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Fat puts squeeze on asthma

By Leigh Parry

July 1, 2003 

A diet rich in milk fat could help prevent asthma in children, according to a Dutch study.

Researchers studied the diet of nearly 3000 Dutch children aged two years and related it to asthma symptoms at age three.

They found three year olds who at full cream milk and butter daily had less asthma and wheeze rates were also lower in those children.

Children who ate brown bread also had lower asthma and wheeze rates.

The authors said the results showed daily intake of foods with milk fat could help protect against asthma.

They said different fatty acids, antioxidants or other micronutrients could play a protective role, according to researchers led by Dr Alet Wijga, of the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, Department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Bilthoven, Holland.

The study, 'Association of consumption of products containing milk fat with reduced asthma risk in pre-school children: the PIAMA birth cohort study 2003; appears in 'Thorax' 58: pp 567-72.

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