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Endometriosis And Nutrition

by Chris Gupta


In this section, the author explores the role of both selenium and folic acid, deficiencies of which are known to cause endometriosis in cattle. Thus, he recommends that women supplement daily with 400 to 1000 IU vitamin E plus 100 to 200 mg selenium as a prevention and treatment for endometriosis. Further, folic acid deficiency (often caused by birth control pills) is alleviated by regular intake of leafy green vegetables, asparagus, organ meats, or supplements. Other nutrients recommended for endometriosis treatment and prevention include vitamin C, B complex, EFAs, and magnesium.

While I subscribe to the traditional Chinese medicine theory that endometriosis is often caused by liver congestion, and is therefore alleviated by liver cleansing arid repair, I nevertheless am very interested in this theory of Saul's that endometriosis can also be caused by malnutrition, and therefore cured by supplementation with specific nutrients.

And on it goes. From natural remedies for failing eyesight (sprouts instead of laser eye surgery) to infertility ("Fertility: His and Hers," by Andrew Saul: see Vitality magazine, page 32-36, and further below) to sleep disorders, the author brings thoughtful commentary, case histories, and prevailing research to the reader in search of answers. In justifying his seeming obsession with vitamin megadose therapy, Saul comments: "The quantity of a nutritional supplement that cures an illness indicates the patient's degree of deficiency. It is therefore not a megadose of the vitamin but rather a megadeficiency that we are dealing with."

Overall, the chapters are somewhat shorter and less detailed than I would like, sometimes raising more questions than they answer. But the natural solutions which Dr. Saul presents are provocative and exciting, and the bibliography at the end of each chapter gives the reader ample resources to explore available research further. Doctor Yourself is nutritional medicine in action, and as such deserves a prominent place in the library of anyone serious about self health care.

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