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False Start

by Larken Rose 

There is a saying that goes something like "never get in an argument with someone who buys ink by the barrel." Perhaps it needs to be updated: never argue with people who print disks by the hundreds of thousands. 

During my efforts to understand and then spread the 861 evidence, nothing has been so frustrating as the recent "false start" with the 861 Evidence mini-CD, where we were all set at the starting line, yelled "go"... and then yelled "oops, hang on a second" (due to technical problems with the first printing). 

But after this rather annoying delay, I'm happy to yell, "GO!" The printers are rolling, and tens of thousands of GLITCH-FREE disks are being cranked out every day now. All who ordered disks, regardless of when, will have their COMPLETE orders filled very soon, with the GOOD disks. 
(We're just ignoring all the not-as-reliable disks already sent out, and filling the orders over again with the new ones.) 

Very soon we'll have more stuff, like standard-sized CDs of the thing, a DVD version, the updated version ready for download online, bumper-stickers, T-shirts, etc. 

The prices for buying disks in bulk have changed. (Note: if you already ordered, don't worry; all orders already received will be accepted under the older prices.) These prices are based on how the disks are delivered to us, and to try to encourage people to buy a lot, while getting ahead on funding more printing. Here are the new prices: 

Package of 20 mini-CDs: $20 Package of 100 mini-CDs: $45 Package of 300 mini-CDs: $130 Package of 1,200 mini-CDs: $420 

You can order by mail by sending check or money order (made out to "") to this address: P.O. Box 25185 Kansas City, MO 64119 

If you want to DONATE to the cause, but NOT to order disks for yourself, donations can be sent to the address BELOW. If you mark the donation "unsung heroes," it will be treated as a gift for the two guys who just about killed themselves putting this project together. Otherwise, all donations sent here (which should be made out to "Larken Rose") go directly to printing and distributing the disks. 


Larken Rose P.O. Box 653 Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 

So after that annoying "false start," we're gearing up the information machine. Brace yourself for an interesting ride. Stay tuned. 


Larken Rose

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