions. 

Dr. Vincent Gammill has made his 501 c 3 tax id available for donations to my Virus Cancer research. He can be contacted at 858-523-9144. It is the Center for the Study of Natural Oncology in Solana Beach, California. 

Mr. Andre Williams, CEO of Hosea Williams Bonding Company, Decatur, GA will make a $2000 donation for the continuation of my research and me, to the Center in the coming months.  

I am hopeful that other concerned CEO's (like Bill Montgomery, CEO, TCC, Dallas, TX) will seriously consider supporting this most important issue for the survival of the Black race. 

I can be reached at 216-382-9252. Sincerely, Boyd Ed

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