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ESP-1 virus: A Man made virus similar to HIV (1971)

Professor Lee: Since HIV came from ungulate lentiviruses, why is it considered a human virus?

All of the hoopla about ESP-1 stopped because they didn't want the public to know they had made a virus. ESP-1 virus was produced by the United States in accordance with the U.S. SPecial Virus program. The ESP-1 virus was made at M.D. Anderson Medical Clinic in Houston. For the record, all of the nazi scientists came into the United States via M.D. Anderson Clinic. It is there they were given name changes and dispersed around the United States. The ESP-1 culture was able to grow because of mycoplasmas. This is also true of HIV/AIDS.

Again you have chosen to side step review of the progress report. Bob, you are playing a very dangerous game. If you can not follow a lead and go and look and see, why should anyone else? Again we direct your attention to page 120 of the 1971 report for the ful development history of ESP-1 virus.

For science proof, the following from page 115: "Production of purified and concentrated ESP-1 virus supplied by the M.D. Anderson Hospital of the University of Texas has been initiated. This culture derived from the plural effusion of a boy with American-type Burkitt's lymphoma, continues to produce type c virus particles. DMSO treatment results in substantial increase in virus yield from the culture. Teramycin was found to inhibit the PPLO contaminant although it was not eradicated.

Bob: ESP-1 virus was removed from the science literature because it was produced in accordance with the "research logic" (flowchart) of the U.S. Special Virus program. It appears ESP-1 virus is the lymphoma part of the hybrid-converged HIV/AIDS virus. In light of the other secret program, the Special Virus Leukemia program (SVLP) where visna was heavily investigated, it can only be assunmed that the SVLP provided the leukemia part of the hybrid-converged HIV/AIDS virus.

Bob, you have an obligation to the American people to review the very first contract of the mostly-secret federal program that made AIDS. The first contract is located at page 100, "VIRUS RESCUE STUDIES IN HUMAN LEUKEMIA/LYMPHOMA CELL LINES"

Bob,  you say science dropped the ESP-1 virus because it was not a human virus. This is not supported by the science record. HIV/AIDS is a sheep, cow, monkey, rat virus with a mycoplasma motor. According to the CBS EVENING NEWS (September 21, 2000), the body is defenseless against the mycoplasma armour. According to the the science record, we have been artificially creating mycoplasmas for 40 years.

If the govt has hid the genome of the ESP-1 virus, then all we are left with are the E.M. photos (x105,000) of ESP-1 and HIV and VISNA. If it looks like a triplet and acts like a triplet, then it is!

ESP-1 came not from nature but from the Special Virus scientists at M.D. Anderson Hospital. ESP-1 virus is part of the mystery of viruses designed under the auspicies of the U.S. Special Virus flowchart. Boyd E. Graves, J.D.

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