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Food Form Boron Overview

A decline in the consumption of fruits and vegetables has been directly linked to the deficiency of many trace minerals. Statistics show that a majority of North Americans consume fewer than 2 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day. Combine these facts with improper farming practices and top soil erosion we have become extremely deficient in vital minerals necessary for a healthy existence. The most notable trace mineral exposed by research is boron. Without knowing every role that boron plays in the body. we do know that it:

-supports increased vitamin D levels

-supports joint and skeletal health

-supports hormone balance

-supports bone strength

-supports increased energy production

Boron found in fruits and vegetables is in the form of calcium frucotborate. This food form boron has recently been shown in reputable counts of research to have numerous and extraordianry benefits to the body. Most often found in supplement form is boron citrate. Country Life's Food Form Boron is far more bioavailable that other more commonly available forms. FruitXB is a patented and clinically proven form of boron that is bio-wquivalent to boron found in fruits and vegetables.Country Life offers Food Form Boron which has been clinically proven to:

-support increased Vitamin D levels

-supports anti-aging

-support joint mobility even better than glucosamine

-supports pain reduction

-supports healthy bone structure

-supports testosterone, estrogen and DHEA balance

These results were recognized when 6 mg of elemental boron from calcium fructoborate was consumed daily. These clinical trials exposed how significant boron deficiency can affect our health. This food form boron is far better absorbed and utilized by the body because it is in nature's preferred bioactive state.

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