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Glyconutrient Blend - Immune System Support

This is probably the most important nutrient for life and health everyone needs.  Good communication between cells supports:

Proper gland and organ function.  Proper system function, including your natural defense and endocrine systems.  No combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbals can replace the monosaccharide found in this product.

In August 1996, researchers took a giant step in securing a proprietary position in the rapidly changing, constantly expanding nutritional supplement industry with the filing of a new set of composition and use patent claims for a unique, nutritional supplement.  This Glyconutrient is now patented in many countries around the world including the United States.

This nutritional supplement provides raw materials for the body to use to promote optimal cellular communication.  It is a Glyconutrient, blend of specific plant monosaccharide that provides support for the immune system.  These monosaccharide are necessary for the body's creation of glycoprotein's, the membrane structure on cell surfaces and enable the cells to "talk" to other cells.

One of the leading medical text books "Harper's Biochemistry" 1996 and subsequent editions lists the eight monosaccharide sugars in our Glyconutrient blend, all of which are essential for healthy human functioning.  If we lack any of these eight sugars, the glycoprotein's may not be structured properly, and therefore, many not communicate correctly or accurately from one cell to the next.

Glycoprotein's provide the communication link between cells, warning when disease is present, sending messages for health when the cells need it.  When the glycoprotein's are built incorrectly or not at all, there is a major break down in communication.  The message won't get through from health no matter how desperate the call.

An increasing number of scientists believe that certain monosaccharide (carbohydrates) represent the next frontier in the search of non-toxic compounds that support the immune system.  Even though we have just begun to scratch the surface in understanding the full potential of these carbohydrates, the research being reported in just the last decade has ignited a new level of hope and cautious optimism with some of the world's leading immunologists.  The positive impact that this Glyconutrient is having on 77 auto-immune diseases is exciting.

The Newest Scientific Breakthrough - Glyconutrient - Antioxidant Blend

Antioxidant Cell Protection Formula with Immune Support - combines the life-changing benefits of Glyconutrient Blend with the New Antioxidant Formula and Phytonutrients into one power-packed formula.

Glyconutrient-Antioxidant Blend supports your body's natural ability to:

Defend your health by supporting overall immune function through the natural Glyconutrient in Glyconutrient-Antioxidant complex.

Protect against the daily onslaught of toxins, poor food, stress and the environment, all of which contribute to the influx of free radicals that can accelerate the aging process.  Glyconutrient-Antioxidant provides this protection more effectively than any other antioxidant blend.

Restore the balance your body many have lost due to the harmful effects of the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the lives we live.

Glyconutrient-Antioxidant Blend - the proven revolutionary, pacesetting new supplement.  Glyconutrient-Antioxidant Blend offers a unique mix of water and fat-soluble antioxidant to protect the entire cell.  The company developed, validated and filed a patent for the test method that measures the synergistic potential of water and fat soluble antioxidant combinations.  The company believes this ORAC test method will become the new "gold standard" of measurement for antioxidant activity.

There' simply nothing else like - Glyconutrient-Antioxidant Blend:

Help protect against the cellular damage and premature aging caused by oxidative stress and free radicals.  Feel the difference Antioxidant Cellular Protection, Glyconutrient cellular defense and Synergistic Cellular repair can make in your life.  Enjoy the priceless feelings of well-being, confidence and youthful vitality that Glyconutrient-Antioxidant Blend offers.

The product is designed to support the body's natural defense system.  A strong immune system helps the body build resistance to disease, recover when ill or run down and support other bodily functions.

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