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Fighting Words

By Carl F. Worden 

Thanks largely to Bob Schulz of the We The People Foundation and the Internet, Americans in every walk of life nationwide are becoming increasingly aware of the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Justice's outright refusal to cite federal law that specifically requires American citizens to pay an income tax, or for employers to withhold income taxes from their employees. I know this may sound utterly incredible to those of you just now learning of this, but to date, and after many attempts to get federal authorities to publicly address this question, federal authorities have steadfastly refused to answer this very reasonable request.

To put the matter to rest, it would be such a simple thing to cite the law, if such a law exists, and it logically follows that the deliberate refusal of U.S. authorities to respond accordingly means they cannot. It's as simple as that.

Neil Cavuto on Fox News interviewed Bob Schulz recently, where he told Cavuto, God and everybody else tuned in that he had stopped filing income taxes a year ago. Schulz boasted he could not be successfully prosecuted, but as the lightning rod that he is, a vengeful federal government might very well target Schulz with a corrupt federal judge specifically picked for the job. Remember what happened to the Waco survivors? They are still in prison despite the protests of the jury that intended to acquit them.

One such case is that of Dick Simkanin, who somewhat publicly stopped withholding taxes from his employees because he could find no federal law requiring him to. The judge hearing Simkanin's case, United States District Court Judge McBride, repeatedly denied Simkanin's right to due process, including requiring the government to produce the law Simkanin is alleged to have violated! You can read the story on the We The People Website at

Treated like a dangerous criminal, Simkanin was jailed for three months without bail, and he has now reached a plea bargain agreement to accept a felony conviction. He remains incarcerated until January, when he is to be sentenced. Yes, he cracked, but can anyone blame him?

An activist I deeply admire is Devvy Kidd, who wrote a very revealing article at:

She wrote, "Since 1999, We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc., based in New York and headed up by Robert Schulz, have petitioned the federal government to answer serious, legitimate questions regarding the legitimacy of the federal income tax and the deliberate misapplication of Title 26 against domestic Americans."
"Since 1999, not one single employee, agent or representative of the IRS or the DOJ have felt the need to answer the questions of the people. As is typical with a tyrannical government, these servants of the people have forgotten something very important: This government was created of, by and for the people of these United States of America and the power still lies with the people."

She also reported that, "During this press conference, a senior IRS official by the name of Terry Lemons made the following proclamation in response to a question by David Cay Johnston of the NY Times: Why won't the IRS answer the questions set forth in the petitions from We the People Foundation?"

"According to Johnston, Lemons said the government is answering our Petitions through "enforcement actions."

Remember what they did to Dick Simkanin? Just wait and see what they have in store for Bob Schulz.

So, Mr. Lemons won't cite a law requiring American citizens to pay income taxes, but he will viciously prosecute anyone who doesn't? Those are fighting words, Mr. Lemons. We are Americans, and those are fighting words, you son of a bitch!

How many times have we citizens been reminded and admonished that this is a nation that operates under the "Rule of Law", Hmm? That's the entire issue here. The people behind the We The People Foundation are not anti-government, nor are they against paying taxes they lawfully owe. They do not want to bankrupt the United States or destroy this nation. They are simply saying this: "If you feds are going to prosecute people for not paying their "fair share" of taxes, then under the "Rule of Law" principle you hold so dear, what federal law specifically requires them to pay income taxes in the first place?" The silence from the federal government to that question is deafening, and remains so.

Consider this: We now have millions of very angry Americans unemployed and under-employed all over this nation due to the Republican-sponsored enactment of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the General Agreement On Trades And Tariffs (GATT), that were signed into law by President Bill Clinton, against his own Democratic Party's wishes.

The unemployed and under-employed in this nation are barely surviving month-to-month, and the average household credit card debt is now $9,000.00 and climbing. Bankruptcies are escalating and home foreclosures are skyrocketing nationwide. There are a lot of very angry and disenfranchised Americans roaming the streets out there who are suffering a substantial reduction to their former standard of living, and thus, their ability to provide adequately for their families.

To make this very real and present scenario even more interesting, American military assets are spread thinly all over the world, unable to respond instantly to a major crisis should it occur right here in the United States, a crisis that could conceivably develop into a massive, lightening-strike counter-revolution, whereby Washington D.C. is overrun, traitors hanged and constitutional authority is restored.

What if a clandestine army of 100,000 angry citizens were formed to retake Washington D.C. in return for the promise of $1,000,000.00 each, guaranteed by contract and paid to them or their survivors upon recapturing the center of the United States Government and it's Treasury? Is that a scary thought or what? Think that's an impossibility? Think again: I'm known for predicting the future quite accurately. Besides, this is a no-brainer because of its simplicity.

The Founding Fathers had no such luxury to offer their conscripts in the American Revolution, other than freedom from King George and his oppressive taxes, but times and circumstances have changed considerably since then, and the United States Treasury is right there for the taking. Only 535 malcontents and their security stand in the way, and not a dime gets paid until the job is done.

We're only talking about 100 billion dollars here, barely more than the 87 billion dollars King George wants to waste on Iraq right now. It's really not that much money when you think about it, and a great many Americans would be willing to do the job for free if they just had assurances that the government of the United States would be brought back into compliance with the Constitution of the United States - a goal shared by every member of the tens of thousands of citizens now comprising the various citizens' militias alone.

I'm contemplating a very dear nation that is in very deep trouble right now. When a high-ranking official of the IRS says he don't need no stinking law, and if you citizens don't pay up he'll utterly destroy you and your families one by one, those are not "chilling words" as Devvy Kidd described them: No, those are fighting words!

Those are the kind of fighting words that bring Americans of almost all reasonable conservative and liberal bents together to fight off a common threat. Every single American was threatened by those words, and everyone in America needs to understand this government no longer respects the Rule of Law unless it suits them.

Pay us tribute, or we'll destroy you. Those were Lemons' words. Those were fighting words!

Carl F. Worden

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