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Generate Congressional Sponsorship for Kucinich GMO Safety and Labeling Bills

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Currently In 80%+ of Your Food. 

Are They Safe?  Independent Science Shows That They Are Not

Do You Want the Choice to Avoid Them?

The FDA Says You May Not Have That Choice!

Let's Change That NOW By Supporting Kucinich Bills

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has introduced three important bills to change that which need our strong support.  But he cannot make this momentus change alone.

It is up to us to contact our Senators and Congresspeople and tell them that these bills really matter to us and to our health freedom.  Every Member of Congress must hear from so many of us that this is a critical issue that he/she becomes a co-sponsor because of the number of demands to do so that his/her office recieves.

Remember what happend in New York State where a dangerous and totalitarian bill in the Assembly was set to remove ALL vaccine exemptions. The outpouring was so tremendous against this State policy, that New York dropped the bill and set up a mechanism to evaluate whether any vaccines should be required!

GMOs are dangerous.  And they are permanent: once their dangerous genes are allowed to mix with ours, with those of the bacteria in the soil and in our gut, with the DNA of our children, butterflies and weeds, other species of grops, and just about anything else in the food web, they cannot be put back. 

Despite rising diseases which can be laid at the door step of these dangerous organisms, despite rising levels of infertility, which is also directly due to these organisms, despite a rise in potentially life threatening allergies directly following the intruduction of GMO soy and a host of other health hazards and envornmental dangers, Government agencies continue to turn a blind eye to health and prudence, to say nothing of public or environmental health, and continue to do the bidding of the industrial food producers and the biotech industry.

Unlike countries in other parts of the world, the US refuses to even consider labeling of GMOs.  This must stop.

Send the letter below to your Congressional Members and this link, ,  to your friends and neighbors so they can do the same.

Our voices must speak louder than the money of the industrialized food producers and biotech companies whose wishes FDA and USDA currently serve.

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Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation

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