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Fosamax Linked to Serious Abnormal Bone Fractures

Thursday, March 27, 2008 by: Byron J. Richards

On March 20, 2008, The New England Journal of Medicine published a physician group report of 15 women taking Fosamax who experienced "atypical low-energy fractures," which means their bones broke doing almost nothing – a serious kind of injury typically seen in very elderly individuals in declining health. The fact that the NEJM is reporting this is a major wake up call to anyone who hasn't figured out that Fosamax is dangerous to your health. ((

The NEJM report follows two other similar reports, one published in 2007 (( and the other in 2005 (( I have reported at great length on the near lunacy of widely prescribing this class of drugs for bones – as it is easy to predict based on the chemistry and mode of action of these drugs that they will severely damage bones the longer they are used. ((

This new information casts a dark pallor over the entire medical community and their drug-pushing paradigm. I mean really, these clowns pretending to be the gatekeepers of health are actually stupid – just like they were when they killed tens of thousands of innocent women with estrogen replacement horse-urine extract. I also predicted that problem for 15 years before they stopped!

The FDA is a major part of the problem as they have never made the drug companies do follow up studies to show that drugs are safe when taken for extended periods of time for a given purpose. And drug companies never want to do these kinds of studies because they almost always show the drugs are not safe. Fosamax is made by Merck, a company with a rather illustrious reputation for defrauding (as in Vytorin) and killing Americans (as in Vioxx). A common theme behind Merck's immorality is hiding safety data from the FDA and public – so they can make money.

The three studies referenced above show that Fosamax wipes out healthy bone function the longer it is taken, resulting in a "low energy" status within bones – producing bones so feeble that they break from normal impacts. Biopsy and analysis done on the bones showed them to be in a pathetic condition. There are now millions of unsuspecting women headed down this path. This is simply disgusting. Doctors, the FDA, and Big Pharma are to blame – as are the members of Congress and the Clinton and Bush administrations of the past 16 years, whose hands are stained with Big Pharma money.

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